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Trondheim City Info

An old city in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway, Trondheim is located on the south shore of the Trondheimsfjord at the mouth of the river Nidelva. As of January 2016, it has a population of 187,353 which makes Trondheim the third most populous city and the fourth largest urban area in Norway. With its 342.30 square kilometre area, this city boasts a rich cultural heritage, as well as popular tourist attractions such as the Nidaros Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Ringve Museum, Tyholt tower, and a lot more. This city is a place where the past meets the present because of its old architectural structures that have a direct relation to how the city looks today. 

Trondheim Red Light District

There is no specific red light district in this city due to existing laws on prostitution.

Stay safe in the RLD

Generally, the city of Trondheim is a very safe area as crimes such as assault, armed robbery, theft, and even corruption are very low. So, it is safe to say that locals and tourists can safely roam around the city without fear of being robbed or assaulted even at night.

Trondheim Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment in Trondheim is not that popular. Because of existing laws, sex shops, dance clubs, and other sources of adult entertainment are quite limited. In fact, there aren’t that many shops for this type of entertainment.

  • Trondheimsexshop.com – this known sex shop is an online shop known for selling adult entertainment products online throughout the country. Having been in the trade for over 14 years, this shop is one of the leading adult mail order companies in the country. What sets this company apart from any other sex shops is that they use a direct to bank ordering system and makes sure that their packages are delivered quickly and discreetly.

  • Club4shop – like Trondheimsexshop.com, this shop also sells things intended to satisfy one’s sexual desires. All their things are available at their website with a very friendly interface.

Trondheim Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

Dreams Showbar – this club provides adult entertainment from Tuesday to Saturday with the following schedule: Tue - Thu 22.00 - 04.00, Fri - Sat 21.00 - 04.00

Trondheim Nightlife

  • Bar Moskus – located at 7011, Olav Tryggvasons gate 5, 7011 Trondheim, Norway, this bar serves beer and cocktail drinks and plays good music.

  • Cafe Løkka – located at Dokkgata 8, &014 Trondheim, this café is famous amongst the tourists and locals. Visitors love their cosy interiors and wide space outside. Aside from their delicious meals, people visit them for their drinks.

  • Bakklandet – this old city of Trondheim has a modern twist in its archaic surroundings. The area has restaurants and cafes, as well as outdoor services, parks, and other recreational places. Here, locals and tourists from all walks of life enjoy their meals and beverages.

  • Ringve Botaniske Hage – located on Lade Allé and part of the University of Trondheim's Museum of Natural History and Archaeology. This is the best place to be during summer, where you can bask in the afternoon’s sun while enjoying the trees of the Northern Hemisphere. This park is free and is open all year.

Trondheim LGBT

Being a gay in Norway, as well as in most of Scandinavia could be a blessing since lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders are very liberal and they have rights equivalent to the non-LGBTs. It is also the first country to enact an anti-discrimation law protecting homosexuals. And so same-sex marriage, intravenous fluid assisted insemination treatments, as well as adoption for lesbian couples, have been legal since 2009. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

Even if there are existing laws that protect the members of the LGBT community against discrimination, still other members are not being treated well in their school, workplace and even at home. Also despite the country celebrating 200 years of constitutional democracy, still not everyone is enjoying equal rights. 

The results of a survey conducted on people attitude towards the LGBT last 1999 and 2013 showed that over the 14 years that have passed, there has been a positive attitude from the public towards the members of the LGBT. However, visibly trans people are still not fully accepted. 

Gay Prostitution in Trondheim

  • Metro – this gay bar in Trondheim is the only gay-lesbian disco club in the city. It has a pub, lounge, and a friendly meeting place for both boys and girls.

  • Club Me – located at Købmannsgata 12 Trondheim, this club is open for all including members of the LGBT community. Open to 18 years old and above.

  • Metro – this gay disco pub and lounge is located at the center of Trondheim at Kjøpmannsgata Street. This is a good place where both straight and gays meet.

Apart from these bars and clubs, gay modelling and gay pornography through the internet are also popular in the country and the rest of the world.

Transsexual prostitutes

Transsexual prostitutes work as webcam models and you can watch transsexual live sex shows as long as you have a strong internet connection.

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