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Göteborg City Info

Gothenburg is the second biggest metropolis in Sweden and is located on the west coast. The urban area has a population of 549,839 while the metropolitan area has 982,360 inhabitants. Though it is frequently caught in Stockholm’s shadow, Gothenburg really has a better appeal to tourists and locals than the bustling capital. 

Gothenburg was founded in 1621, and since then, trade, shipping and international contacts characterized the burgeoning metropolis. In the 1800’s, Gothenburg became more industrialized, thanks to the arrival of English and Scottish businessmen. At this time, the locals were engaged in huge trade over the North Sea with England. Many Scotsmen and Englishmen became very wealthy including Carnegie, Chapman, Chalmers, Dickson, Hall and Keiller. Most of them donated a portion of their fortune to the city and this resulted in the establishment of a university, library and hospital. These people made a huge impression on the city and it was later dubbed as "Little London." 

Modern-day Gothenburg, with its spacious parks, wide boulevards and stone buildings, was gradually built towards the end of the 19th century. Progress led to the creation of bigger shipyards in the 20th century, but activities slowed down at the end of the 1970's and the trade centers have been converted to offices and residential areas.

Other Information

The best way to experience the glitz and glamor of Gothenburg is having a Göteborg City Card as it gives the bearer free admission to lots of entertainment, excursions, museums, and venues like the Liseberg amusement park. Parking and travel with buses, boats and trams are included. The card owner also gets shopping booklets with discounts in selected shops.

Swedish women have been portrayed in U.S. media as blonde bombshells, but this is not really the case. What you’ll see are chubby white ladies who are fixated on the hipster culture and believe that donning Chucks 24/7 is acceptable. Most of the attractive Swedish women are found in elite clubs and they are always delimited by a social circle teeming with whimpering beta males. If you happen to be in the city for a short stint only, your chances of getting to them are close to nil. Your best shot is at Sticky Fingers which is a two-story rock venue with pretty decent Swedish women who are passionate about American men.

Göteborg Red Light District

Gothenburg’s red-light district, Rosenlund, is no longer an active red-light district of the city and has been cleaned up. Today, the sex shops and strip joints share the street with bars, restaurants, designer stores and small business establishments. Rosenlund is located in Tranemo Municipality of Västra Götaland County. A new group of prostitutes, mostly from Nigeria, has emerged in the area. It is quite difficult to find Swedish blonds willing to trade sex for cash. Majority of the blond hookers are from countries in Eastern Europe, and most of the prostitutes have resorted to online advertising, so it is extremely rare to see street hookers these days.

Rosenlund has seen a revival, with several bars and restaurants now open. This is not surprising as Rosenlund is also renowned for its great food tradition which was started by the local fish market about 150 years ago. A popular destination is the Market, which is best known for serving KoMex, a mix of Korean and Mexican street food like coconut fish tacos and steamed buns stuffed with seared tuna and hoisin pork.

Safety Information

A large number of criminal offenses against tourists are considered as crimes of opportunity such as auto-theft, bicycle theft, auto vandalism and pick-pocketing. To ensure safety, watch your bag and/or wallet in crowded areas. Don’t leave valuables in a cloakroom or in your car. Bear in mind that there is no need to bring along a lot of cash since most shops and major taxi companies accept credit cards and debit cards. Be extra careful in downtown Gothenburg especially at night as the area is notorious for illegal taxi operators. The northern fringes of the metropolis (Angered, Bergsjön, Hammarkullen, Kortedala) and the suburbs of Hisingenare are also known for high crime rates. But generally speaking, the crime rate in the city is relatively low from a global perspective.

Göteborg Adult Entertainment

This picturesque city is known for its chic bars and clubs, as well as strip clubs for stag parties.

Street Prostitution

A female activist who strives to empower other women in Malmskillnadsgatan stated that there has been a noticeable change in the streets; Malmskillnadsgatan is the area of street prostitution in Stockholm. Majority of the women engaged in commercial sex trade nowadays are foreigners, as the number of Swedish girls involved in this line of work has gradually dwindled. Most of the women in Rosenlund and Malmskillnadsgatan are from Romania and Nigeria, and they don’t speak the local language. 

