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Budapest City Info

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is strategically set in the centre of Carpathian Basin. It extends to 525 square kilometres in land area with a population of 1.74 million.

It has become a major touristic destination for its geographical features, primarily the geothermal springs that have been a Budapest experience since the Roman times. Its focal features reflect that of the late 19th century or the capital’s so-called golden age, as most of what you see now was built. Its World Heritage Sites include the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, and Heroes’ Square.

Budapest Red Light District

The city's formerly recognized red light district was Jozsefvaros, situated just outside the heart of downtown. What was once a seedy RLD has now dramatically reinvented itself in the past years to a vibrant enclave busting with music hubs, clothing shops, hippy cafes and snacks bars. However, there are a couple of tolerance zones where street prostitution is rampant.

How to find the RLD

Anyone who wants to seek out for a daring sexual adventure is advised to contact escorts instead unless he prefers street prostitutes. There may be a few adult establishments lying around the corners of Budapest but most of the business happens indoors.

Stay Safe in the RLD

There are a number of unfortunate events experienced by tourists specifically in strips clubs down the streets of Budapest. They claim to have been lured in by girls who will offer to wave door fees. In return, the ladies who welcomed them to the vicinity charged them an enormous cost for the drinks and threatened to call for security to beat them up in the event of refusal to pay. They would often justify these charges through the fine print on the menu which no customer would often bother to take notice. Instead, it is recommended to seek for services through escorts agencies of which the contact information may be accessible through the concierge.

Budapest Adult Entertainment

What’s left of a massive operating adult entertainment business in Budapest is a handful of strip clubs and sex shops. Currently, there is exists a small market for the sex industry in this city despite the more accommodating laws on prostitution in Hungary. For those seeking for a sexual adventure, there are strip clubs, massage parlours, adult cinemas available. You may also need to look out for happenings indoors. 

Adult Cinemas

  • Erotik Mozi Centre – Budapest, 13th district, Hegedüs gyula utca 1
  • Király Szexshop – Budapest, 6th district, Király utca 72
  • Erotic Cinema & Video – Hegedos Gyula Utca 1
  • PinL'Amour Szex Shop – Király utca 72 at Hársfa, off Teréz körút

Street Prostitution

Street Prostitution in Budapest is quite a big industry in terms of adult entertainment in all of Europe. Saturdays and Sundays are known to be the recommended times to spot these girls. Be advised that most of these sex workers are available beyond 10 pm.

  • Váci Utca – specifically close to the Burger joint
  • Szabadkai Road, 9th District – known to be an area where scantily dressed women wait for potential clients.
  • Dunakeszi Road – there are a significant number of prostitutes here
  • Gyogyszergyari Road in Kobanya
  • Near the Meridian Hotel
  • Blaha Lujza Square
  • Thököly street (between Dosza Gyorgy and Hungaria)
  • between the hotel Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge and the river Danube

Budapest Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • Dreamland – 1105 Budapest Gitár utca 11
  • Erotika Swingers Club – Budapest, Dob u. 11
  • Martini Swinger Club – Budapest, Előd vezér u. 37
  • Black Diamond Swinger Club

Budapest Nightlife

Budapest caters to people pf all ages who have an extensive palette of night entertainment. You’re likely to find ruin pubs or bars that are in disused buildings that have been restored. Techno clubs and jazz bars also sprouting in all of Budapest.

  • Szimpla Kert – a so-called ruin pub that has become a favourite hangout place for the millennials who come to the place to grab an iced cold beer. Kazinczy útca 14.

  • Doboz – another one of those ruin pubs that have become a primary attraction in terms of dining and night entertainment. Doboz’ walls are filled with cultural pieces and works of art from different artists. It serves as a nightclub, a gallery, and a workshop all rolled into one fascinating venue. Klauzál utca 10.

  • Budapest Jazz Club – as the name suggests, this one hosts a variety of jazz showcases. This place is definitely for those jazz enthusiasts. Hollán Ernő utca 7.

  • Corvintető – for those who love to groove to the tunes of electro and techno music. With internationally -acclaimed DJs spinning, thre’s no doubt that this place is jam-packed every time. Blaha Lujza tér 1-2.

  • Café del Rio – this trendy club has a touch of Latin America to it. This popular night out spot is a where you can also party with talented DJs. Hengermalom útca 51.

Budapest LGBT

There are all sorts of gay-friendly night out spots in Budapest. The following are some of the solid gay scenes where LGBT members can feel exceptionally comfortable.

  • Mystery Bar – a crowd-favourite. Also one of the longest running gay-friendly bar
  • Madrid Café – one of the top choices as it is very accessible, cocktails are affordable and karaoke is available.
  • Capella – where straight and gay people party the night away. It regularly features drag shows, a plus for those who love this type of entertainment.
  • Alterego Bar & Lounge – an exclusive gay club that also features drag shows
  • Magnum Sauna, Sauna 69 – these saunas are a must-visit

You can also check out gay parties like Garçons, Hello, !Tape, Brutkó Diszkó, Garage, Confetti, Liberty, Ösztrosokk, and WOW. Watch out for events dates on their respective pages.

The Gay Pride is celebrated every end of June or the start of July annually. This eventful and colourful gay festival usually lasts a week. Programmes typically include film showing of gay-related movies and a colourful parade with street music, banners showing support to the gay community, and inspiring people.

General Attitude Towards Gays

A considerable level of tolerance towards the LGBT is apparent. Although you will never see gay couples holding hands together while walking, Budapest has come a long way from the era when the law executes homosexual acts which have since been invalidated. Gay people live in harmony with straight people in this city.

Gay and Transsexual prostitutes in Budapest

It can be quite a challenge to find gay and transsexual prostitutes. You’ll have more luck finding their contact information online.

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