Our charge for the whole day is 60,-€ <br />That allows you to relax as long as you like for this day.<br />If you have to leave the house during the day, perhaps for a <br />buisness-meeting, you can come in once more, without paying<br />the charge again. <br />This ticket is valid from 11 in the morning till 3 o’clock in the night<br />and sometimes longer.<br /><br />*** We provide you with all the stuff you need for your stay. That means towels,<br /> slippers, robes and so on.<br /><br />*** All “non-alcoholics” are for free, aswell as our delicious buffet, which<br /> will be served from 6 pm.<br /><br />*** You can use our wellnes-area, have a look at sports channel fixtures<br /> which are being broadcast on TV, like football, boxing, Formula 1<br /> and so on, in our special TV-room.<br /><br />*** ALL THIS IS INCLUDED INTO THE 60,-€ ADMISSION FEE.***<br /><br />You can make yourself confortable in our areas set aside or at the Sex-cinema,<br />perhaps with our nice beauties.<br /><br />****The Girls charge ist 50,-€ per half an hour and therefor they will offer<br /> you two way oral sex and greatful sex.<br /> Special wishes must you with the woman clarify directly.<br /><br />We hope we could answer all your questions and we will do our very best to make<br />all your wishes come true.<br /><br />We are looking forward to welcome you in our place.<br /><br /><br />Best wishes<br /><br />FKK_VILLA_TEAM<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
30453 Hannover Hannover
Member since 07-13-2006
Last updated 07-01-2015
Number of escorts unknown
Incall / Outcall Incall
Club type Strip club
  •   Bar
  •   Restaurant
  •   Dance area
  •   Private Rooms
  •   Smoking allowed
  •   ATM
  •   Casino
  •   Striptease (private)
  •   Massage
  •   Tantra
  •   BDSM / Fetish
  •   Full adult services
  •   Lapdance
  •   Striptease
  •   hardcore non-erotic
  •   Live music
  •   Disco
  •   Not specified
Day From To
Friday 11h:00m 15h:00m
Monday 11h:00m 15h:00m
Saturday 11h:00m 15h:00m
Sunday 11h:00m 15h:00m
Thursday 11h:00m 15h:00m
Tuesday 11h:00m 15h:00m
Wednesday 11h:00m 15h:00m
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