Since most of the prostitutes have resorted to using online sites for advertising, finding street prostitutes in the city is uncommon nowadays.

Göteborg Clubs and Brothels

Here is a list of the clubs, their contact details and other relevant information:

  • Baby Doll – a dance club featuring nude dancers and private lap dance rooms

    : Friggagatan 18
    Telephone: +46 3115 1590
    Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 12 noon to 3 am; Fri to Sat 12 noon to 6 am 
  • Chat Noir – the most exclusive strip club in Sweden where you can fulfill your wildest fantasies

    Website: www.chatnoir.se
    Email: cabare.chatnoir@gmail.com
    Opening Hours: Wed-Thurs 10 pm to 5 am; Fri-Sat 10 pm to 7 am
    Telephone: +46 3115 0973 
  • Moulin Rouge – a strip club

    : Namdemansgatan 1, 431 33 Göteborg
    Telephone: +46 3115 1543 
  • Club Maxim – strip club in Gothenburg offering adult entertainment.

    Address: Andra Långgatan 34, 413 28 Göteborg 
  • Wandas – there is an adult cinema on the second floor. There are also video booths playing dyngnets. You can walk around the place and meet some wonderful people.

    Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 12 pm to 5 am; Fri-Sat: 12 pm to 6 am
    Telephone: +46 3124 0003 

Swinger Clubs

  • Wanda SWING – a swinger club for those who dare to enjoy. Membership registration is through the website. Schedules events like mixed lunch, sauna evenings, theme evenings, and more are available on the website's calendar.

    Telephone: 0762-553034
    Website: http://www.wandasswing.se
    Address: Andra Långgatan 16

Göteborg Nightlife

The nightlife is one of the primary reasons why Swedes regard Gothenburg as the most popular city in Sweden. During summer, the streets and public squares transform into large restaurants and outdoor bars. You can enjoy a gastronomic treat and sample food and various cuisines from across the globe, including of course Swedish specialties. You can also relish a drink in a small café, take your chances in a casino or go dancing all night in a club.

The large clubs are located along the main boulevard, more locally-known as Avenyn, and they often have bars and dance floors spread across several floors. However, if you are after a laid-back ambiance, you should try Andra Långgatan, Linnégatan, Magasinsgatan or Vasagatan. Nightclub shows are popular, and Pustervik and Sticky Fingers have pop and rock bands playing several nights a week. You may also try Nefertiti, which offers a wide range of concerts, including jazz.

In general, Gothenburg offers a niche nightclub setting. It has a smaller but more intimate crowd and there are lots of clubs, pubs and dining bars, and in case you feel like dancing the night away, simply go to Avenyn, and party through the night.

Göteborg LGBT

Gothenburg is the first Swedish city to have a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) council and West Pride is almost on its tenth year. It is a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender cultural festival that started in June 2007. The annual festivity is organized by the Västra Götaland region and the Gothenburg Municipality, in cooperation with the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights (RFSL) and other LGBT groups. It takes place at the primary cultural institutions in the city like the Röhsska Museum, the Museum of World Culture and the Gothenburg City Theatre. The locals are certainly open-minded and happy to welcome everyone in their tolerant city which puts a premium on equal rights.

While the LGBT acceptance across Sweden is high, Gothenburg is one of the most sought after destinations by gay and lesbian tourists. The primary reasons behind this are the active LGBT community and the city’s organized gay life. There are a number of gay meeting sites in Gothenburg, including cafés, clubs and bars, making the city a popular venue for several gay events. The locals are very kind and friendly, so everyone will certainly feel welcome. Moreover, public display of affection is totally acceptable. 

