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Monaco City Info

Set in the western portion of Europe, this independent city-state is bordered by France and the Mediterranean Sea. While its land area is only a little over 2 km2 (making it the second smallest country in the world), it is considered as the most densely populated country in the world with approximately 37,800 inhabitants. 

There are quite a number of historic sites in this city which includes Palais Princier, and Fort Antoine Theatre. Despite being densely populated, the place remains to be quiet by sundown as gasoline-powered motorcycles are not allowed after 10 pm.

Monaco Red Light District

There is no specific location for the red light district in Monaco but prostitutes, high-end escorts, and most of the adult entertainment scene can be found in Monte Carlo which literally means “Mount Charles” as the place is situated on a prominent escarpment at the foot of the Maritime Alps. 

Monte Carlo is home to the famous Place du Casino, a gambling center for the rich and famous in the world. Other night spots are Hôtel de Paris, Brasserie du Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, and Salle Garnier (the casino theatre where the Opéra de Monte-Carlo can be seen). 

Although women who search and date rich men do not associate their activities as a form of prostitution, still other men refer to these ladies as prostitutes.

History of the RLD

The so-called Red Light District in Monaco started in the year 1929 when the Grand Prix of Monaco (found in Monte Carlo) was used, not just as a race circuit, but as a way to socialize with people. The streets then were filled with people eager to party, gamble, drink, and mingle. Here, you can see the rich and famous from all of Europe and the world come together to participate and mingle with people their caliber (in terms of financial status). And so ladies are more than eager to stay and find their prospective partners or clients.

How to find the RLD

You can actually visit the place, positioned on a prominent escarpment at the foot of the Maritime Alps even by just riding a bus since there are five circular bus routes with a ticket that costs €1. Or you could take the hop-on, hop-off Azur Express for only €6 or £5.80. 

Stay safe in the RLD

For the reason that there are quite a number of wealthy people who come and go in the city, security is heightened. In fact, the ratio of policemen to the citizens is bigger than any other state in the world. 

The ratio in Monaco is said to one policeman for every 100 residents. To add to the tight security, there is video surveillance system that runs 24/7. Walking unaccompanied at night is never a problem nor would you feel any fear from snatchers and other criminals because of this city’s amplified security measures.

Monaco Adult Entertainment

Since Monaco is considered as the city of the super-rich and famous, there are a lot of establishments and activities for these billionaires. They have casinos, brothels, strip clubs, night clubs and bars as their source of adult entertainment. However, despite the abundance of these night spots in the city, still, escorts and prostitutes can be really pricey because of their target market – the billionaires. So, if you are someone with a tight budget, then this place isn’t for you for these ladies could charge of up to €1,000; and the high-class courtesans charge of up to €10,000 per night. Also, you don’t just see these ladies on the streets waiting for customers in indecent clothing as most of them dress really well and shop in luxurious branded shops.

Monaco Nightlife

  • Monte Carlo Bar – If you are on a tight budget but still want to have a good time, then this place could be the right place for you. They offer affordable food and drinks and they’re open 24/7. 
  • La Rascasse – This place has a restaurant, lounge and a club with live music. There are DJs performing as well as acoustic acts at 4 pm to 11 pm. After 11 pm, a live band plays lively music up to 4 am. 
  • Jimmy’z – If you want to be sharing the dance floor with celebrities such as George Benson, Lionel Richie or Pink, then this is the perfect spot for you. Launched in 1974, Jimmy’z has been in business for over 40 years. However, as they say, “all good things come with a price,” this shop has prices fit for a celebrity. 
  • The Living Room – A mixture of an English country salon and a disco, The Living Room is a place for the young and the young-at-heart. Opens from 11 pm until dawn. 
  • Brasserie de Monaco – The word “brasserie” means “brewery” and just as the meaning says, this place brews its own organic beer in its premises. Warm and festive, apart from the ale bar, there’s a terrace where you can watch the king-size yachts. 

Aside from clubs, this city is also home to the Grand Casino which, aside from being considered as a gambler’s paradise, is also famous for its historical background.

Monaco LGBT

The LGBT community in Monaco is not as strong as you think it is. Because although there are gays living openly in the country, gay bars, nightclubs, and saunas are not allowed. However, if you want to enjoy the night with the gay community with no restrictions, the nearest you can go to is Nice or Cannes in France. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

The LGBT community in Monaco is generally silent as there are no reported issues whatsoever against the community. However, a 2007 survey made by the UPM party of Monaco says that 51% of the respondents wanted to that living in married partnerships should be accepted. There are many others who don’t agree.

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