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Mannheim City Info

At the convergence of the rivers of Rhine and Neckar in the southwestern part of Germany is where the city of Mannheim is. Its layout which resembles that of a grid pattern is rare among German cities, although similar to those in North America. As of the year 2012, its population has stretched to 295,000. It spreads to a total of 144.96 square kilometres. 

This German city has been destroyed to rubbles during the Thirty Years’ War in the year 1607 and again in the War of the Grand Alliance 67 years after. In 1720, it was rebuilt through the Palatine electors. 

It is globally recognised for inventions that originated in the place particularly in the field of mobility: tractor, bicycle, and the automobile.

Mannheim Red Light District

  • Lupinenstrasse – formerly known as Gutemannstraße. This is where 18 houses used for sexual services are located. Approximately 120 to 140 women work here.

History of the RLD

Prostitution has been prevalent throughout Germany since the middle ages. A number of German cities since then operated brothels known as Frauenhäuser. Prostitutes back then were treated as honoured guests, who have maintained domestic order. 

However, in the beginning of 16th century, the increasing cases of sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis led to the persecution of sex workers. Although a campaign to fight venereal diseases during the Weimar Republic adapted the concept of decriminalising prostitution and instead have it regulated and controlled.

Even before the Second World War, Gutemannstraße was already established as a prostitution area. It was hit hard in a bombing during the war. In the year 1961, in an attempt to regain control of the sex industry, it was reestablished and renamed Lupinenstrasse by the city council to Sperrgebiet. Its name is derived from the lupine plant, but it is also known to be coined from Lupa, or what prostitutes were called back in Ancient Rome. 

How to find the RLD

Lupinenstrasse is quite easy to spot. It is the westerly side street of the Mittelstrasse, on the edge of the district Neckar- West. Upon arriving at the central train station, you can opt to reach the RLD within a few minutes via a taxi cab. There are also bus and tram stops.

Stay Safe in the RLD

Although there are a few districts where cases of crimes are continually rising such as Vogelstang, Neckarstadt-West, Jungbusch, street crime and violence are relatively rare in other parts of Mannheim so it’s is perfectly safe to roam around given that caution and common sense are applied.

Mannheim Adult Entertainment

One can expect a plethora of adult entertainment options in Mannheim. Its RLD boasts window prostitution in 18 different houses used for sex services. While most expect that drinking booze, and getting a lap dance are all that they can experience in a typical gentlemen’s club, such is not the case in Germany. Expect nothing short of hard-core action in the German setting. You can basically avail services other than just mere lap dances in clubs. Peep shows, for example, are popular here. These are extra features in strip clubs wherein clients are offered private cabins where they pay extra to see strippers in a private setting. 

Other offerings available in the city include FKK clubs (where women are totally nude), brothels, swinger clubs, erotic massage parlours, and adult cinemas, and adult shops.

Adult Cinemas 

  • Blue Movie Kino Centre – situated in Kaiserring 26, Mannheim 68161, this movie house screens adult movies and presents live acts of an adult nature.
  • BINOKEL Sexshop – Opens daily from 12 noon to 11 at night except Sundays 3 pm – 11 pm.
  • Cruising Point – located in Mittelstraße 20, opens every day. This place’s cinemas have private cabins (16 programs). Entrance fee is from 5€ to 10€.
  • Erdbeermund Eroticstore Mannheim – located in Kunststraße 9-12
  • Studio 7 located  Heinrich-Lanz-Straße 32

Opening times: Mon-Fri 11-24 clock. Night Cinema: Sat 1:00 until Sunday 6:00 morning. Holidays 16:00-24:00. Also features personal gift ideas, a gay cinema, club, and a shop. Admission is at € 8. 

Street Prostitution 

Street prostitution is a not so popular adult entertainment option in Mannheim as it poses a significant amount of risk in terms of security and hygiene. It has since been on a steady decline due to other flourishing businesses like brothels, and FKK clubs where the safety and health issues are fairly taken into consideration. Those who have remained in the business of street prostitution are mostly from Bulgaria and Romania. They typically charge at a minimum of 30 Euros.

Window Prostitution

Lupinenstrasse is dedicated to prostitution, featuring Laufhäuser or brothels, as well as windows with attractive women ranging from Eastern European to Russians enticing men to enter the establishment.

Mannheim Nightlife

Nightlife in Mannheim is a vibrant and fun-filled one. Various establishments that are worth visiting are scattered throughout the city centre.

  • Stars – located in the city centre at Paradeplatz. Both locals and tourists flock to this place to try their drinks and cocktails. Above all, what’s deemed as the biggest treat when visiting Stars is the panoramic view of the city.

  • Murphy’s Law – if you fancy Irish brews and other pub staples, this is the place to be. This pub attracts a wide demographic of college students to expats which makes a trip to Murphy’s even more interesting. Truly, there is no conversation drought with a wide mix of patrons!

  • Meier’s – an understated bar that boasts its selection of liquor, coffees and, meals. 
  • Soho Club – this is the place for people who want a relaxed ambiance that offers reasonably priced liquor. The carefully selected playlist is a bonus in Soho Club!

  • Taproom Jungbusch – just slightly away from the main centre, this craft beer bar serves wide-ranging kinds from US brewers like Stone, Coronado, Prairie Artisan Ales, European ones such as Cantillon, and Lervig to German craft brewers like the Crew Republic. This is definitely a heaven for beer fans!

  • Connexion - this huge complex is recognised to be a popular pick for those who love the nightlife entertainment. People are advised to practice safety precaution when visiting places like these.

Mannheim LGBT

The gay scene can be found in different corners of the city but most are close to the city centre, Mitte, as well as around the Wasserturm. A special queer dance party, the Himbeerparty occurs every last Saturday of the month at the Alte Feuerwache.

  • MS Connexion – a gigantic complex that is a favourite among the gay community. It has 5 clubs with huge dance floors.
  • Forever Disco – situated in Hans-Reschke-Ufer 3, this gay-friendly dance party attracts a crowd mostly of the mid-20s.
  • Loft Beach Club – located in Lagerplatzweg 3, this is a gay-friendly summer beach club.
  • Club Hans – check this gay-friendly establishment out especially during Fridays and Saturdays.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Despite the political parties that hold a conservative perception on the issues of the LGBT, Germany is still considered to one of the most gay-friendly countries across the globe. The majority of its citizens have since expressed their support on the gay community with 87% of them agreeing that homosexuality should be accepted. It is safe to say that Germans are generally accepting and tolerant of the gay community.

Gay and Transsexual Prostitution in Mannheim

For those who are looking for gay and trans prostitutes, you might just get lucky to find one in a local nightclub or a tranny friendly bar. Otherwise, you can get online and scan through the different profiles and available services of gays and shemales.

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