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Stockholm City Info

Stockholm, the largest city in Scandinavia, is also Sweden’s capital and most populous city. It is located in the south central east coast of the country and has a population of more than 900,000. Stockholm offers some of the most stunning sceneries, as the central parts of the city consist of 14 islands, which are spread across the archipelago.

Founded in the 13th century by Birger Jarl, the capital served as a leading trade post because of its strategic location. Over 30% of the entire city is comprised of water, while the greenbelt areas and the parks make about another 30%. This makes Stockholm, one the world’s best cities that supply clean and fresh air. It is famous for its trendy bars, museums, parks and theatres, with an impressive option of shopping and dining establishments.

Stockholm Red Light District

Malmskillnadsgatan, also known as Stockholm’s red light district, is located in a raised and long street in the center of the city. It overlooks Ostermalm, the hub of glamour in Stockholm, on one side, and Kulterhuset, a cultural center, on the other.  This city, which means “The Ridge Dividing the Street”, has notable buildings and structures such as the Bank of Sweden, Kulturhuset, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, and others. 

There are also plenty of places like local cafés, bars, and restaurants, where visitors of any kind can relax and have some fun time. Lovers of jazz music can visit the Glen Miller Jazz-Café, which features regular jazz session on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Tourists can get to the place by taking the subway or a bus to Malmskillnadsgatan. 

Another good place in the area is the KGB Bar & Restaurant. This has three levels, with two bars, and a discotheque. Other than good tunes, this place also offers comfortable seats and a huge shelf filled with books about the Soviet Union and Russian Classics. 

History of the RLD

During the 70s and the 80s, Malmskillnadsgatan served as a traditional site for street prostitution in the city. Back then, the isolated location of the area was entirely abandoned after business hours. 

In the past, the sex scene in the area was also active and wild, as anyone can find sex workers anytime. Malmskillnadsgatan today, however, is quite different, as it is entirely empty during the daytime, and those looking for adult entertainment may need to search for female services for a while. In fact, some clients prefer searching for adult and fun entertainment services on the Internet. 

What used to be an active place for trading sex for money, now look like a small business district. It was packed with women before, but now, only a few women are working discreetly on the street. Research suggests that there are about 100 women who still work in the street of Malmskillnadsgatan, but not all of them can be seen every night. Sometimes, there are 3 to 4 women in the area. This decline is due to Sweden’s first law of its kind worldwide, which criminalizes the purchase of sex services. 

How to Reach the RLD

It is easy to get around the city and the RLD with a variety of transportation available. About 80% of all passenger rail rides in the country pass the Stockholm Central Station. Public transport is within walking distance, and elevated streets like Malmskillnadsgatan has staircases at most intersections. 

Apart from the Central Station, it also possible to get into Malmskillnadsgatan or around the city through the Tunnelbana or T-Bana. Passengers will need to get a pass or a ticket to ride the train, which are available from machines in any station. 

There is also the Cityterminalen, which is a hub for the bus transport in the country, located in Stockholm City Center. The city’s transport system is an impressive one, with buses and trams that surround the city and county of Stockholm. 

Safety Information

For popular destinations in the city like Drottninggatan, there might be some organized begging and illegal street gambling. There might also be soliciting of sexual services in Malmskillnadsgatan, but hiring a prostitute is illegal. 

The city is generally safe, but pickpocketing occurs in some areas. It is advisable to be more careful at the central station because criminals may take advantage when there are too many people.

Stockholm Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment and prostitution is subtle in the city because of a unique law introduced in Sweden. Selling of sexual services is legal, but the purchase of the said services has been criminalized. It is also a fact that Sweden has fewer sex workers than the neighboring countries. Stockholm has about more than a hundred prostitutes working on the street and offering services on the Internet. 

There are, however, some strip clubs and striptease in the city, where customers can enjoy cocktails or drink with a girl of their choice. Tourists driving through the town can also find massage parlors that offer sensual Thai massage. Those that are located in the central capital rarely offer extra services, but those situated in the suburbs offer additional services like hand jobs. This, on the other hand, is not legal, so it is discreet. 