Dance Clubs for Gays

The only permanent daily operational gay bar in Gothenburg is Gretas, and just like the majority of gay bars in Sweden, it is mixed, with roughly 30 percent of the patrons being lesbians. During weekends, particularly on Saturdays, Lollypop is a popular night venue. Castro Club meets take place every other Saturday, while SLM leather events are scheduled once a month. Parties at the Gay Straight to Hell are much anticipated and occur on the first Saturday of each month. Queer is another huge party and is typically scheduled on the last Friday of the month. 

  • Gay Straight to Hell – this is the finest gay and lesbian nightclub in Gothenburg. There are three bars, lounges and two dance floors.

    Location: Respekt, Järntorget
    Website: www.gs2h.com
    E-mail: info@gs2h.com 
  • Gretas – a gay bar and nightclub with  two dance floors

    Location: Drottninggatan 35 in Gothenburg.
    How to Get There: Walk down Drottninggatan from the entrance of the NK department store. If you opt to take the tram, get off at ‘Kungsportsplatsen’ or ‘Brunnsparken’
    Telephone: +46 (0)31 13 69 49
    Website: www.gretas.nu
    E-mail: gretasinfo@spray.se 
  • Gossip – a mixed small and cozy gay and lesbian bar with friendly staff and good music

    Location: Parkgatan 13
    Telephone: +46 (0)31 -131267
    Website: www.gossip.nu 
  • Castro – a gay and lesbian nightclub with two bars and a dance floor. It is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

    Location: Första Långgatan32
    Telephone: +46 (0)31-145888
    Website: www.castro.nu
    E-mail: castro@haket.se 
  • Park Lane – a popular nightclub with the locals in spite of the expensive booze. There is a casino and live entertainment. Everything needed for a good night out is available, including bars, glittering disco lights, performers, shows and lots of ostentatious people. During weekends, the party is always in full swing. Two classic ones are the mixed gay night Club Queer held every last Friday of the month and the Spritluckan on Sundays. The former has been around since 2001.

    Location: Kungsportsavenyen 36
    Telephone: +46 31 20 60 58
    Website: www.parklane.se  
    E-mail: info@parklane.se 
  • Bee Kok and Bar – one of the most popular gay meeting points in Gothenburg, but it’ also popular with straight locals and tourists. Serves sumptuous lunch and dinner, and stays open for clubbing on weekends.

    Location: Kungstorget 14-16
    Telephone: +46 3 113 38 39 
    Website: www.beebar.se 
  • Club Milk @ Parken – a fun nightclub that draws in a mixed gay/lesbian crowd. Events are hosted by DJ Zocky and Katarina.

    Location: Vasagatan 43 
    Website: www.clubmilk.se 
  • Haket Puba mixed gay/straight hipster venue in the Haga neighborhood, serving a wide selection of beers and superb pub food. There's a quiz upstairs and karaoke downstairs every Friday.

    Location: Forsta Langgatan 32
    Telephone: +46 3 114 58 88 
    Website: www.haketpub.se/english 
  • Ruby Bara stylish mixed hangout inside the Scandic Rubinen Hotel. Known for its tapas-style cuisine, it gets quite clubby as the night progresses.

    Location: Kungsportsavenyn 24 
    Telephone: +46 3 175 15 437 
    Website: www.rubybar.se 

Other Gay Clubs, Sauna's and Massage Parlors

  • Nyhavn Shop – open to all gender and features a cinema, sex toys, cabins and cruising

    Location: Lilla Drottninggatan 3
    Website: www.nyhavnerotica.se 
  • Viodeoshopen Cruising – as the name suggests, it is a sex shop and a cruising venue

    Location: Färgfabriksgatan 3
    Telephone: +46 31 50 80 55
    Website: www.6dvd.se 
  • XL Bio – a mixed sex shop with cinema, dark rooms and cabins

    Location: Långgatan 32-34
    Website: www.xlbio.se 
  • Videolook – one of the hottest cruising spots in Gothenburg. Half of the shop has video for rent and can be viewed in private rooms. The other half is a strip club and caters mainly to straight people as only female strippers are at the entrance. There are lots of darkrooms, double rooms and glory holes.

    Location: Andra langgatan16  
    Website: www.videolook.se
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