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Alicante City Info

Well-known for its breath-taking palm tree flanked boulevard, the port city Alicante is home to more than 300,000 thousand people. The capital of the Alicante province is positioned towards the south-eastern part of Costa Blanca.

Out of all Spain’s provincial capitals, it is the city of Alicante that is most visited by tourists as it has a huge list if interesting attractions suitable for all ages. Among these are a castle, an old quarter waterfront, and festive plazas. Alicante also offers the best nightlife there is where you can dance with locals while you drink your cocktails all night long.

Alicante Red Light District

Although this city has no official red light district, it does not fall short in providing tourists who take delight in new sexual experiences. There are a few establishments that offer adult entertainment activities around the area.

Alicante Adult Entertainment

Many find the entertainment scene in Alicante a worthwhile experience as reflected on the millions of tourists who visit the place to seek for pleasure. While most of the tourists’ interest lies in the wholesome kind of entertainment, there are still a few places that caters to the fancies of men of all ages in this city, though predominantly in its neighbouring towns in the province of Alicante. You can find brothels and strip clubs as well as swinger clubs.

Street Prostitution

Street prostitution is present in the area of the old Flour factory along Murcia road. Prostitutes have been reported to be patrolling around this area, anticipating to meet men who are interested to get sensual services.

Alicante Clubs and Brothels

Here are a few noteworthy swinger clubs you would not want to miss:

  • El Jardín del Edén- set in a discrete location on the outskirts of Alicante, this one offers a great ambiance for couples. Also known for its undisputed quality services.
  • Aditi- located at the north of the town. Boasting its top-notch amenities including great service, this establishment sure does attract good-looking couples.
  • Atrévete- this swinger club will never disappoint anyone that sets foot in it for it prides itself in providing great services and facilities to its clients. Found in the southern portion of the Alicante town.
  • Cupido- Located on the northern side of the town, it lives up to its name in setting couples up for a wild night out, perfect for those who crave for swinger fantasies.

Alicante Nightlife

There are a couple of nightspot options to choose from if you are craving for the ultimate nightlife in Alicante. The El Barrio Antiguo where lots of bars and clubs are located is thought to be one of the many festive areas at night in the city. 

  • El Coscorrón- Looking for the best-tasting mojitos in Alicante? This cosy bar is the place to be. It’s appealing small interiors creating that comfy warm atmosphere paired with great service will absolutely keep you in coming back.

  • La Havana- This bar attracts a huge crowd especially on the weekends, so you better get there early or make a reservation to be accommodated!

  • La Misión- Known for its pumping party tunes that last until early morning, this club serves an extensive list of alcohol that will make your body groove.

  • Café Loft- serves as an art gallery with a lounging bar. This place is perfect for those who want to drink and chill with soft music under the ambient lighting.

  • Ay Carmela- Both a café and a club, Ay Carmela offers a great selection of cocktails and different genres of music (depending on the time of the day).

  • El Puerto di Roma- This popular nightspot in the city has one of the biggest bars, giving clients an ample selection of alcohol mixes. The party music does not stop until the sun rises.

Alicante LGBT

Alicante has a lot of establishments that serve the LGBT community. The primary laid-back gay and lesbian scene in this city occurs is in La Marina, one of the beaches that draws attention to a great LGBT crowd. Here are other LGBT-friendly establishments in Alicante:

General Attitude Towards Gays

Homosexuality has not always been well-accepted in Spain. There was a time when it was deemed illegal. But, due to the modification of the legal system and the outpouring support of the country to the LGBT community, it has now changed for the better.

As evidenced by the laws that govern the land of Spain to protect the LGBT, Alicante is a gay-friendly city that has a promising gay and lesbian culture. You do not need to worry about getting harassed when travelling to Alicante because unlike in other cities, the people of the port city extends their warmest welcome to the LGBT community.

Gay Prostitution in Alicante

There are gay and transsexual prostitutes whose services are posted online. Researching these sites saves you hassle that you get from traditional advertising.

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