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Frankfurt City Info

Frankfurt’s name stands for a place in a river where it is so shallow you can walk through it – suggesting its location which is on both sides of the Main River in the south eastern part of the Taunus mountain range. It has a population of over 700,000 and a land area of 248.31 square kilometres.

It serves as a major financial centre of Europe and an international hub for business, and transportation. Its airport holds the record for being the largest in all of Germany and among the busiest in the world. Frankfurt is a culturally rich and ethnically diverse city that a large percentage of its inhabitants are composed of immigrants. 

Frankfurt Red Light District

Bahnhofsviertel – Among the largest RLD in the world, Bahnhofsviertel sits just at the eastern side of the main railway station. Its streets are teeming with walk-in whore houses that go as high as 5 floors, strip bars, and other adult venues that aim to satisfy diverse fetishes of different clients. The brothels adapt to different standards depending on the floor a client is in. The prices tend to get lower the higher floor you go to. Remember that a closed door is taken and an open one is where to go in and negotiate for a rate. For the rates, the standard blow job followed by an intercourse is from 20 to 50 €. Unrushed services are priced at a higher rate, from 50 € for half an hour to as high as 120 € for sexual services reaching to a period of an hour.

History of the RLD 

The beginnings of Bahnhofsviertel go way back in the year 1945 after the World War II. Extreme poverty paved way to the emergence of brothels near the city’s main station. The approval and support from the Frankfurt authorities gave rise to the establishment of the first brothel, Elbestraße. Today, there are about 21 brothels in Frankfurt’s red light district featuring women from across the globe, with the most coming from Eastern Europe and Asia.

How to find the RLD

The small district of Bahnhofsviertel is located around the main railway station between Westend/Messe and the financial district. It is serviced by the central station and can be reached from the Willy-Brandt-Platz underground station.

Stay Safe in the RLD

There is no denying that there is a growing number of cases of unscrupulous people taking advantage of the booming adult industry by victimising unsuspecting clients and ripping them off their money. Here are helpful tips to get by in the adult entertainment district in Frankfurt:

  • It is advised to carefully pay attention when going to Eros centres in Frankfurt. There are deceitful people hanging around strip clubs and sex shops. Purchasing of good and services should be dealt by knowing the cost beforehand before doing the actual purchase as you might fall victim in the hands of crooks. Setting the terms and negotiating the price will avoid getting scammed. If possible, pay after the service is done.

  • To get better deals, it is suggested to pretend that you’ll be in the city for a long period. Clients who do such are likely to receive top-notch service in the woman’s attempt to entice you into procuring another sexual service form her the next time around.

  • Although prostitutes can be seen outside the streets of Bahnhofsviertel, street prostitution on this side of the city is illegal. There are other designated areas where this is allowed.

Other than these, be careful of the drug dealers and junkies surrounding Bahnhofsviertel. Be vigilant at all times and avoid altercations with drunken people as they tend to be violent. If you happen to be harassed in the area, do not hesitate to seek help from the local police. 

Frankfurt Adult Entertainment

Frankfurt’s main adult district is packed with Eros centres, peep shows, strip joints, sex shops, and chat-up bars. Being one of the largest RLD, there is no wonder why the place is filled with not only an assortment of adult venues but also scantily clad women on the streets waiting for clients to pay for sexual favours.

Adult Cinemas

  • Müller Blue Movie Centre – an establishment that not only shows adult-rated movies but also live entertainment shows. Its location is in Kaiserstraße 66

Street Prostitution

It is important to take note that street prostitution in the red light district, Bahnhofsviertel is banned. There are designated areas called “tolerance zones” in Frankfurt where street prostitution is legal which are the following:

  • Theodor-Heuss-Allee
  • Directly on the north of Frankfurt fair

Window Prostitution

Although far from the scenes in Amsterdam, Frankfurt Eros Centres display working girls behind windows enticing clients to acquire their services.

Frankfurt Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

You need to be female or a couple in order to be granted entry to some swinger clubs. In cases wherein single men can be granted access, they usually have to pay a hefty price compared to women or couples. Here are a few of the swinger clubs in Frankfurt:

  • Club 22 – Wilhelm – Röntgen – Str.22, Maintal Dörnigheim
  • Swingerclub Emmanuelle – Westerbachstraße 70
  • Fantasy Club - Kruppstraße

Frankfurt Nightlife

Although not at par with Berlin’s and Hamburg’s scene, Frankfurt offers a sensibly diverse selection of clubs and night spots. Prepare to be treated to scores of entertainment nightlife places in Innenstadt, Bornheim, Bockenheim, Sachsenhausen.

  • U60311 – head out to your hotel and make your way to this nightclub where it is jam-packed every Friday and Saturday. People groove to the assortment of tunes played by locals as well as internationally acclaimed DJs. This club doesn’t stick to a single music genre so you might want to check their music schedule.

  • King Kamehameha Club – this place has 2 floors open to customers. They showcase different entertainment finds on each floor: the first one is for the hungry where they serve delectable food and drinks while the second one is a huge dance floor for the party-spirited people.

  • O25 – offers two separate rooms catering to people of different music preferences. This place is a hit among youngsters who love pop music and reggae.

  • Jimmy’s Bar – if the classy and sophisticated style suits you, then head on to this bar where a proper dress code is imposed and where you can enjoy a cigar while you sip on your glass of whiskey.

  • Velvet Club – located in Weißfrauenstraße. It has a great atmosphere where people from all folks can dance the night away to the tunes of the pumping music. Drinks are inexpensive which is a plus!

Frankfurt LGBT

This city may be full of conservative dressed corporate employees but it offers quite a dynamic gay scene. The LGBT scene is scattered throughout the city but it is mostly concentrated in the “Bermuda triangle” around the Alte Gasse, bordered by the northern part of Konstablerwache station, Bleichstrasse, and Eschenheimer Turm. There sure are a lot of gay cruising areas and LGBT night hotspots in Frankfurt. The following are a few of the gay clubs/saunas:

  • Barcode – a small neighbourhood gay bar located in Homburger Straße 28
  • CK Studio – a renovated bar that is a hit among locals and foreign nationals where gay parties are usually held at.
  • Club Sauna Amsterdam – it just takes about 10 minutes from the Zeil via a subway ride to reach this gay-friendly place that offers amenities like saunas, whirlpool, and a bar.
  • Bastos – a gay bar where handcrafted cocktails are served at a reasonable price

General Attitude Towards Gays

Frankfurt is known to be the home to one of the biggest gay populations in the whole European continent. The warm and welcoming locals gave rise to the countless sprouting gay-friendly venues scattered all over the districts. From the eclectic gay clubs, saunas, to gay parties in jam-packed places, there sure is something for everyone in this city.

Gay and Transsexual prostitutes in Frankfurt

There are lots of transvestite prostitutes who can be spotted around Komm. The rate starts at €50 for blowjobs and sexual intercourse lasting 40 min to an hour. Expect to spot some Brazilians and Romanian shemales in the area. Also check out the gay community downtown between Konstablerwache, Bleichstrasse and Eschenheimer Turm. Also, contact information of most gay and transsexual prostitutes can be found online proving that internet transactions are becoming a big market together with gay porn so be sure to check it out, too.

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