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Athens City Info

Eight kilometres from the Bay of Phaleron on the south-eastern corner of Greece is the country capital, Athens. It covers 412 square kilometres with over 3 million inhabitants as of 2011.

A perfect mix of grunge and elegance, this city showcases first-class museums, cafes, and dining areas. The cultural display and social events take place in the historical landmarks, merging the ancient and modern elements. Despite the recent economic crisis, Athens continues to exude sophistication, elevating its name especially on the aspect of tourism.

Athens Red Light District

While there may be no official red light district in Athens, this city does not fall short in adult-rated offerings. Various areas are being considered major areas that showcase sexual pleasure activities like the following:

  • Victoria Square –  a known hub for the country’s migrant community is said to be the main entertainment source among the adult venue listings in Athens where the services are priced as low as 20 Euros

  • Andreas Syngros – formerly Andrea Syngrou Avenue, known for its market of transvestites and transsexuals

  • Omonia – urban field through which people of different demographic cross where sex trade is steadily growing

History of the RLD

Being a coastal city, Athens was regularly visited by sailors and merchants from around the globe for both business and leisure. Their presence generated a market for entertainment venues which resulted in the rise of prostitution. It emerged until it became a huge industry, leading to most merchants settling in Athens. The more clients being drawn to the sex trade, the more money coming into the city.

Like Omonia Square, the influx of foreign immigrants to the city brought along the rise of prostitution in the area. Since then, Omonia Square began to be coined as one of the adult entertainment districts of Athens.

How to Find the RLD

  • Victoria Square – centrally located in Athens, particularly the area near the Filis Street parallel to Pattison St.

  • Andrea Syngrou Avenue – links the city centre with Poseidonos Avenue, also where the Syngrou Fix station is located 

  • Omonia – end of Stadiou Street, geographically defined in relation to the Acroplis, the most prominent symbol of the city

Stay Safe in the RLD

Omonia has been notoriously branded for pickpockets, so it is best to stay vigilant and keep an eye on valuables. However, police particularly anti-riot units have been recently deployed to the area to do intensive patrolling so as to minimise the incidence of crime and violence.

Athens Adult Entertainment

For interested men out there who wants to take a plunge on a daring path of adult entertainment in Athens, there are strip clubs, brothels, swinger clubs, sex shops, and adult theatres available. There’s something to offer to every curious traveller based on his interests, creating a distinct experience.

Adult Cinemas

• Cine Athinaikon – Set in the Omonia district is this adult theatre that screens adult film via a projector. Straight adult movies are scheduled during daytime while gay films are played late at night until dawn.

Street Prostitution

The widely famous spot for prostitutes is the Omonia Square. It has grown steadily spreading a kilometre in all directions from the said area. Other known streets to seek for sex workers are the following:

  • Galatsi Street – girls line up at the foot of this street
  • along Solonos Street around Theatrou Square and Evripidou St., just off the Psirri nightlife district
  • the Kapodistriou Street where sex workers are mainly Africans
  • Eshilou St, where one would find young prostitutes
  • Metaxourgeo
  • Sokratous St. where one can spot Nigerian women offering sexual services

Athens Clubs and Brothels

  • 2+2 Club, Piraeus – Confidentiality and security are of utmost importance in this club that members go through a proper identification process before being granted entry with the use of pseudo names. It also follows a strict rule of not allowing unescorted men inside its premises.

  • Nirvana Swingers Club – its tunes and dark halls sets an erotic atmosphere, a haven for the open-minded individuals. Meet people, form friendships and engage in the sexual goings-on.

Athens Nightlife

A great entertainment selection awaits Athens’ visitors when the sun sets. You may start by checking out an ancient Greek drama at the Herod Atticus or witness a world-class orchestra playing at the fine and majestic halls of Megaron. If you like being out there in the clubs to enjoy the music and some cocktails, here is a list of some of the best nightclubs in Athens:

  • Kitty Cat – this comfy bar with its dark lacquered walls and strategically placed lighting can be found on central Stadiou Str. Get a taste of the different cuisines (Peruvian, Indian, and Italian) while you enjoy the live music entrainment.

  • Dybbuk – has been a top nightlife destination since 2009. This club attracts a wide demographic, featuring international DJs and creating a vibrant atmosphere. The place is perfect for those parties and other functions.

  • Six D.O.G.S. – If you dig the underground scene, then this place is for you. They cater live gigs, parties, and other events. The café and bar make great cocktails and tasty food.

  • Akrotiri DC Club – located on the Agios Kosmas coast, this club has been an all-time favourite. Entertainment is tailored to different genres of music depending on what day of the week.

  • Ciel – can be found in the city central. This is a good place to relax while you enjoy funky and jazz music while you sip on your favourite delicious cocktails.

Athens LGBT

Athens is thought to have a very organized gay scene compared to other cities in Greece. There are lots of gays bars, saunas, as well as cruising spots that will definitely please even the finickiest visitor.

The gay and lesbian scene is situated in the city central, Gazi and around the St. Irene’s Square. Here are a few places that have a developing gay hub:

  • Leoforos Konstantinoupoleos
  • Megalou Alexandrou
  • Makrygianni
  • Psyrri
  • Metaxourghio 
  • Exarhia

General Attitude Towards Gays

Despite having a developing gay scene in the city of Athens, its citizens aren’t yet fully accepting of the LGBT. Many Greeks are not still open about their sexuality due to the limited tolerance in the city. But a recent research has concluded that Athens is now on the road to having a really open gay culture. There are still a few homophobic incidents that have been reported but many are optimistic that such cases will be fully eradicated.  

Gay and Transsexual Prostitutes in Athens

There aren’t many venues that market gay and transsexual prostitution but interested clients may try to seek such services in Syngrou Avenue. For easier transactions, go online for most if not all bookings can now be made through the internet.

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