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Liverpool City Info

Liverpool, a metropolitan area known for sports, music, and entertainment, is United Kingdom’s fourth largest city. It is located in northwest England at the mouth of River Mersey. Liverpool has a land area of 111.8 km² and a population of more than 470,000 people. It is also the centre of culture and arts in the city and home to Britain’s top football clubs. 

The city entices sightseers from all the world because of its historical and modern appeals. Top tourist spots in Liverpool include Albert Dock, World Museum, Merseyside Maritime Museum, and The Beatles Story.

Liverpool Red Light District

There is no specific name for the red light districts (RLDs) in Liverpool, but it is said that Netherfield Road North and the Sheil Road Area of Kensington are considered centres of adult entertainment. Both of the locations get busy at night, mostly on weekends. Men usually approach girls walking on their own, while prostitutes approach potential clients in vehicles. 

  • Netherfield Road North – Kerb crawling exist in the city and some women offer sex services to clients. 
  • Sheil Road Area – Many of the girls wear provocative clothes and stand in the streets looking at the drivers of every car.

History of the RLD 

In 1800, Lime Street in Liverpool became a popular place for prostitution. Sailors on the shore visit the bars and street to avail sex services. Reports suggest that Liverpool (being a port) and Colchester (an army town) had the highest number of prostitutes back then. 

Late night activities became common in Lime Street, but the area flourished to become an art and entertainment centre. Many of those who offer services are poor girls looking to earn extra money. 

Lime Street is now undergoing a restoration project to transform the area. This will include establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and other accommodations. Today, sex workers occupy the red light areas in Netherfield Road and Sheil Road Kensington.

How to find the RLD

Netherfield Road North is located in England’s northwest region. There are about 20 railway stations close to Netherfield Road North. Two of them are Sandhills and Bank Hall. Shell Road Area is where the main entrance of Newsham Park is.

Stay safe in the RLD

Travellers are warned to be mindful of their environment and avoid showing off their gadgets. It is not recommended to wear Manchester t-shirt, as this can make the wearer a target for abuse or assault, particularly when matches are ongoing. It is best to have a sensible approach when roaming around the red light areas. This is especially true in Sheil Road, as violence may occur. Tourists may also encounter people begging in the city centre. They would normally share their backstories to other people and ask for money.

Liverpool Adult Entertainment

As prostitution is legal in the country, adult entertainment venues freely operate in the city. Liverpool has plenty of erotic massage parlours, offering relaxing yet sensual full body massages. Strip clubs are also abundant, featuring erotic dancers perfect for personal pleasure and stag parties. Brothels, on the other hand, operate illegally, with some posing as massage parlours or apartments as a disguise. 

Liverpool offers sex shops like Nice ‘n’ Naughty, known for selling adult products such as magazines, DVDs, sex toys, and bondage gear. Some also specialise in fancy dress, lingerie, and other sensual outfits. City escorts are also widely available, perfect for tourists who want to be indulged during their stay. Escort agencies offer blondes, brunettes, European, and Asian courtesans.

Street Prostitution 

It is possible for clients to see some girls working in the industrial area of Jamaica Street. Some girls also roam around in areas in Craven and Kempston Street. Men looking for street sex workers can visit the red light areas in the city: Netherfield Road North and Sheil Road (Kensington). These areas get busy at night, especially on weekends. It is common for prostitutes to approach people in vehicles and offer their services. Some guys looking to satisfy sensual pleasures also approach girls walking by themselves.

Liverpool Nightlife

Liverpool offers plenty of nightlife venues for both tourists and locals. The city features old-fashioned bars, as well as clubs perfect for partying and drinking all night long. Here are some of the best venues: 

  • Kurova – this is a bar, restaurant, and music venue. It features live shows and club nights; located at 32 Hope Street. 
  • Kingdom Liverpool - this is an exclusive nightclub in the city with an exceptional venue. It offers first-class entertainment, as well as club nights and other events; located at 25 Harrington Street. 
  • District – offers amazing live acts with electronic music lights. The selection policy is strict, as the area’s capacity is not that big; located at 61 Jordan Street. 
  • Everyman Bistro – this has a bistro and a bar that attract crowds of every kind. It is located downstairs of Everyman Theatre in Williamson Square. 
  • The Kazimier – provides musical and artistic experience. It features lush greenery and unique dining; located in 4-5 Wolstenholme Square. 
  • Berry & Rye – this may be a small bar, but it offers excellent table services. This is ideal for those who love intimate tunes and cocktails; located at 48 Berry Street.

Liverpool LGBT

Stanley Street district is the official gay quarter in Liverpool. This is also referred to as Liverpool Gay Village or Quarter, which is the first and the only gay quarter in Britain. The city council of Liverpool recognised this area and then posted street signs with rainbow flags. It is located in the downtown of central Liverpool City, offering bars, hotels, nightclubs, and other venues for the LGBT community. The surrounding streets and neighborhoods also offer establishments like gay bars and clubs. These include Cumberland Street, Davies Street, Sir Thomas Street, Victoria Street and many others. 

The gay quarter is also.one of the locations of the annual Liverpool pride. It is good to know that Liverpool itself hosts unique parties and celebrations. Other than catering to the members of LGBT, it also offers something for both locals and tourists. 

General Attitude Towards Gays 

Liverpool may have Britain’s one and the only gay quarter, but the city was once accused of falling behind and not providing enough provisions for the diverse community. It was even considered a lesser gay-friendly city because of its distinctive culture and deep ties with Catholicism. Modern Liverpool, however, is now completely changed because of its liberties for the members of the LGBT community. 

The city has an accepting attitude towards homosexuality. It also has the most gay-friendly university in the UK, the only LGBT arts organisation (North of England), and free gay pride events in Europe. 

The gay community in the city is now more visible. Liverpool even launched its gay football team in 2005. The gay village, Stanley Street, offers plenty of establishments where LGBT members can party and have fun. The surrounding areas of the official gay quarter also offer venues like bars, clubs, and hotels.

Gay Prostitution in Liverpool 

Gay prostitutes are in the city’s gay village, Stanley Street Quarter. Many of the gay and bi men in the venues are typically in the area and the nearby neighbourhoods.

Transsexual prostitutes 

There is no specific information on where to find transsexual prostitutes in the city, but tourists and locals can try their luck at the Liverpool gay quarter.

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