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Seoul City Info

Seoul, the capital of South Korea is a lively city that features both prehistoric and modern attractions. Located on the northwest corner of the country, this flourishing metropolis which covers an area of 605 km2, has a population of about 10 million people.

Seoul is a city proud of its nation’s history, featuring five major palaces. Visitors can visit the Gyeonbokgung and Changdukgung which best represent the country’s tradition. The city also boasts impressive traditional museums, including the National Folk Museum of Korea and the National Palace Museum of Korea.

Seoul Red Light District

  • Hooker Hill – this is a well-known street located in the Itaewon section of the city. It is filled with bars that employ sexy girls standing outside and attracting clients. Hooker Hill is a famous RLD that caters to foreigners and is the only one where all women accept foreigners. Girls in this area wear sexy dresses and wait behind for guys in opaque doors.

  • Cheonho-dong (redevelopment ongoing) – a major red light district in the city, this area has narrow streets with women sitting behind glass doors. Women who work in Cheonho-dong are allowed to refuse to accept customers, which is done by turning their back behind. Girls usually accept Korean clients. Those from the Western countries are not that warmly welcomed.

  • Cheongnyangni 588 – (demolishing begun in May 2016) also known as Oh Pal Pal, this area is a rather noticeable red light district in the city. It takes up a larger space and has a number of display windows that resemble the De Wallen RLD in Amsterdam. Women who work in the area wear sexy lingerie behind clear glass doors while men walk through the streets.

  • Miari Texas (redevelopment ongoing) – this red light district is popular among Korean guys looking to have some fun. This area does not cater to foreigners, but some establishments accept non-Koreans, particularly if there are no local clients. There are no glass windows in the area, as the women wait for customers inside closed buildings. 

History of the RLD

  • Miari – also called Miari Texas, a combination of the name of the district and the American state. The name came from its origin which primarily involved the existence of sex workers in the area due to the presence of American military after the war.

  • Cheongnyangni 588 – started way back the Korean war in the 1950s as the Cheongnyangni station became a prime area for soldiers, leading to the growth of population of the sex workers.

  • Hooker Hill – has a similar origin to the previous mentioned RLDs of Seoul. The area became a key place for businesses that specifically catered to the likes of foreign soldiers, resulting in the presence of prostitutes.

How to find the RLD

Clients can go to the Itaewon train station to reach Hooker Hill. It is a small hill near the station where most brothels are located. To reach Cheonho-dong (a few kilometres east of Tongdaemun, clients can take exits 3 or 4 out of the subway station in the Cheonho. When going to Miari Texas, take the exit 10 in Gierum Station.

Stay safe in the RLD

Seoul is a safe city with a relatively low crime rate. Crimes like snatching or pickpocketing, however, occur sometimes. In nightlife regions, girls and tourists are not advised to wander or walk alone in such areas after dark. When visiting red light districts, it is important to note that girls working in the area are very accommodating to customers, as long as clients don’t display bad behaviours.

Seoul Adult Entertainment

While prostitution is illegal in South Korea, the adult entertainment in the country is thriving. In fact, it generates billions of dollars annually with locals patronizing and availing adult and erotic services. The country’s capital Seoul has districts and venues where both locals and tourists can find establishments and women offering sex services.

Street Prostitution

It is possible to find some street sex workers in the Hooker Hill area. It has a popular little street lined with bars where foreigners can avail adult services. Clients can take the women to clubs or motels and negotiate for the price of a specific service.

Window Prostitution

There are places in Seoul, which feature attractive girls behind clear glass sliding doors and windows. Cheongnyangni 588 is one place that has women sitting behind doors, wearing bikinis or nighties. They wave or call out to clients that they would like to take as customers. Koreans or locals are usually preferred, but a few women do accept foreigners. 

The adult entertainment district in Cheonho also features women working behind glass doors and windows.  The workers here sit behind the windows and make some gestures to attract clients. Women can decline customers by ignoring a client or just turning their backs. Some women in Cheonho are more open to accepting foreigners or white guys than those working in Cheongnyangni 588. Redevelopment is ongoing in the areas.

Seoul Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs 

Swinger clubs in the capital city are not that popular. This is because Koreans are shy and not open to the idea of swinging couples. Those who want to avail sex services visit nightclubs and bars or hire female escorts.  Some clubs, on the other hand, allow the client to witness sensual acts. 

  • Club Desire –a club in Gangnam where interested clients need to make a reservation. Here, it is possible to watch other people have sex. Some can wear masks so that others cannot see their faces. Interested parties can visit their website, http://www.clubdesire.co.kr/. 
  • Club Eyes –a place in Cheongdam-dong. It offers the same concept as Desire, where people can watch others get intimate. Signing up is required. Interested clients can learn more about this club by visiting http://www.clubeyes.net/. 
  • Club Yesica –welcomes bisexual and gay couples, too. Interested clients can visit their website at http://www.clubyesica.com/19/intro.htm.

Seoul Nightlife

Seoul offers some of the best nightlife in Asia. The city has plenty of clubs, bars, and music venues perfect both locals and foreigners who love to party. In fact, it is impossible to experience the many faces of the city’s nightlife all at once. It is, however, possible to find a venue that anyone will surely enjoy. Here are some of the best nightlife areas in the city: 

  • Itaewon – this is a popular hangout place for foreigners. Itaewon is a foreign-friendly district, with streets that are filled with bars and restaurants. It has classy tapas bars, as well as western pubs, lounges, and clubs that play hip-hop and electronic music. This place is ideal for both first-timers and frequent visitors of the city. 
  • Hongdae and Sincheon – this place is for the hipsters and looks like a college campus. There are several universities in the area, but it also features countless bars and clubs. Sincheon, meanwhile, is almost an extension of Hongdae. It also features fun clubs and bars. 
  • Gangnam – this where visitors can find upscale nightclubs with massive dance floors. Gangnam is the place where many rich folks and celebrity hangout. It attracts a younger crowd and is great for those who want to experience serious clubbing in the city. 
  • Apgujeong – this vibrant nightlife hub is located next to Gangnam. It is a classy district, with the nicest bars and clubs in the capital city.

Seoul LGBT

While the LGBT community in South Korea is not the big, it’s capital city Seoul offers plenty of gay-friendly venues. Itaewon is the venue for gays, featuring a wide range of gay bars and dance clubs. Hongdae, on the other hand, is where some lesbian-friendly venues are located.

General Attitude Towards Gays

As a very conservative society, LGBT people are not widely accepted in South Korea and many of them cannot openly express themselves. It is, furthermore, unacceptable in the country’s culture, thus most lead to abuse. Some even disown members of the family who are gay.

The government refuses to acknowledge the LGBT population in any regulation or legislation. Some organizations have fought against the complacency, with a demand for the public to acknowledge the gay community. Several pride parades were held throughout the years, but many Christians protested.

Despite this, gay bars, clubs, and pubs still operate in Seoul and other parts of South Korea. These venues are perfect to drink, eat, dance, and meet interesting people. Gay venues are common in Homo Hill in Itaewon and Jongno district. Old and new members of the LGBT community are welcome to come and join the party.

Transsexual prostitutes

The Korean culture is one the reasons gay prostitution or transsexual culture is not widely popular. It is, however, possible to find some ladyboys offering services in Hooker Hill. Clients looking for gay and transsexual prostitution can find more information on the Internet.

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