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Milan City Info

Milan, considered as the capital city of the province of Milano and of the Lombardy region in northern Italy, lies in the north-western region of Po Valley. Currently, the city proper has a population of 1,346,000 and the metropolitan has 3,204,601 inhabitants and a land area of 181.76 km2. Despite being referred to as the richest city in Italy, this city is also known as the “moral” capital. 

A lot of tourists and visitors think that Milan is the happiest city in the world as it is illegal to frown except in funerals and hospital visits.

Milan Red Light District

There is really no official red light district in Milan as of the moment. However, there have been motions between politicians to establish one. Also, Carlo Monguzzi from the Democratic Party said that it could be the “only solution” to address the problem of violence and exploitation of women.  

Stay safe in the RLD

Generally, Milan is a safe city despite having the major financial institutions and other establishments located here. However, there are quite a few areas where it is unsafe to be roaming around especially the ones near Loreto (the central railway station) and Porto di Mare (Southern end of the yellow metro line). Petty crimes such as snatching, swindling and the like abound so it is best not to trust strangers or not to talk to them at all. For example, at the station, one shouldn’t trust bystanders offering help with the ATM machines as they are set to steal money from you. Also, do not believe those migrant vendors in the streets selling luxury merchandise because most of them are fake goods. Also, watch out for people outside Duomo who would forcefully give you corn to feed the pigeons for they are bound to beg money from you.

Milan Adult Entertainment

Despite the city being a major financial and industrial center of the country where Italy’s Stock Exchange can be found and also a major world fashion and design capital, adult entertainment in Milan can be less festive, unlike other Western and European cities. This could be due to the fact there is no official red light district in the city.

However, nightclubs, bars, and massage parlours can still be found such as Carnevaleria Publimagic, Venus Night Club, Pepenero Milano City, New Paradise Club Prive, Pupa Club. There’s also the presence of the so-called “indoor exploited prostitution” where sexual activities are done in private apartments, hotels, nightclubs, saunas, and massage parlours. Here, indoor prostitutes are allowed to save 30% to 50% of their earnings.

The city’s Chinatown known as Paolo Sarpi area also houses a lot of massage parlours managed by Chinese where they provide extra service.

Adult Cinemas 

  • Cruising Canyon – this bar has an erotic cinema with dark rooms and cubicles perfect for relaxing and chilling out. Located at Via Paisello 4, East Area Milan, this adult cinema is open 24 hours daily.

Street Prostitution 

Italy, in general, is part of the few countries where prostitutes are seen walking on the streets at night clad in very short skirts and high heels. Milan does not go far from this as street prostitution is rampant in the city. In fact, there are around 5,000 ladies who cater to 60,000 customers per night who are part of the reason why traffic in some of the streets of Milan becomes really bad. However, there are also Italian men who choose to cross borders towards Austria or Switzerland and enjoy cheap legal sex inside brothels instead of dealing with Italian street prostitutes.

Unlike other European countries like Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands where most prostitutes can be found in clubs, bars, and brothels, 75-80% of Italy’s sex workers are found on the streets as there are fewer sex clubs.  

Milan Nightlife

Aside from the adult entertainment this city has to offer, it also features a wholesome aspect to its nightlife. Milan’s nightlife has two areas: Brera District which is to the north of the city’s center and eastward to the Sempione Pak, and the Navigli District which has a Venetian ambiance to it. 

  • 10 Corso Como Café – One of Milan’s famous bars, the ambiance of this place is so refreshing because of the many plants around. In this place, the fun starts after sunset so it’s good to come in a bit early to have a nice spot. 
  • Le Biciclette – this ultra-chic café-cum-bar also serves Sunday morning brunch to ease the headache from drunkenness. 
  • Terreza 12 – found on the 12th floor of the Brian and Barry building, this lounge bar presents a 360-degree view of Milan’s skyline. 
  • Fabrique – considered as one of Milan’s newest musical enterprise, this nightclub and live music center also features international artists like Kaiser Chiefs, Olly Murs, and Mika. 
  • Il Gattopardo Café - located in a deconsecrated church northwest of Milan, this café plays mainstream pop music. And sometimes live performances. 
  • Tunnel – this venue has two nightclubs. Le Cannibale on Fridays for alternative electronic music and Classic on Saturdays. 
  • Alcatraz – this event place not only hosts fashion shows and parties, but also a live programme of live music. 
  • Blue Note – if you are the soulful type then this place is perfect for you. This venue plays live jazz with artists coming from around the globe.

Milan LGBT

The LGBT community here in Milan is very much accepted as evidenced by the number of establishments and entertainment venues for gays. Although, some say that the center of gay life is found in Via Sammartini wherein gay bars, strip shows, and gay saunas are found, gay venues are actually evenly distributed in the city. This just shows how lesbians and gays are being welcomed here.

If you want to go shopping, they have bookshops for the LGBT community like the gay and lesbian bookstore called Libreria La Babele or the Pier Pour Hom. Or if you want to have fun yet something not too crowded, then Mono, which is a retro-styled gay bar could just be the place. Other gay clubs such as Nuova Idea and One Way Club also welcome gays and as in most of the places in Italy, these venues may require membership via the Arcigay card which can be purchased on this site http://www.arcigay.it/arcigay-english.

General Attitude Towards Gays

82% of Italians actually consider homosexuals as equal to all others. So, it’s safe to say that Italians accept and respect the LGBT community in as much as they give respect to others.

There are quite a number of activities that are made legal for the LGBT community. One is the same-sex sexual activity, another is the consent to serve the military, consent to change legal gender, same-sex legal union (since June 2016), and a lot more.

In celebration, a pride march known as the Milano Gay Pride happens annually. It’s a week of LGBT-friendly events that usually happens in late June. It starts at Milano Stazione Centrale and ends at Porta Venezia.

Gay Prostitution in Milan

  • Magayzzini Generali – located at Via Pietrasanta, 16, 20141 Milano, this gay disco club has a big stage, a bar, and a dance floor. They play a variety of musical genres fit to the taste of all their guests and customers.

  • One Way Club – located at Via Felice Cavallotti 204, Milan, this gay dance club has a crowd that is predominantly bears, older, masculine and hunky men. And like most Italian nightclubs, ANDDOS gay membership is needed.

  • Track Milano – this gay dance club in northeastern Milan is found right next to Company Club gay cruise bar. They also host regular guest parties like The Block Group, COX and GATE Jailbird.

  • Popstarz – located at Via Maurizio Gonzaga 5, Milan, this dance club is open to gays, straights, bisexuals, skaters, club kids, new romantics, punks, nerds, basically everyone who loves company. Their music styles include but not limited to pop, Brit pop, nu-disco, electro-pop, indie, 80’s, 90’s, and hip-hop.

  • Nuova Idea – located at Via Alcide de Gasperi 14, Milan, this club welcomes everyone, whether gay or straight. There have two dance floors playing international house music. They also have go-go dancers, naked girls, a dark room and a summer garden open area.

  • Vogue Ambition at Amnesia – located at Via Alfonso Gatto, Milan, this club has a Friday-night dance party at club Amnesia for the gay or mixed crowd. Their music ranges from pop, dance, charts, 1980’s and 1990’s music. The party usually takes place from September – May.

  • Piazza Trento – this famous square in Milan is where one can easily pick up a male prostitute.

Transsexual prostitutes

Of the 5,000 sex workers in Milan, 500 are transgender. These transsexual prostitutes are found in one of Milan’s main streets, Viale Certosa. And at night, you’ll find men who are their customers.

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