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Kraków City Info

Kraków, one of Poland’s top tourist destinations, is the second largest city in the country. Situated in Southern Poland on the banks of Vistula River, Kraków has a land area of 327 km² and a population of more than 700,000 people. The city serves as an academic and a cultural hub, boasting a number of museums, medieval churches, historic buildings, and universities. 

Kraków appeals to many visitors because of its stunning architecture and unique atmosphere. Famous tourist attractions include Wawel Castle, Kraków Old Town, Wieliczka Salt Mine, St. Mary’s Basilica, and the National Museum in Krakow.

Kraków Red Light District

Unlike Amsterdam and many cities in Germany, there is no specific red light district in Kraków. Locals and tourists can find and avail sex services in different parts of the city. Many go to strip clubs and bars located all over Kraków, while others prefer services from independent escorts. 

There are also to-go-to nightlife areas like Old Town, which has a number of pubs, bars, and clubs, ideal for spending the night with friends and locals. Check out places like  Floriańska and Szewska to go dancing and clubbing.

Stay safe in the city

Kraków is generally safer than many other cities in the country. It is important to remember, however, that petty crimes may occur and foreign travellers often fall victims to pickpockets. Many pickpockets operate in crowded places, including public transport, airport, shops, and railroad stations. 

When it comes to visiting bars and strip clubs, be wary of those who will try to rip off visitors. One common technique is having an attractive woman invite potential clients for a drink at a bar. Those who accept the invitation are sometimes left with a hefty bill after the girl ordered beverages. 

It is advisable to see the menu first before ordering and beware of suspicious invitation. Reports suggest that credit and debit card skimming are common in adult clubs, so tourists should keep an eye on their card and use cash whenever possible.

Kraków Adult Entertainment

Sexual services can be availed across the city, as there is no specific red light district in Kraków. Strip clubs are a common place for witnessing sensual acts here. However, many prefer the services by independent escorts who work in private apartments and even small studio brothels. 

Most prostitutes in Poland are migrant sex workers. Many are from Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe like Belarus and Russia. Reports also suggest that there is a high prevalence of male prostitution in the country, about 15% of the sex workers’ population. Tourists in Kraków can find male prostitutes in local gay venues.

Adult Cinemas

  • Black and White Sex Shop- has a porno movie room with patio chairs. It also offers massages and strip shows. While many gay men visit the shop, the venue is not exclusively gay.

Street Prostitution 

The law allows women to work as prostitutes or offer their services independently. It can be a challenge to find some street hookers in the city, but you can try your luck on the roadsides between Katowice and Kraków. There are reports that suggest the presence of some women operating in Warszawa Street near the railway station and in the area of Kleparz.

Kraków Nightlife

Kraków has a vibrant nightlife scene because of the mix of locals, students, ex-pats, and young tourists in the city. Old Town and Kazimierz offer a number of cafes, bars, and pubs, while Floriańska and Szewska are famous for clubbing hotspots. 

Here are some of the most notable venues: 

  • Frantic Club – this spacious venue can accommodate up to 500 people. It boasts four bars and two dance floors, where both local and international DJs spin house, pop, EDM, RnB, and hip-hop tunes; located in 5 Szewska, Kraków. 
  • RIN Music Club – many international students come to enjoy and party at this intimate venue. It has chillout rooms, a dance/DJ area, and a bar; located in ul. Szewska 14, Old Town. 
  • Zet Pe Te – this is a new cultural space in Kraków and a place for independent bands and DJs on tour. It has a diverse calendar of events, featuring live music shows, art exhibitions, film screenings, located in ul. Dolnych Młynów 10, Old Town. 
  • Baccarat Music Club – this is considered the most extravagant club in the city. It is a luxurious venue with disco balls, designer furniture, and numerous bars. It is more common among sophisticated guests; located in13 Stolarska, Kraków. 
  • Bunkier Café – this enclosed bar/café is connected to Bunker Sztuki, the best contemporary art gallery in the city. It has an inviting atmosphere and offers a menu of delicious food; located in Pl. Szczepański 3A.

Kraków LGBT

While the state law does not penalise acts of homosexuality, the country, and its cities are not considered gay-friendly. The strict Catholicism in the country centuries ago had created a notion that homosexuality is wrong, with many politicians supporting this notion. The good news is, the people’s attitude towards the LGBT has now geared towards acceptance. 

There is now a much-improved gay scene in major cities like Kraków. There are a few fun places to visit, as the scene in the city is relatively small and not much open. Big cities like Warsaw and Kraków are the best places to find gay-friendly venues in the country. Kazimierz District offers numerous tolerant bars and cafes in the city. It is also possible to find LGBT-friendly establishments in Old Town (Stare Miasto). These two areas are ideal for spending cruising time and finding hotels, restaurants, and saunas in the city. The Planty Park or the area behind Slowacki Theatre is known for cruising. Tourist, however, should be extra cautious and careful, as there are also some gay bashers in the area.

General Attitude Towards Gays 

Homosexuality is legal in the country, but Poland remains a conservative society. Same-sex civil unions and marriage are not allowed, with the Roman Catholic Church and some politicians opposing its legalisation. Gay venues like clubs and bars are mostly common in increasingly westernised cities like Kraków.

People in Kraków have grown more tolerant and open than citizens in other Poland cities. 

Younger people in Kraków and other cities are usually accepting of gay and lesbian people. Some older residents, however, still think that homosexuality is unnatural and a disease. Many conservatives are still uncomfortable with the members of the LGBT community.

Gay Prostitution in Kraków

Prostitution is legal in the country and this includes homosexual prostitution. It is possible to see rentboys in many of the gay venues in the city like clubs and saunas. Many workers here offer more affordable prices than other cities in Western Europe. 

There are younger boys working in the area, as the age of consent in sex and prostitution is 15. The workers are accommodating and are ideal for clients who prefer Eastern European escorts. 

Many male sex workers also advertise online, so it is a good idea to check websites like https://rentmen.com/gay-escorts/krakow-pl/.

Transsexual prostitutes 

There is no specific information on where to find transsexual prostitutes in the area. Clients looking for this type of services can check the internet, as such types of sex workers usually advertise online.

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