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Malmö City Info

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and the capital of Scania County. It is situated on the country’s southwestern part at the Øresund across Copenhagen, Denmark. Malmö has a land area of 76.81 km² and a population of more than 340,000 inhabitants, with a large number of immigrants. 

It offers a vibrant mix of old and new attractions, with plenty of ethnic and international restaurants around the city. It has castles, museums, public parks, and engineering marvels. Famous tourist spots include Øresund Bridge, Malmö Castle, Turning Torso, and Museum of Modernism.

Malmö Red Light District

There is no designated red light district in Malmö. Sexual services used to be sold in Industrigatan before. This is situated in the eastern and northern area of the city, intersecting the Continental Railway and Nobel Road.

Stay safe in the RLD

Malmo may have a bad reputation as a dangerous town, but this is not entirely true. Though people are strongly advised to practice safety precautions at night like, necessary efforts have been enforced to keep the people safe, reducing the crime rate. The city also employs people (Streets and Parks Department) for keeping the public areas safe. It is, however, recommended to avoid Rosengard and Lindange, as these suburbs are usually the focus of crime in the city.

Malmö Adult Entertainment

Prostitution in Sweden is not that big compared to its neighbouring countries. There is no real or dedicated red light district in Malmö but adult entertainment still exists. You can expect to see street hookers working in certain streets and areas at night. There are some adult clubs in the city, but it can be quite a task to find locations that offer lap dance or striptease shows. Brothels don’t exist, but there are several massage parlours around.

Adult Cinemas 

  • Taboo is one adult establishment with sex shop and video club/adult cinema; located in Södra Förstadsgatan 81, 214 20 Malmö (http://www.taboo.se/).

Street Prostitution

Street prostitution in Malmö has significantly declined for the past years. There are some women working in certain streets of the city. The Sorgenfri district is one common place to find street hookers. A few sex workers can also be spotted on Industrial Road.

Malmö Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • Parklubben is said to be one of the secure and intimate groups that host swinger events. The organisation, however, tries to keep their event secret and don’t feel the need to advertise themselves.

Malmö Nightlife

Malmö has an exciting nightlife scene, with a number of worth-mentioning bars, cafes, and clubs. There are places for enjoying a glass of wine, partying the night away, and drinking beer with friends. 

  • Étage – a spacious venue with a casino, restaurant, lounge, and two dance floors. It is one of the great places to party and dance with a diverse audience; located in Stortorget 6, Malmö. 
  • Slagthuset – one of the biggest and most famous nightclubs in the city. The establishment has an industrial atmosphere and features a theatre, restaurant, and club; located in Jörgen Kocksgatan 7A, Malmö. 
  • Rosen Bar – the best cocktail bars in the city. It has a relaxed and elegant atmosphere with dimmed lighting and chic decor; located in Mäster Johansgatan 15, Malmö. 
  • Fagans – this Irish pub offers a rustic décor and relaxed ambience. Beer lovers will surely enjoy the place due to its wide selection of beers and ciders; located in Per Weijersgatan 4, Malmö. 
  • KB (Kulturbolaget) – a famous rock club hosts concerts that feature both local and international bands. The venue transforms into a nightclub when there are no scheduled concerts; located in Friisgatan 26, Malmö. 
  • Babel – this local hangout venue has a bar, club, restaurant, and concert venue. The place offers high-quality wines, beers, ciders, and cocktails; located in Spångatan 38, Malmö.

Malmö LGBT

As one of the largest cities in Sweden, Malmö offers a number of clubs, bars, and restaurants that welcome both straight and gay customers, but not the same sort of choices found in Stockholm. There is no specific gay neighbourhood in the city, as the LGBT establishments can be found in different areas of Malmö. Wroth-mentioning venues include Wonk, Beebar, Tomboy, and Cabaret Moulin.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Sweden is one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world. The Gay pride festival was originally hosted by Stockholm, but in the later years, the festival was picked up and celebrated in other cities, including Malmö, Gothenburg, and Uppsala.

Malmö also has a branch of Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL). This organisation helps the LGBT people through counselling, information dissemination, legal assistance, as well as the arrangement of support and social activities.

Gay and Transsexual Prostitution in Malmö

There is no specific information on where to find gay and transsexual prostitutes in the city. Those looking for this kind of services can look for online advertisements or try their luck at private clubs for men.

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