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Barcelona City Info

Barcelona, a city well- known for its beauty, culture, and individuality, is the capital of the province of the same name, as well as the Catalonian region. It is the second largest city in Spain, with a land area of 101.9 km2 and a population of about 1.6 million people. It is situated on the Northeastern coast of the peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea.

Barcelona is a city abundant in cultural sites with famous touristic attractions including the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Museum of Modern Art, Gothic Quarter, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló.

Barcelona Red Light District

  • El Raval- was and still remains to be the traditional red light district of the city, though it has reduced to the area near the port’s lower end. It features some the best restaurants, bars, and contemporary culture in the country. El Raval also offers access to main attractions in Barcelona that are within walking distance
  • Its border, Las Ramblas, which is a boulevard in the heart of the city becomes something like a red light district especially at night that is frequented by prostitutes specifically in the southernmost end of the area.

History of the RLD

The area of El Raval used to be a well-known red light district (RLD) in the city. It was then bounded by walls, which were destroyed in 1859 for the expansion of the growing Barcelona. The area’s industrialisation, as well as its proximity to the port, caused an increase in the population of immigrants. Social problems like poverty and prostitution then became common, urging the city council to improve and revive the area.

In 1988, the government began with its urban regeneration project to clean up the place and make it safer. But, there are still reports that selling of sexual services still continues in this area.

How to find the RLD 

El Raval is one of the neighbourhoods in the Ciutat Vella that borders La Rambla. The colourful district of La Rambla is situated on the opposite side of the Gothic Quarter.

Stay safe in the RLD 

El Raval is generally safe during the day, but some areas are considered seedy late at night (near the port). The area of Las Ramblas, on the other hand, has reported problems like pickpocketing and presence of scam artists. This is why it is important to stay within well-lit areas to be safe. Tourists are commonly advised to take safety precautions when wandering through the streets and crowded places. 

Barcelona Adult Entertainment

Tourists looking for adult entertaining activities will never be dissatisfied in the city. It is one of the best places to have an exciting erotic adventure. The area of El Raval and Las Ramblas boast a number of nightlife venues such as adult bars, strip clubs, and sex houses. Sex shops also exist in this place, with the most popular, the Erotic Museum of Barcelona.

The southern end of Las Ramblas completely transforms at night, which is then occupied by sex workers. Sex-themed shops specialising in LGBT products are also available in Barcelona, as well as erotic entertainment centres featuring live sex shows. Striptease clubs and massage parlours remain a top venue for those who want to meet lady companions. Brothels are also a popular choice for those who seek adult entertainment sites. 

Street Prostitution

One can find street prostitutes in the heart of the city after two in the morning. Most work at Las Ramblas, making the area a completely different place than what it usually is in the morning. Tourists can also find streetwalkers in the areas surrounding Ramblas.

Barcelona Clubs and Brothels

Those looking to fulfil their sexual fantasies can visit the swinger clubs in Barcelona. These are the perfect venues for exploring sensuality, giving visitors a memorable experience. Here are some of the most notable swinger clubs in the city:

  • Oops! Barcelona – a luxurious spot ideal for liberal couples. It is one of the newest clubs in the city with elegant facilities. Interested swingers can visit http://www.oopsbarcelona.com/en/start/ for more information.
  • Disco Swinger Club 6&9 – offers glamorous and sophisticated facilities to let everyone enjoy a liberal and sensual night. It has a two-floor nightclub where swingers can party before heading towards the private rooms. More information is posted on their website, http://www.6y9.com/.
  • Libert Swinger Club – a meeting place for couples. It boasts modern facilities where everyone can express their eroticism and sensuality. It is the only swinger club in the city that opens daily. It is advisable to visit http://libertbcn.com/ for more details.
  • Uhomo Swinger Club – this is an inexpensive venue (€20 per couple), hosting wild themed nights. Interested swingers can visit http://uhomoswinger.com/.
  • Training Pedralbes – this venue offers a pool, and hosts sensual events like trio nights and younger couples’ night. More information is available on https://trainingpedralbes.es/.

Barcelona Nightlife

The city offers plenty of nightlife venues to drink and go clubbing. Staying up late is common among locals and tourists, who want to party the night. Here are some of the best nightlife venues in the area:

  • BeCool - features electro music on a revolving dancefloor. It also hosts indie, pop, and rock nights in its bars upstairs; located in Plaça Joan Llongueras 5.
  • Sala Apolo and La [2] – brings out the best electronica music through the city’s most talented DJs. Partnered with La [2], which is a more intimate area, with a smaller dancefloor and stage; located in Carrer Nou de la Rambla 113.
  • Moog – well- valued both internationally and locally. This elegant space features electronic beats with some selections of pop tunes in the mirrored room on the second floor; located in Carrer Arc del Teatre 3.
  • La Macarena – boasts an outstanding atmosphere with techno and underground house music. It also features some of the best local and international DJs; located in Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc 5.
  • Sidecar Factory Club – this is one of the busiest clubs in the city. Usually plays an eclectic mix of music and attracts a diverse crowd; located in Plaça Reial, 7, 08002 Barcelona.

Barcelona LGBT

Barcelona is an attractive destination for many gay travellers. Areas around Gràcia and L'Eixample feature a lively gay scene with plenty of bars and clubs. L'Eixample is often referred to as Gayxample because of the gay venues surrounding the place. This is located close to Metro Universitat, within 5 minutes of Placa de Catalunya on the west. Gay nightlife in the city starts very late night, and is mostly active on Fridays and Saturdays.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Spain is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world, with Madrid and Barcelona often listed in the best travel destinations for the LGBT members. Most of locals here have an accepting attitude toward homosexuality, as reflected on the Pew Research Centre survey conducted in 2013.

The gay scene in Barcelona is concentrated in L'Eixample, also known as Gayxample. It in located northwest in the centre of the town. It boasts some of the best gay bars, clubs, and sauna, which are mostly busy on Friday and Saturday nights. The city is also popular for its huge gay circuit parties throughout the year.

Gay Prostitution in Barcelona

Most of the gay prostitutes and rent boys in the city can be found in gay bars and clubs (in dark areas and rooms). Tourists can also find hookers, rent boys, and transvestite prostitutes in the southern part of Las Ramblas in the late evening.

Transsexual Prostitutes

It is possible to see transsexual prostitutes in an area close to the FC Barcelona Stadium. It is said to have the largest number of transsexual prostitutes in the area. It is also noted that the city’s Time Square is a place where everyone can find anything, even transvestite prostitutes.  

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