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Prague City Info

Prague is the capital city and the biggest metropolis of the Czech Republic. Located in the northwest section of the country and bisected by the Vltava River, it covers an area of 496 km² and is home to 1.4 million people. The city’s history dates back to the foundation of Prague Castle in 870 AD. For centuries the city served as the capital of the renowned region of Bohemia. Today, Prague is known as “the City of a Hundred Spires,” and is famous for its Old Town Square which features cobbled streets, baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock.

Prague Red Light District

  • Wenceslas Square – The red-light district of Prague is less specifically marked when compared to other major cities, but it is generally based in the side streets surrounding Wenceslas Square, a major tourist attraction and a center of business and cultural communities in Prague’s New Town area. You will find lots of strip clubs and late night bars, usually with special offers on their drinks. Almost all of the strip clubs offer private strip shows and a lot more … it’s up to your imagination! Generally, the clubs charge entrance fees and you’ll need to shell out anything from 200 CZK to 600 CZK unless you have a promotional leaflet with a free entrance offer.

Wenceslas Square and its immediate vicinity is also a preferred stomping ground for prostitutes. The cost of sexual encounters is higher compared to other East European nations like Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or Romania. It appears that certain sections of the sex tourist market find the beauty of Czech women very appealing indeed.

Certain roads in Prague are essentially miniature red light districts, with whore houses disguised as legal ‘massage parlors’ or sex shops and prostitutes are mostly unchallenged by the local police.

History of the RLD

Prostitution in Prague has a long history that dates back at least as far as the Middle Ages. Brothels were initially associated with the mostly cordial interaction of different social classes, a venue where even the poor can enjoy a sense of grandeur. At that time sex didn’t play a key role in the culture of brothels as most people think. Moreover, brothels represented a form of entertainment, a place of personal encounters, casual conversation, and a means to spend one’s free time. Prague traditionally had multiple centers of prostitution. Among the more popular places to find prostitutes were the cafés on Wenceslas Square. However, the true havens of the sex trade back then were Kamzík Street in Old Town and its famous Goldschmied brothel. These days, the culture of brothels is on the decline because of heightened social prejudice and the lack of legislation. Nonetheless, prostitution continues to thrive and Wenceslas Square has acquired a reputation in Europe as a center for sleaze. The brothels have also evolved into Laufhauses where sex workers rent a room to serve their clients.

How to Find the RLD

Wenceslas Square is at the heart of New Town and is easily accessible on foot from the Old Town (just five minutes away) and via public transportation from virtually anywhere else. It has three distinct sections, each of which can be reached by taking the metro.

Stay Safe in the RLD 

Car theft and pickpockets have been reported in Wenceslas Square and its surrounding areas, particularly at night. The culprits are often women who run up to men asking for a hug, etc. Others work in teams of 3 to 5 and they mostly target lost or distracted tourists. Many of these groups use youngsters as pickpockets because they cannot be prosecuted under Czech law. However, it should be noted that pickpockets are a serious problem throughout Prague, especially in crowded areas and on public transport.

Here are some rules to follow to ensure your safety: close and secure your backpack and always keep an eye on it; put your wallet in a safe place and never wear it in your rear pocket or in any other spot where it can be stolen easily; never approach working girls in the street and ignore those who will try to get you into clubs; be very careful not to fall asleep in the tram or metro; ignore street money-dealers and only exchange your cash in banks or official tourist information offices.

Prague Adult Entertainment

Let’s be straightforward, Prague is Sex City and it is slowly becoming more and more popular across the globe as a "New Amsterdam". Both sex and drugs, which are condoned in Amsterdam, are also quite common in Prague. The city has an amazing selection of different types of adult services such as strip clubs and erotic massage parlors. It is also a preferred party hub, mostly among British men who come over to host stag parties or just to have an awesome weekend getaway. Over the years, Prague earned itself the infamous reputation as the stag night capital of Europe. Indeed, for a lot of people, the presence of adult entertainment venues has become the main reason for visiting the Czech capital.

Adult Cinemas

  • Heaven – the only notable adult cinema in Prague located near Charles Square. It is actually an adult cinema, an erotic shop and a bar all rolled into one. There are also darkrooms and private video cabins in the basement. Movies are played every night and each evening is dedicated to different tastes.

Street Prostitution

The alleys and streets connected to Wenceslas Square are the prime areas to find streetwalkers, especially at night. The price for sex is actually lower in the streets than in brothels, for instance. Oral sex will cost you around 500 CZK while vaginal sex costs around 1000 CZK. This can even be a lot lower, depending on how badly the woman needs the money and how far she is willing to go.

Prague Nightlife

There are several sophisticated cocktail bars at the heart of Prague. Try to check out Batalion Comics Bar, Tretter's, Zapa Bar, Bugsy's and Tynska Bar. If you wish to combine some dancing with your dining and drinking, visit Solidni Nejistota, a couple of blocks behind the National Theater. There’s also La Fabrique, close to Wenceslas Square.  For some serious discos, drop by Radost FX, behind I. P. Pavlova Square, Karlovy Lazne near the Charles Bridge, and Duplex on Wenceslas Square. For blues and/or jazz, you can catch some superb performances at U Maleho Glena, near Malostranske Namesti and at Ungelt Jazz and Blues club behind Tyn Church.

Other venues that are perfect for hanging out and drinking beer with your food are:

  • U Vejvodu near Narodni Trida
  • Pivovarsky Dum on Jecna
  • U Fleku, the historic 500-year-old brewery near Karlovo Namesti.

Prague LGBT

In recent years, Prague has become a much more liberal destination for gays and lesbians. As a matter of fact, the city has far more gay and lesbian-friendly bars and clubs than most countries in Eastern Europe. By some estimates, almost 600,000 visitors per year have availed of services specifically aimed at the homosexual community.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Prague has increasingly become some sort of a Mecca for gays because authorities and the general public are quite tolerant of the gay community. There’s little if any, animosity and discrimination towards gays. The gay scene is particularly vibrant around the Vinohrady area, near the city center. There are approximately 30 gay bars, discos, and saunas across the metropolis, with new establishments opening on a regular basis.

Gay Prostitution in Prague

When tourists arrive in the city, the main train station is the first thing that most of them see, but it is also one of Prague’s best-known sites for a different kind of sex tourism. According to prostitutes who have worked in the area, it is there where foreign men come to find young male sex workers called rent boys.

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