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Montevideo City Info

Montevideo is the capital and the biggest city of Uruguay. Located on the north shore of the Río de la Plata, it covers 201 square kilometres and serves as home to 1,319,108 people. The city is a melting pot of African, European and Latin American cultures that blend perfectly with the modern world.

Montevideo was founded in 1724. Although it has gone through tough economic times and features what has been dubbed as an "elegantly shabby" look, the metropolis managed to retain remnants of its glorious colonial architecture, all combined with a growing collection of art galleries, chic cafes, and stylish shops.

Montevideo Red Light District

Montevideo does not have an official red-light district. However, there are plenty of adult entertainment venues available.

Safety in the Adult Entertainment Venues

Street crimes are common in Montevideo. Such offenses include pick pocketing, purse/wallet snatching, smash-and-grab robbery, confrontational robbery, and theft from parked vehicles.

Thieves typically prowl tourist hotspots like the Avenida 18 de Julio, Ciudad Vieja, the Mercado del Puerto, Plaza Independencia and the water-front Rambla. They have their eyes set on targets of opportunity which include tourists openly carrying valuables, motorists at stop lights with valuables visible on the car seats, and unattended vehicles.

Police patrols are increased during holidays and periods of high tourist activity, particularly in the summer season when cruise ships arrive. However, there is minimal security and police visibility in the late night and early morning hours.

In general, there are no “off-limits” areas in Montevideo, but impoverished communities tend to have higher crime rates. The problem is that such disadvantaged neighbourhoods are often located close to areas frequented by Americans and other foreign tourists.

Montevideo Adult Entertainment

You have two alternatives if you’re seeking some pay-for-play activities: strip clubs (including strip dance/erotic striptease) and escorts that advertise their services in the local newspapers and on the Internet.

Don't expect the strip clubs to be similar to those in North America. They are usually small venues and there is no nude dancing. A few scantily clad women hang out at the bar or the waiting room, so these are the areas that you need to check out first. If you find a gem, you can chat with her, offer her a drink, and either buy her out to stay at your place or take her to a short time room inside the establishment.

Prices are relatively cheap in these strip clubs. Half an hour of sex starts for as low as $15 and a longer roll on the hay will not cost more than $100. The girls look fine, just imagine a real Latina slut and you’ll have an idea of their physical attributes. However, don’t expect beauty queens or commercial models for such low price, but the girls certainly know how to please their clients.

If you’re fluent in Spanish and knows how to keep it coy and casual, you have a great chance of finding a girl for a one-night stand in the discos at the city centre.

Adult Cinemas

The lone adult cinema in Montevideo is Cine Private which is located in Convencion 1290, about two blocks away from Chains Pub. It is open from Monday to Thursday (11 am – 3 am) and from Friday to Saturday (11 am – 5 am). It is new and has two screening rooms, one straight and one gay. There is also a bar, several cabins, two dark areas and glory holes.

Street Prostitution

Street prostitution is rife in many parts of the city. Street sex workers usually hang out near nice-looking apartments. For instance, you can find girls standing next to the luxury apartments on Boulevard Artigas between Avenida 18 de Julio and 21 de Setiembre. Most of the girls are neat and good looking, unlike junkie street whores in other countries.

You can also find street prostitutes in the Ciudad Vieja area, along Monte Caseros and Gral, and in the side streets (Andes, Convencion, Tristan Navaja, among others) off 18 de Julio and parallel streets (Colonia, Costituyente, Mercedes, San Jose, etc.). The cost to have sex with a street prostitute is about 1,500 Uruguayan pesos which is roughly equivalent to US$50.

Montevideo Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

There is a handful of swinger clubs, but no websites, unfortunately. Here is a list of the notable ones: 

  • Locos x el sexo - distinctive swingers joint where you can have an erotic experience that goes beyond the ordinary 
  • Swingersymas - a club where you can socialize, dance, play, flirt, and engage in all kinds of pleasure activities without any insecurities and safety concerns 
  • Uru Contactos Swinger - a contemporary swinger club that is known for its social ambiance where swingers come to socialize, dance, play, and flirt

Montevideo Nightlife

Just like most of Latin America, the nightlife in Montevideo starts late, with locals eating dinner at around 10 pm. Clubbing kicks off at midnight and lasts till 4 am or 5 am. The city doesn’t have the same cosmopolitan clubs in major Latin American cities but it does have a pretty decent bar and café scene.

Here are some of the bars and clubs:

  • Café Bar Tabare - opened well over a century ago and quickly became a meeting place for the city’s creative people. Famous for its signature Tabare cake and the scrumptious grilled salmon with couscous stuffed zucchini. 
  • La Ronda - a chic bar along La Rambla that has become a favourite among the Montevideo ‘in crowd’. While the Mexican food is superb, the music is frequently as dated as the LPs on the walls. 
  • The Shannon - a good venue to meet up with the expat crowd and also to experience a dose of Irish hospitality in Montevideo. 
  • Baar Fun Fun - founded way back in 1895, it is one of the best nightspots for live tango music and dancing. Order some sickly sweet uvita as you listen to live music. 
  • Lotus – a trendy, futuristic disco located in Montevideo’s World Trade Centre. This is where locals, expats, and hipsters come to mingle and enjoy house and electronic music. 
  • W Lounge – one of the city’s hippest chill out spots and a magnet for its beautiful people. There are two music areas with room for 4,000 people.

Montevideo LGBT

Montevideo has been receiving a lot of attention from people across the globe, particularly the LGBT community. Uruguay has been ranked as the most gay-friendly nation in South America. Aside from being a cosmopolitan hub, Montevideo was rated as having the highest quality of life among all Latin American cities. It is a dazzling place to visit because of its liberal and lively scene.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Gays are welcome anywhere in Montevideo and ever since same-sex marriage was legalized in 2012, the presence of gay couples became ordinary. The city has somehow adopted a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, so discrimination should be the least of your worries. Gays and the LGBT community in general, have received tremendous support from the younger and most recent generation.

Transsexual Prostitutes

You can find transsexual and transvestite street hookers along Boulevard Artigas. Majority of the transsexual sex workers only come out at night on weekends. The cost of sex with tranny street prostitutes is 1000 Uruguayan pesos and up.

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