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Zagreb City Info

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb has a city population of over 790,000. The city is situated in the southern area of the mountain of Medvednica on the northwest side of Croatia.

The first written history of the city can be traced back to 1094 when a district called Kaptol was established. In the year 1242, a settlement called Gradec was organized on the neighboring hill and was declared a free city. These two medieval settlements grew into what is now known as the city of Zagreb. The well-preserved remains of the old settlements can still be seen today through the high walls that surrounded each of the settlements.

Zagreb has a reputation of being one large city which managed to remain a safe place to stroll around, take a dose of caffeine in its random cafes, pop into museums, and explore its own culture, the things that make the city deserving of the title, quality capital city. Whether you are into the arts, music, or up for some amazing gastronomic experience, Zagreb will never fail you since it is a city that is rich in culture, architectural places, and a place with great dining choices.

Zagreb Red Light District

Presently, there is no red light district in Zagreb, but the former RDL has an interesting history.

History of the RLD

During the 9th century, Zagreb was quite popular, especially for those who sought intimate partners. Some of the women who were involved in such arrangements were from the high ranking society which gained the city quite a reputation back in the day. Foreign soldiers sought for the services of these women, which were classified as entertainment.

The border between Kaptol and Gradec used to be full of pubs. This area was called Tkalčićeva and served as the RDL. During the period from 1899 to 1941, every house on Tkalčićeva Street was practically a brothel or also known as a whorehouse. For businessmen to open their own brothels, they had to obtain a license to operate in order to maintain the quality of the services that they provide to the clients. These registered establishments were known for their private satisfying services. Being centrally located in the city, these establishments were required to add the following: all windows had to have opaque glasses and doors had to have red lanterns attached to them.

Tkalčićeva Street is now one of the most visited attractions in the city. A trendy destination to meet-ups, the liveliness of this street can be felt until late in the evening. The street is brimming with numerous cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, with regular outdoor events that fill the streets with people looking to have a good time.

Safety Information 

Just like most of the European country capitals, Zagreb is safe, but like anywhere else, dark alleys and city parks should be avoided during night time. The good news is that the odds of running into trouble in Croatia’s capital are fairly low, especially in the city center where most of the hotels and restaurants are located. You may encounter some beggars along the way who aren’t considered threats. Just ignore them, and you’ll be fine. Tourists are generally respected and it doesn’t take long to realize that Zagreb is way safer than the majority of other European capitals. 

Be sure to avoid Park Ribniak during night time. Although safe during the day, the park has recently become a meeting place for violent young people. Additionally, avoid any clubs that play music known as “Turbo-folk” as violence often erupts in these clubs. Lastly, if you feel the need to go to a strip club in Zagreb, you need to be careful as these strip clubs are often run by shady people who tend to overcharge their customers. Refrain from arguing with these people as it might escalate and turn violent. You may also want to steer clear of any suspicious groups on the streets for these people can be easily provoked to violent fights. 

Another thing to be mindful for, are the scammers who can be seen on Zagreb’s streets. Be wary of these people’s tactics, especially inside the clubs. This is the reason why you should always find a legit and safe club to go to. Once you notice the red flags, do not hesitate to leave the place to avoid falling into their traps.

Zagreb Adult Entertainment

Zagreb offers a variety of vibrant and vivacious places to party and relax. Whatever sort of adult entertainment that you desire, you’ll surely find it in this city for it offers a wide array of options for you to explore. Some of the stimulating entertainment you can expect in the Croatian capital include strip clubs, street prostitutes, escort services and agencies, swinger clubs, and erotic massage parlours that people will surely revisit.

Escort Services and Agencies 

Zagreb has many Escorts Agencies to choose from, and the best way to find a quality girl is to go on one of the Agencies websites. The names of some of the most reputable agencies are: Croatia Escort, Zagreb Escort, Croatia Glamour Escort, and Croatia Photo Models. 

Another way to find girls offering escort services is by looking in the local newspaper under section ‘osobni kontakti’ (personal contacts) and ‘opustajuce masaze’ (personal massage). There you can find personal contacts of numerous women offering service for a cheaper price than the big name escort agencies. 

