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Stuttgart City Info

Stuttgart is the capital and biggest city of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. It covers an area of 207.4 square kilometres and is located approximately half an hour from the Swabian Jura Mountains and the same distance from the Black Forest. With a population of about 600,000 in the city and over 3.5 million people in the greater metropolitan area, Stuttgart is the sixth biggest city in Germany.

It features world-renowned automobile companies, cutting-edge research facilities, a rich cultural heritage, exceptional art collections, and people from more than 170 countries. On the whole, Stuttgart is a bustling city that’s all about high-quality living.

Stuttgart Red Light District

The red light district in Stuttgart is commonly referred to as Bohnenviertel, particularly the area surrounding Leonhardstraße. Originally a settlement located outside the city walls, it is the oldest part of the metropolis and was established in the 14th century for the Jews, the winegrowers, and craftsmen. For a long time, Bohnenviertel served as Stuttgart’s red light district, but extensive renovations and gentrification lined the cobbled streets with designer hotels, boutiques, and wine bars. Nonetheless, there is still a trace of naughtiness as street prostitution is rampant and there are plenty of brothels and whorehouses next to pubs and dance bars.

History of the RLD

The poorer section of Stuttgart's population resides in Bohnenviertel. Their staple food is beans that grew on the Keuper marl soil and gave the area its name which means Bean Quarter. The beans thrived in the gardens behind the houses, or with official permission, even draped around homes like garlands. Bohnenviertel is rich in tradition, songs, and rhymes associated with the beans.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Stuttgart witnessed a widespread shortage of living spaces. Houses were constructed on every available site. The beloved gardens of the Bean Quarter were eventually replaced by blocks of establishments where tradesmen settled. In 1970, the locals expressed their desire to preserve the quarter as a traditional inner city area where they can live and work. Authorities gave their approval and endorsed the idea. In 1976, another proposal was announced with the objective of conserving and modernizing the Bean Quarter without compromising its unique character. Emphasis was placed on maintaining the urban lifestyle while preserving the old buildings as much as possible and constructing new ones that blend with the structures that have evolved through the years.

The redevelopment project reached completion in the early 1990s and is regarded as a perfect example of successful redevelopment of evolved areas in strategic inner city locations. Modern day Bohnenviertel has remained virtually unchanged and a visit here is like rediscovering Stuttgart over a century ago.

How to find the RLD

Bohnenviertel or Bean Quarter is situated in the heart of Stuttgart. It lies between Leonhardplatz and Charlotte Square.

Stay Safe in the RLD

Stuttgart is one of the safest cities in Germany. In fact, even the red light district is sleek rather than sleazy, setting it apart from other RLDs which are notorious for scams and con artists. However, even if the area is considered safe for tourists, it is advisable to take some precautions to avoid any untoward incidents. Try to refrain from carrying more cash than you actually need, especially if you’re out shopping or exploring attractions where there is limited police security. Don’t wear expensive jewelry and make sure valuable items are secured in your hotel's safe. As much as possible, travel with a companion and always be on guard, especially in markets, train stations, and other places where a large number of people gather.

Stuttgart Adult Entertainment

Stuttgart is a relatively large city that offers something for everyone, including those seeking the best in adult entertainment that central Europe has to offer. You can find everything from American table dance, brothels, whore houses, street hookers, sex clubs, swinger clubs, adult cinemas, erotic massage parlors, sex shops, among others.

Adult Cinemas

There is no single venue that functions solely as an adult cinema house. Most of the adult sites offer multiple services and cater to wide range of clients. For instance, Crazy Cruising features an adult cinema, cabins, dark rooms, and glory holes. The same goes for Blue Box which offers an adult cinema, an erotic shop, dark rooms, theme nights cruising, private cabins and sling area.

Street Prostitution

Prostitution has become more visible. Stuttgart used to be devoid of outside influence, even though street prostitution existed. But back then, it was only grown women who were selling themselves on the streets. That’s in stark contrast to today when really young girls are involved, and nearby you’ll see men who are obviously their pimps.

Stuttgart Nightlife

Non-adult entertainment nightlife mostly involves hanging out in clubs, bars, and other venues that feature good food and great music.

  • Theodor-Heuss-Straße- is the most popular street for clubbing. Over the past years, a number of bars, clubs, and lounges have opened in the area. It has emerged as the preferred place to visit during the weekend.

  • Biddy Early’s- It is an Irish pub located west of the city center, a five-minute walk from the Stadtmitte.

  • Classic Rock Café- only a few blocks away from Biddy Early's. The music is great and there is no cover charge even on weekends.

  • Bonnie and Clyde- close to the Stadtbahn station Stöckach. The owners are fluent in English, so do most of the guests.

  • If you're into Indie music, check out Zwölfzehn bar in the Paulinenstraße. It’s near the next S-Bahn stop, "Feuersee". You'll also find some nice theaters there.

Stuttgart LGBT

As aforementioned, Stuttgart is one of the most liberal cities when it comes to recognizing and upholding the rights of gays and lesbians. If you’re a member of the LGBT community, the city is a safe haven, that’s just how it is.

General Attitude Towards Gays

With a politically active youth sector, Germans are among the most accepting people when it comes to alternative sexualities. Germany is one of the staunchest advocates for gay rights, and you’ll be surprised that gay rights are so endemic that a city other than Berlin would welcome and even celebrate its gay community.

Another cultural aspect you’d notice, particularly in Stuttgart, is that it’s not weird when men make physical contact with each other. This ranges from the casual putting an arm around each other’s shoulders to the peculiar sexual groping that triggers a double-take to many. It certainly takes away from the taboo of homosexuality while showing that men are comfortable with their own and they don’t judge others who show similar behavior as a part of their lifestyle.

Gay Prostitution in Stuttgart

Gay prostitution does exist but it is discreet, with most of the gay prostitutes advertising their services online. Gay sex tourists can’t expect juicy encounters and uninhibited sex out in the open. Nothing of the kinky kind will happen unless you join a private sex club or contact rent boys or gay male escorts.

Transsexual Prostitutes

There are tranny escorts working from private flats and they usually charge €80-120 for 30 minutes and €120-200 for an hour. Trannies working in whore houses are a bit cheaper and they normally charge €50 for a quickie. There are also those who advertise online.

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