Unlike in the Netherlands, window prostitution is not available in Stockholm. There are also no specified brothels in the city like those found in Copenhagen.  Prostitution, for the most part, takes place in strip clubs and striptease bars. Some girls in massage parlors also offer adult services like blowjobs, handjobs, and sex.

Adult Cinemas and Sex Shops

Some sex shops in the city offer sex toys and porn films, with others featuring an attached theatre to them. 

  • S. Video
    Regeringsgatan 76 Stockholm

    This popular adult cinema offers rooms with screens, private cabins, darkroom, and a smoking area. 
  • Biografen Zita
    Birger Jarlsgatan 37, Stockholm

    This is a well-known cinema in the center of Stockholm. It opened in 1913, and was renamed Gyllene Goken in 1914, and then to Winter Palace in 1915. The theatre underwent some reconstruction. It was renamed Biografen Zita and became an adult porn cinema, which closed in 1991. It reopened in 1993 as a 3-screen cinema featuring foreign language films, documentaries, and short films. 
  • Kino Sex Shop
    Döbelnsgatan 4, Stockholm

    This shop offers sex toys for both men and women. They also sell massage oil, books, clothes, games, and shoes. 
  • Lovestore
    Bondegatan 4, 116 23 Stockholm

    The store sells sensual, erotic, and naughty products, perfect for exploring sexuality, offering products that can light the flame or lust and keep it alive. 

Other notable sex shops in Stockholm include the following: 

  • Pistill
  • Nordic Sex
  • Afrodites Apotek
  • Mshop

Street Prostitution

Prostitution in Stockholm mostly happens in striptease bars. Due to Sweden’s “Sex Purchase Law,” there is a significant fall in the number of street workers in the city. The legislation, according to reports, is the reason for the decline of street prostitution, falling down from about 700-800 to 100-200 women. Many of the sex workers offer services very discreetly, with some advertising on the Internet.

Stockholm Clubs and Brothels

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are located in the central city, with some offering pole and erotic dancing, as well as topless dancers.                  

  • Club Kino
    Döbelnsgatan 4, Stockholm

    Clib Kino is a popular club that offers shows filled with joy, glamour, and sexiness. It has 10 VIP rooms, and visitors can try one of the club’s whirlpools for a different kind of wet experience. 
  • Heartbeat
    Drottninggatan 110, Stockholm

    The club Heartbeat is operated by a group of professional and female dancers and offers private entertainment at fixed prices, in a quiet and discreet environment. Visitors of Heartbeat can enjoy drinks in the bar, see erotic movies, or witness stage shows. 
  • Club Privé
    Rådmansgatan 46, Stockholm

    This is an exclusive strip club. Here, visitors can enjoy fine champagne, while escorted by their choice of girls. This welcoming club serves a wide selection of delicious drinks as well as sumptuous food and treats, and it hosts private parties and events.

Swinger Clubs

  • Par i hjärter
    Ryttargatan 3 Solna, Stockholm

    This is the oldest and the only swinger club for heterosexual couples, which also welcomes bisexual clients. Membership, however, is necessary, so completing an application is a requirement before making the first visit. In the club, it is possible for members to have a pleasant and an enjoyable moment.

    The place is ideal for exploring sexuality and experiencing something new and exciting together. It is a club where clients can meet other couples, mingle with others, and enjoy drinks from the bars. Par i hjärter features a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy and relax. 

There are also some swinger groups in the country where members prefer to meet at private and discreet venues. Information about these events is usually available online. Adventurous couples can attend the Baltic Swingers Cruise August 2016, which will start in Stockholm. It is a great opportunity to explore the beauty of Northern Europe while enjoying erotic parties, as well as wild and sexy events.

Stockholm Nightlife

Like the rest of the country, Stockholm is welcoming and friendly to any tourist. While it has its own cultural peculiarities, English is widely spoken, so there are rare language barrier issues between visitors and locals. The city is famous for its thriving nightlife scene, with a generous selection of trendy bars, late-night clubs, relaxed neighborhood bars, and wine bars and restaurants. 

Stureplan is where the city’s most exclusive bars and clubs are located. It is also Stockholm’s symbol for style and luxury, as it is where models, celebrities, and business people come to party and have some fun. Stureplan is a high-end public square in the capital’s central and is the home to Sweden’s most popular and expensive bars and restaurant. Nightlife areas include Sturecompagniet, White Room, Story Hotel, Hell’s Kitchen, Solidaret, and a whole lot more. 

