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Paris City Info

Paris is the capital and the principal city of France. Located on the river Seine in the northern region of the country, it covers a total area of 105 square kilometers. Paris is a global fashion hub and is often referred to as the "international capital of style." It ranks alongside London, Milan and New York in the fashion industry. The Paris Fashion Week is one of the world’s foremost fashion events that is well-anticipated by people in the field of fashion which take place biannually in the city.

Paris attracts throngs of tourist to its major attractions including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and Moulin Rouge. It is also a magnet for artists and chefs from all corners of the globe. The city hosts hundreds of museums and restaurants. The Louvre is the world’s most-visited museum and serves as a house of a number of historic works, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue.

The history of Paris dates back to the third century when it was just a small town occupied by the Parisii, a sub-tribe of the Celtic Senones. By the fifth century, Paris was declared as the capital of France, and by the 12th century, it was already the biggest city in the western world.

Paris Red Light District

There are two known Red-Light Districts in Paris: Quartier Pigalle and Rue Saint-Denis.

Pigalle is an area that is situated around the Place Pigalle, on the border between Paris’ 9th and 18th arrondissement. It lies on the north section of the city, adjacent to Montmartre. Rue Saint-Denis, also known as Quartier Rouge, is one of the oldest areas of Paris. Its road runs parallel to the boulevard de Sébastopol, between Boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle and Rue de Rivoli.

Pigalle is the home of everything that's X-rated: prostitution, peep shows, strip clubs, sex shops, and a lot more. You won't find window brothels, but it has a distinct adults-only ambiance that makes it a top tourist attraction. Pigalle’s reputation has always been raunchy; it was even nicknamed “Pig Alley” by allied soldiers during World War II. However, it also boasts of some classy burlesque shows like the Moulin Rouge.

For those who want some cheap and sexy action, Saint-Denis is the place to visit. It is frequented by prostitutes, many of whom traveled all the way from northern and western African nations. There are also some Asian and European women. The girls here are usually cheaper than the escorts from local and online directories. Full sex can be had for about 40 euros, while other services like blowjobs cost even less.

History of the RLD


Pigalle was home to the studio of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, a popular French painter, draughtsman, and printmaker. Other artists like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Maurice Neumont also once lived in the area. Josephine Baker opened her first nightclub in 1928 and the venue was located next door to Breton's apartment. Pigalle was also home to the Museum of Eroticism and the Grand Guignol Theater.

Jazz singer Adelaide Hall resided in Pigalle in 1937 to 1938 and opened the La Grosse Pomme or "the Big Apple" nightclub. Other similar venues during the late 1930s included the Moon Rousseand the Caravan where Django Reinhardt performed.

 Rue Saint-Denis

The ancient Roman route that led to Saint-Denis, Rouen, and Pontoise competed with "route de Senlis" but gained an advantage following the demolition of the Grand Pont and the establishment of the royal abbey of Saint-Denis. It then became the way for royal entries into Paris.

From 1134 onwards, Rue Saint-Denis became flanked by houses and it was later given alternative names like Sellerie de la Grande Rue and Sellerie de Paris (13th century); grand'rue de Paris; Monseigneur Saint-Denis (14th century). It was also called rue de Franciade during the French Revolution.

Rue Saint-Denis was one of the focal points of the June Rebellion of 1832. It was immortalized in the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. In the book, it was referred to as the "Epic of the Rue Saint-Denis."

How to Reach the RLD


Pigalle is easily accessible since it is one end-point of the Montmartrobus. You may also head to Place Pigalle by taking the Métro and disembark at the Pigalle stop.

Rue Saint-Denis

The closest metro stations are Strasbourg Saint-Denis and Reaumur Sebastopo on line 4. Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est are just a few minutes walk to the north.

Safety Information


The nearby areas are safe and quiet. There are lots of children in Pigalle and they are not affected by the presence of sex shops along the boulevard. The Pigalle area may have a sleazy reputation, just like what you’ll typically expect for a place with lots of sex shops, but it does not pose any serious safety risks.  

Rue Saint-Denis

Be on the lookout for the so-called “Do you speak English” scams. The con artists begin their chatter
with “Do you speak English?” They’ll be so friendly and nice, then tell you their sad story and later ask for money. Another common scam is the “You dropped something!” The trickster then hands you what looks like an expensive piece of jewelry. Once your attention has been drawn and you start conversing, a second person will pick your bag or the person will suddenly accuse you of robbing them. Either way, it will end up with them asking for money. Be streetwise and always be aware of your surroundings.

Paris Adult Entertainment

Prostitution is legal so there are lots of both male and female escorts willing to satisfy sensual and sexual desires. There is also a proliferation of burlesque shows, BDSM entertainment, cabarets, fetish events, peep shows, sex shops, strip clubs and so much more. Paris comes to life at night and opens up a dazzling world of sexy entertainment that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Adult Cinemas

Paris has one surviving erotic cinema: the LeBeverley. Owned and operated by a Monsieur Laroche, it opened its doors in 1960 but remains largely unchanged. It still has its old-school ticket booth, a kitschy neon sign and 90s leather seats in the retro viewing room.