Lastly, you can find escorts in the video chat community CamContacts as well as in adult dating sites such as AdultCrowd and Adult FriendFinder. You can get somewhat acquainted with these girls before negotiating prices, and they will also be less expensive on average than going through an Agency.

Massage Parlours

There are a few massage parlors in Croatia’s capital that offer full service erotic massage, one of them being Salon Angie on Vocarska street 11 A.  Another way that you can get a massage that ends happily is to look in the local newspaper. The same way that you can find escorts in the paper, you can find girls offering erotic massages. Again, look into the ‘osobni kontakti’ (personal contacts) section and under ‘opustajuce masaze’ (personal massage). There you can find personal contacts of numerous women offering services for a cheaper price than the massage parlours.

Street Prostitution

If you’re looking to pay for a little love, then you should head to the streets. Go to the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel (Kneza Borne 2) where you can find many working girls hanging around in front of the nearby cinema. Another good area to find street walkers is the between the Botanical Garden (Marka Marulica Square) and the Croatian National Theatre (Maršala Tita Square 15). There you can find some lineups of girls waiting for clients to pick them up. A big word of caution: prostitution is illegal in Zagreb, with large fines to those who are caught. Exercise caution if you choose to engage in this activity.

Zagreb Nightlife

Zagreb has definitely an active and vibrant nightlife, with dance clubs going until four in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays. Cafe-bars are also a very popular destination for residents in the city. These places operate as cafes by day and transform into bars by night. Most people prefer to go to the cafe-bars to get the evening started with something to eat while they have their first drinks. For those who are looking for a relaxing place with good music, there are many live bands that play in bars on the weekdays.

With regards to dance clubs, there really aren’t any bad choices in Zagreb, so it depends on your personal preferences to determine which club you want to take a look into. Croat Techno is considered as one of the best underground clubs, while Maraschino is revered for its unique interior, great music, and funky mood. Some clubs, such as Baobab, have a dress code similar to upscale clubs in Los Angeles or New York, whereas Papaya is a great choice on a hot day because the dance floor is located outside, so guests can enjoy the cool evening breezes while dancing the night away.

Zagreb LGBT

Back in the year 2015, Croatia was ranked 5th in terms of LGBT rights out of the 49 European countries. This ranking was given by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association, and is a significant improvement from the previous year’s ranking of 12th place. However, general attitudes towards gays in Croatia is still not ideal up to this day.

There is no official location for the gay scene except for a few clubs and a couple of saunas. Gay members of the community usually meet in outdoor, public places that do not count as gay areas but are rather gay-friendly areas.

General Attitude towards Gays

Many people in the LGBT community consider social attitudes toward the community in Zagreb as generally negative, but the acceptance of LGBT people has significantly changed within the past couple years. With this development on how people in Zagreb generally see the LGBT community, members of the LGBT community have become more visible and their rights have become of a public importance. A significant change in the media's attitude has also helped in changing general societal attitudes in the city.

Gay Saunas

There is one sauna that stands out from the rest of the saunas available in Zagreb called Sauna Bumerang. This sauna offers great amenities and relaxing atmosphere to meet other like-minded men.

Gay Dance Clubs

Zagreb has a bounty of sex club venues for those in the LBGT community. From the small cruising bar called Denis, which has a few popular overnight parties like the Underwear Party or the Naked Party, to the mingle club HotPot, you’re sure to find something that suits your desires. You can head over to the following clubs to socialize and mingle with other men. Group parties are also organized to your liking every Saturday where you can dance your night away. You sure are to find whatever it is that you are looking for in Zagreb. 

  • Denis Club

    Address: Mrazoviceva 9 St, Zagreb
    Phone: +385 98 9313836 
  • Hotpot Bar

    Address: Petrinjska 31, Zagreb
    Phone: +385 99 258 2511
  • Rush Bar

    Address: Savska cesta 120, Zagreb 
  • Dramatic Club

    Address: Trg Ante Starčevića 7, Zagreb
    Phone: +385 91 902 0718
  • Močvara

    Address: Trnjanski nasip bb, 10000, Zagreb
    Phone: +385 1 6159 667
  • Fanatic Club

    Address: Ribnjak 26, Zagreb 
  • Sirup

    Address: Donje Svetice 40, Zagreb
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