Sodermalm is an ideal alternative to Stureplan’s glitz and glamour. It is both an island and a district in the center in the capital city.  The area is famous for its vibrant nightlife, excellent cuisine, and impressive bars. Popular nightlife areas that are easy on the budget include Gildas Rum, Ljunggrens, The Blue Lotus Café, Snotty Sounds Bar, and more.

Stockholm LGBT

Stockholm has become one the world’s most popular and favorite gay and lesbian destination. Warm, welcoming, and highly varied, the gay and lesbian scene is easily accessible in the city.  With the city’s history of openness and acceptance, Stockholm is often labelled as the “LGBT capital of Scandinavia.” 

The city offers a wide selection of bars, clubs, and restaurants within the LGBT community. The Stockholm Pride in July to August is one the highlights of the year, known as one of the city’s largest annual festivals and the largest Pride celebration in Scandinavia. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

Stockholm is an open city, known for offering fresh and exciting experiences for straight guys and gays. Gay marriage, is in fact, legal in the city. Rainbow flags also fly high over the capital, especially in the south of Folkungagatan (SoFo) on Sodermalm. Such flags are also seen on the streets of Old Town, Gamla Stan. 

The Stockholm Pride Festival is one proof of how Stockholm welcomes and celebrates gays and lesbians. The event features a week of musical entertainment, lectures, debates, and partying. Out firemen, gay Christians, Viking Bears, queer sports teams, Gay Police of Sweden, and many others attend this lively and colorful event. 

The city of Stockholm is also planning to teach LGBT lesson to schools in an effort to broaden and promote the acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender pupils. This program is also a part of the initiative to increase awareness of human rights. 

Sex Clubs for Gays

There also saunas and sex clubs for gays in the city. 

  • Texas Gym & Sauna
    Barnängsgatan 9A, Stockholm

    The Texas Gym & Sauna is a members-only facility. Anyone can apply for membership and expect a great location for socializing and meeting new friends in Sweden’s capital. 
  • Basement
    Bondegatan 1, Stockholm

    The Basement has a small selection of adult DVDs and toys in the upper level with a maze of cabins, cinemas, and glory holes in the lower level. It may seem like a video club, but it has douche stations, showers, and towels available. The club gets busy on theme nights, like Underwear, Naked and Blackout parties. 

Dance Clubs for Gays

Due to the wide acceptance of gay community in the city, there are plenty of dance clubs for tourists to go to.

  • Candy @ Le Bon Palaislocated
    Barnhusgatan 12, Stockholm

    This is the biggest gay club in the city. It features live music, playing a mixture of RnB, house, and Swedish Schlager songs.
  • WONK
    Kungsgatan 15, Stockholm

    Another popular gay nightclub, the WONK hosts the biggest gay night in the city. The WONK party takes place every Saturday night, and the visitors of the bar can witness young and hot men dancing to house and classic pop tunes. 
  • MS Patricia
    Söder Mälarstrand, Kajplats 19

    One of the highest-rated bars in the city, this former private yacht turned bar features two outdoor bars, four floors, a terrace, and a restaurant. It hosts gay nights every Sunday, with lots of live music, dancing, and juicy cocktails. 
  • King Kong
    Mariatorget 1A, Stockholm

    This new gay club has two floors for music, one for pop and dance, and the other for Swedish rock music. The bar’s party takes place every Saturday.

Gay Prostitution

While Sweden is a liberal country, it is also a socially conservative nation. The country’s one of a kind prostitution law prohibits gay adult services advertisement in the newspaper, which is accepted in Paris and London. In fact, according to the QX Magazine, a reliable source on social scandal and listings of gay-friendly bars and events, advertisement is simply not allowed and anyone who will do so can be prosecuted.  

Transsexual Prostitution

Transsexual prostitution is not common in the area, so clients looking for this kind of service can search the Internet. There are websites that serve as escort directories and offer a selection of transsexual, shemale, or ladyboys escorts in Stockholm. The sex workers post an ad on the Internet and clients can contact the person to arrange a meeting.

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