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Kuwait City, Kuwait (Change location)

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Kuwait City City Info

The city of Kuwait is the biggest metropolis and the capital of the state of Kuwait. It is located in the southern section of Kuwait Bay on the northern shore of the Persian Gulf. The city covers two square kilometres, with the metropolitan area accommodating 2.1 million inhabitants.

The town of Kuwait was founded in 1613 and is now the modern-day Kuwait City. It exudes the glamor of Arabian adventure, so visitors will find lots of things to do in this global city. Aside from enjoying fine dining and first-class accommodation, there are plenty of places to visit and explore.

Kuwait City Adult Entertainment

Before flying into the city, you may have been informed that it’s illegal to engage in casual sex with a woman to whom you are not married to. You are not even allowed to look at a Kuwaiti woman, and you can’t live with a woman if you are not yet married.  However, these are mere stereotypes because people of all nationalities and races do all of the aforementioned and even more!

Much like other cultures, it is the society that dictates what laws are strictly observed and which ones are civilly disobeyed. Girls in Kuwait are no longer treated like the proverbial ‘forbidden fruit”. Visit one of the more popular malls and you’ll be surprised to see Kuwaiti women looking at you as if you’re a delectable slab of well-done halal steak!

Times have certainly changed and if you want a woman in Kuwait or a Kuwaiti lady, you simply need to go ‘underground’ to find her. Cab drivers are your best shot in finding some action. They may not be locals, but they certainly know what’s going on. The majority of them will act as if they don’t know about underground street action but keep on asking nonetheless. It may be part of the local culture that the more questions you ask, the sooner they will yield and disclose the information you want.

Another option is to hire a female escort, although this could be a little expensive. High-class escorts charge 150 Kuwaiti dinars (US$520) for two hours, and as much as 300 Kuwaiti dinars (US$1,040) for an overnight stay with a client. 

Street Prostitution

Pimps and prostitutes in Kuwait are becoming smarter and learning to adopt new ways to avoid detection, as the government starts to clamp down on their illegal activities. The sex business appears to be flourishing from Ahmadi to Farwaniya governorate, with stakeholders devising various techniques to plot and navigate their way through underground sex trade routes.

Chinese streetwalkers often search for potential clients in the town of Mahboula. They are also spotted roaming the food aisles of the popular fish market and grocery area in Fahaheel. This area is actually one of a handful of places that have prostitution issues. It is known for Chinese and Filipina women targeting expats. The women are pretty straightforward about sex, especially if you look Western.

Other areas to search for streetwalkers are the Al Qourt Mall and the Al Manshar Mall area. Both are located in Fahaleel. Expect to pay 20 to 40 Kuwaiti Dinars.

Kuwait City Nightlife

Kuwait is not typically associated with 'nightlife' especially if you are after US-style clubbing. Alcohol is prohibited in the city because of its strict Muslim beliefs, so don’t expect to find bars or nightclubs. Nightlife is largely focused on food and having a great time with friends. The attire is always conservative, even if you intend to go to the low-key discos.

The locals and the tourists enjoy their evenings strolling Corniche, dining, shopping in the bazaars and malls, and chatting and relaxing in the many restaurants and coffee shops across the city. Kuwaitis also enjoy movies, theater acts, and Arabic poetry recitals.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the yachting city is not fiery, you just need to adjust your expectations and indulge in its offerings.

  • Hard Rock Cafe Kuwait on Arabian Gulf Street. Opened in 2004, it is the closest thing to a nightclub in Kuwait. The venue is a glass pyramid highlighted by a piano ceiling and stunning views of the ocean. You may also try shisha bars for smoking tobacco through water pipes.

  • Le Tarbouche is a Lebanese restaurant in the Sheraton Kuwait Hotel along Fahdal Al-Salem Street. Live music and a rooftop setting make it a nice night out in the city.

  • Al Ahmadi at the Crowne Plaza Hotel along Airport Road 55. It features international cuisine, live music, and a Friday Fun Food Festival with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Kuwait City LGBT

Homosexuality is no longer considered taboo in Kuwait, although it remains taboo for many individuals. References to gays and lesbians have been made in some televisions series and cases of transsexuals requesting to be treated based on their ‘modified’ sexuality have made it to courts and were reported in major newspapers and magazines.

General Attitude Towards Gays

The public does not behave aggressively towards members of the gay and lesbian community. The atmosphere is more of tolerance instead of outright prosecution. Gays are not ostracized in society unlike in other cities.

It is actually the government that has a bold stance when it comes to the subject of homosexuality. In fact, several Kuwaiti politicians defended motions to ban gays from Gulf states. They called on Amnesty International to abandon its support for the LGBT community because it is ‘defending delinquent deviants’.

Gay Prostitution in Kuwait

Gay prostitution does exist, particularly in the so-called cruising areas. For instance, there are Bedouins and Filipinos in Mishref who expect to get paid for fellatio. Another popular site is the beach area with lots of man-made dunes near Divas Restaurant. The best time to visit is 11:00 pm onwards. Gay cruising takes place on the beach and in the car park. It is a bit risky, so if you want to play it safe, go online and search for male and bisexual escort services.

Transsexual Prostitutes

Finding transsexual prostitutes can be a little tricky. Your best bet is to visit dating sites and take advantage of their features like live chat before arranging a meeting. Another option is the Massage Republic where you can find shemale escorts. Some of the services offered include role-playing, lap dancing, Tantric and Nuru massage.

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