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The Hague City Info

The Hague (Den Haag) is set on the North Sea coast of the western side of Netherlands. The city’s population is over 520,000 people with 98.12 sq. km in geographical area. It is also branded as a hybrid city due to the fact that it has Netherlands’ seat of government despite it not being a capital city. It is also filled with mansions, green boulevards and parks, a refined culinary scene, fine museums, and a one of a kind café culture.

The Hague Red Light District

The Hague manages to keep up with the red light districts of Amsterdam with three of its own. Although it cannot keep up with the quality and quantity of those found in Amsterdam, there are still a couple of surprises waiting to be unveiled. For one, all three of the red light districts are strictly for pedestrian only, which means that all types of vehicles are not allowed. 

  • Geleenstraat and Hunsestraat – where The Hague’s main red light district is found. It consists of approximately 152 red light windows.
  • Doubletstraat – although not for the high-end ones, this area is commonly flocked by locals instead of tourists. The area has quite a dodgy feel to it and best not to be visited late at night especially when you are alone. 

History of the RLD

The existence of The Hague’s red light district extended a few centuries back. In the 15th century, The Hague’s brothels were operated by bailiff Vincent Lebenstein and the Attorney General of Holland. Local residents complained to Queen Mary due to its inconvenience, and so the operation of brothels stopped. 

During 1825, The Hague issued a new regulation regarding prostitutes and the houses of prostitution which were followed by other municipalities. 

In 1999, the largest location of street prostitution is found in Poeldijksestraat in Schilderswijk with 300 windows. However, it was closed down due to unclear reasons and was eventually demolished in January 2006.

How to find the RLD

  • Geleenstraat – this RLD is located closest to the Hollands Spoor station. You’ll know when you’re in the area once you walk past the modern tower block with artsy colors, a net café, and a small supermarket. 
  • Doublestraat – from the top end of Poeldijksestraat is a canal where the area can be accessed from in just 10 minutes.

Stay Safe in the RLD

Like any other red light districts, the same reminders apply such as the following: 

  • Watch out for your belongings as there are plenty of pickpockets in the area
  • Stay away from the drug dealers for they might be the reason you get into deep trouble
  • Be careful who you ask for directions as there are a lot of junkies who would beg for money in exchange for the directions they tell you

The Hague Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment in The Hague is focused in the areas of Geleenstraat, Hunsestraat, as well as in Doubletstraat where the city’s red light district lies. The one that caters to high-end clients is located on the streets of Geleenstraat and Hunsestraat which is 500 meters northeast of the Den Haag Holland Spoor (HS) railway station.

The city has brothels like Colorotica and Slaves for Passion that host exotic erotic parties. One notable strip club is Casa Cherda, located at Bezuidenhoutseweg which quite unique as it allows the so-called “open sex”. This not only caters to the outgoing ones as it also has private chambers for the reserved ones.

Although less appealing to tourists than Amsterdam, The Hague can still keep up with everything that Holland’s most famous city can offer, like the famous marijuana coffee shops and the adults-only sex clubs, which are both completely legal in the Netherlands.

Adult Cinemas

  • Erotic Shop Cinema Hot Lips – located at Herengracht near Central Station, this cinema is the most active cinema in the city that is open for everyone including the members of the LGBT community. There are several rooms for gays and straight ones.

Street Prostitution

The following are the streets where street prostitution is present:

  • Hunsestraat 37, 2515 SJ
  • Doubletstraat 1, 2512 CH
  • Pletterijkade 65, 2515
  • Weimarstraat 106, 2562
  • Thomsonlaan 118, 2565

Window Prostitution

Window prostitution in The Hague can be found in two separate prostitution areas: Doubletstraat and the neighboring Huns Street with 140 windows. The windows are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on weekdays, and on weekends until 1:30 pm.

The Hague Nightlife

The non-adult entertainment nightlife in the city of The Hague is just as lively as its adult entertainment counterpart. Here are a couple of popular spots:

  • Bodega de Posthoorn – located at Lange Voorhout 39A, this former coaching inn is now a famous meeting place for locals, tourists and even politicians from the nearby parliament. They play live music on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

  • Brouwcafé De Hofnar – located at Doctor Lelykade 28, this place started out as a microbrewery. Now, this shop sells a full range of beers with good food and a chic surrounding.

  • Cafe De La Gare - Nieuwe Schoolstraat 13a, this former coach house is now a cosy place for a drink.

  • Club Seven – located at Prinsegracht 14, this club is a favorite on The Hague’s nightclub scene because of DJs playing beats popular for the young enthusiastic crowd.

  • Millers – located at Plein 8-10, this elegant café and restaurant by day turns into a chic wine bar at night.

The Hague LGBT

Netherlands has been referred to as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world because of its early adoption of the LGBT rights legislation and tolerance perception. With this, a lot of its cities, including The Hague are generally friendly towards the members of the LGBT.

Here are a few gay hotspots:

  • Stairs – this tiny gay bar and disco club in near The Dennenweg. They are open from Monday to Sunday.
  • Blue River – located at Valkenboslaan 181 – 191, this large gay sauna offers Turkish steam bath, Finnish Sauna, and infrared sauna. They also have three hot whirlpools (inside and outside), indoor swimming pool, private cabins, lounge and sun terrace, darkrooms and television rooms.
  • Sauna Fides – located at Veenkade 20, this gay sauna has two wet and one dry sauna, private cabins, darkroom and a bar and a restaurant. They are open from Monday to Sunday.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Being a member of the LGBTQ community in The Hague is like living in a community where everyone is considered family as people here respect and understand their preference. In fact, according to a poll conducted in May 2013, 82% of the Netherlands supported same-sex marriage.

To further protect the LGBTs, the Equal Rights Act in 1993 has been enacted which bans discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in housing, employment, and both public and private accommodations. 

The government granted same-sex couples domestic partnerships on January 1, 1998, as an alternative to marriage. With this, Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001.

Gay and Transsexual prostitutes in The Hague

Finding someone for gay and transsexual dating can be a daunting task. But in The Hague, apart from the numerous prostitutes in the red light district of the city, there are a couple of transsexual prostitutes you can spot in the Geleenstraat area. You can also try your luck online for more selection.

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