Address: 14, rue de la Ville Neuve 75002
Telephone: 0140260069
E-MAIL: cine.beverley@wanadoo.fr

Street Prostitution

Streetwalkers are typically found on the northern boulevards of the city. On the northern section of Saint-Denis Arch, you’ll see some women in Boulevard Strasbourg, the majority of whom are Asians and Africans. From time to time there are some young Eastern Europeans who join the fray. Streetwalkers are fairly easy to spot as they have a distinct way of dressing: fur-collared coats, miniskirts, and over-the-knee boots.

Paris Nightlife

Paris is popular for a lot of things, including a bustling and vibrant nightlife. Note, however, that Parisians seldom start having dinner before 10 pm so it is typical not to go out and hit the bars or clubs until close to midnight. And because evenings often start out late, it’s also customary to stay out until dawn. Before going to a particular club, try to do a little research. Some are straight-oriented while others are strictly gay-oriented. Themes, DJs, and events at the clubs usually change every night, but the scene is always the same: expensive drinks, pounding dance music and lots and lots of people. 

Aside from just hitting the clubs, there are different ways to enjoy Paris by night. Here are some of them:

  • Theatre - watch the classical works of Moliere, Racine, etc. at some of the most popular theaters like the La Comedie Francaise. 
  • Opera – Paris has two major venues for opera: the Bastille Opera House and the Garnier Opera House. 
  • Concerts – Paris has all kinds of concerts, from gospel to classical. They are often held in churches while those for international artists are held at the Bercy Stadium or Le Zenith. 
  • Cinema/ Movies - Paris has all types of cinemas that play both Hollywood films and big-budget French flicks.

Paris LGBT

As can be expected for a huge and sexually unrestrained cosmopolitan area, Paris has a large and exciting gay scene. Majority of the gay bars, nightclubs and saunas are concentrated on the 3rd and 4th arrondissement, particularly in an area called Le Marais. 

There are also a lot of lesbian bars with great music, superb entertainment and gorgeous girls available from late night through to the early hours of the morning. ’’Les Taulieres’’ and ‘’Rosa Bonheur’’ are two of the finest lesbian bars in the city and are certainly worth a visit.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Paris has often been named as one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities, with Bois de Boulogne, Quartier Pigalle, and Le Marais being said to have a booming gay community and nightlife. Recent polls indicated that 77% of the French perceive that homosexuality must be accepted by society.

Sex Clubs for Gays

  • Atlantide Sauna - a sauna not only for gays but also for women, straight men, bi-sexuals, transsexuals and drags.
    Address: 13 Rue Parrot, 75012, 12th arrondissement
  • Bains d'Odessa - once one of the oldest public bathhouses in the city, it is now a four-level gay sauna.
    Address: 5 Rue d'Odessa, 14th arrondissement 
  • Gym Louvre - offers 1,400 square meters of male fun. There is a gym, large steam bath, dry sauna and a video room.
    Address: 7 Rue du Louvre, Les Halles 
  • IDM Sauna - covers 950 square meters spanning four floors. It has a bar, gym, Jacuzzi, dry sauna and a steam bath with two levels.
    Address: 4 Rue de Faubourg Montmartre 
  • Key West Sauna Club - gay sauna with three levels. There is a dry sauna, a steam room and a jacuzzi equipped with glory holes.
    Address: 141 Rue La Fayette, 10e, 75010 
  • Le Riad - oriental themes and styled sauna with two room steam bath, swimming pool and a warm fountain.
    Address: 184 Rue des Pyrénées, 20e, 75020 
  • Le Tilt - the first gay Sauna in France one of the three gay saunas in Paris that are open all night.
    Address: 41 Rue Sainte Anne

  • Sauna Mykonos - a hundred percent naked gay sauna.
    Address: 71 Rue des Martyrs

  • Sun City Sauna - extremely popular gay sauna by Le Depot. With an area of 2,000 square meters, it is currently the biggest in the city.
    Address: 62, Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75003

Dance Clubs for Gays

  • Club 18 - one of the oldest gay clubs in Paris. It can accommodate 200 customers.
    Address: 18 Rue du Beaujolais, 75001 
  • Le Cud - a gay dance club with two floors and three bars.
    Address: 12 Rue des Haudriettes, 3e, 75003

  • Le Tango - the club to be for those who are fond of old-fashioned cha-chas, tangos or campy 70's disco.
    Address: 13 Rue au Maire 
  • Scream - a Saturday night gay dance club.
    Address: 18 Rue Du FGB Du Temple 
  • Beardrop - Le Divan du monde - relaxed party atmosphere with great music from all across Europe.
    Address: 75 rue des Martyrs, 75018 
  • Mix Club - hosts the Ersamus Party every Thursday. It is a special party for all the foreigner students in Paris.
    Address: 24 Rue de l'Arrivée, 75015
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