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Strasbourg City Info

On the north eastern region of France lies the city of Strasbourg, the Capital of Bas-Rhin department of the Alsace district. It has an area of 78 square kilometres with a population of 271,782.

The city has been significantly recognised as a host for a couple of European institutions. The Grande Île, one of its historical centres is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. From its Gothic Cathedral to its winding alleys, and Alsatian taverns, Strasbourg is all for its culture and gastronomic offerings, making it one mesmerising city. 

Strasbourg Red Light District

There is no red light district in Strasbourg. Most of the sex services happen inside private spaces like residential units, and apartments. Nevertheless, people seeking for sexual pleasure can still find escorts in Strasbourg especially through online.

Stay safe in the RLD

Strasbourg has proven itself a well-loved destination with the constant entry of travellers from across the globe who visit one of the most cultured cities on the European continent. Although a relatively safe city, there are a few warnings that will guarantee visitors of a safe and pleasant touring experience. One of which is to go in groups especially when going to the city centre. There are cases of pickpockets in crowded places so it is always advisable to keep in ones’ valuables.  

Strasbourg Adult Entertainment

What used to be known as the red light district of the Alsace region has tidied up that it is now almost free from adult-rated establishments. Things are pretty much different now in Strasbourg than most of the Europe cities. While the plethora of adult venues in various cities are located around the train stations and district centres, there is not so much to explore in the capital of the Alsace region in terms of the adult business side. There are cases of prostitution but they are now on a steady decline, such as the case of street prostituting.

Street Prostitution

There have been reports that there are street workers, mostly Romanian and Bulgarian who wait for potential customers in the corner of Rue Sengenwald. Other possible areas where street prostitutes frequently hang out are the following:

  • Quai des Alpes
  • Boulevard de Lyon
  • Quartier de la Gare
  • Avenue de la Forêt-Noire
  • Route du Rhin
  • Quai Louis-Pasteur

Strasbourg Nightlife

Nightlife hotspots in Strasbourg are clustered in the area of rue des Juifs and rue des Frères, as well as around the Cathedral.

  • Le Rafiot – a popular venue where emerging, both local and international artists play their latest contemporary hits. It also hosts music festivals curated for the music scene aficionados.

  • Jeanette et les Cycleux – this hotspot has a vintage vibe that offers a relaxing setting plus a range of cocktails and delicious snacks. Located in 30 Rue des Tonneliers.

  • Au fut et a mesure – located in 25 rue des Tonneliers, this hip bar is where you can serve yourself a beer from the pumps cleverly placed at the venue’s tables. Opens from 5 pm until late in the evening.

  • Salle Cheval Blanc – organises a variety of interesting shows throughout every year. From jazz music to movie screenings, Salle Cheval Blanc surely never fails to deliver successful shows.

  • Live Club – opens from Wednesday to Saturday, this establishment is situated close to the Gutenberg Square and the Cathedral. This place is all about avant-garde, music and epic parties.

  • L’Alchimiste – located in 3 Rue des Sœurs, this place offers a great atmosphere and the best cocktails.

  • Le Chalet Club – can be accessed through a taxi cab from the downtown area in 15 minutes. This complex has themed bars that will certainly cater to everyone’s taste. It has a dance club section where people can dance to tunes of retro to electric music.

Strasbourg LGBT

A concentration of gay clubs can be found on Menkarta. It is where essentially most of the gay community meet. There are a couple of gay bars in Strasbourg, the following being the popular choices by most LGBT:

  • Z Bar – set in rue de la Course, this gay night bar opens from 10 pm to 4 am every day. It has a friendly setting making it one favourite hotspot since April 2016.
  • So Divine – offers 2 different settings, the lounge where one can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and a delectable brunch or the club, where the party is.
  • Spyl – a gay-friendly club that hosts themed party nights including drag shows.

Choices of gay-friendly areas are said to be endless in Strasbourg.

General Attitude Towards Gays

There has been a significant change in the way Strasbourg people view the gay community. They hold the annual Gay Parade. Perhaps, the German influence has something to do with such change. There is a lot less prejudicial and homophobic cases in this city, although there are some who are still uncomfortable being openly gay due to the negative criticisms of the public towards homosexuality.

Gay Prostitution in Strasbourg 

It is quite a challenge to find gay and transsexual prostitutes in Strasbourg. Most of the sex workers do transactions online.

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