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Hannover City Info

Hannover is the capital of the Land of Lower Saxony found on the northwest portion of Germany that lies on the Mittlelland Canal. The River Liene crosses the city in the south. It has a population of approximately 500,000, extending 204 kilometres in land area. 

It is known for its cultural and commercial centres that hold the world’s largest marksmen’s gathering called the Hanover Schützenfest. Hannover boasts an extensive number of parks and gardens such as the Eilenriede, and Maschpark, justifying its claim as ‘the city in the country’.

Hannover Red Light District

Hannover does not have an official red light district but it does not prove itself inadequate in terms of the adult entertainment area. Sex activities are existing in various places in Hannover such as the following:

  • Steintor Area
  • Reitwallstrasse
  • Scholvinstrasse,
  • Braunstrasse

How to find the RLD

The line-up of adult- oriented venues and activities are mostly found in the immediate vicinity of Steintor Area, the tram station and a gathering point for most people in the city. Steintor is located in the city centre, a one-stop by the over ground tram from the main city station.

Stay safe in the RLD

In terms of safety, Hannover is more or less safe compared to most cities in the continent. As a matter of fact, theft and other similar cases, are relatively low but it doesn’t mean you should be any less vigilant. It is not wise to explore the crowded areas alone.

Most people advise visitors to gather in big groups for those who want to venture deep into Steintor Area.

Hannover Adult Entertainment

The city has its own share of adult-oriented businesses concentrated in several areas. Window prostitution, street prostitution, strip clubs, brothels, swinger clubs are among the many adult-related options in Hannover. The starting price for a sexual intercourse ranges from 25 to 40 Euros.

Adult Cinemas

  • Joe's Dark & Play Rooms - Odeonstraße 6, 30159 Hannover
  • Sex-Point - Celler Straße 32, 30161 Hannover – Primarily gay sex shop with an attached cinema.

Street Prostitution

Street prostitution hotspots in Hannover are the following:

  • Herschelstrasse
  • Herrenstrasse
  • Brüderstrasse
  • Odeonstrasse
  • Andreaestrasse
  • Rosenstrasse
  • Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse

Going around these is not too much of a hassle since they are either interconnected or near to each other. Girls in Hannover are in high demand so it is advisable to leave your doubts behind and go for it before no girl is left behind to offer you services.

Window Prostitution

The following are areas where window prostitution can be found:

  • Braunstrasse – with approximately 57 indoor windows. Sex cost starts at €30 for 15 minutes 
  • Ludwigstrasse – there are 51 windows in this area. The rate of sexual activities ranges from €30 to €50 for 15 - 20 min 
  • Reitwallstrasse – the price clients pay for sexual encounters usually begin €30 / 15 min

Hannover Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • The Swingers Club Bar Hemmungslos – the establishment usually open 8 in the evening and closes at 1 in the morning except for Friday and Saturday when they extend up to 4 in the morning. Entrance fees for couples is 10 € except on Fridays and Saturdays which is at 15 €. Single males start at 20 € while single female is at 5 € (only allowed during Fri and Sat)

Hannover Nightlife

Hannover’s entertainment nightlife is described as eclectic and vibrant. From the pub scene to dance clubs, the diversity gives people plenty of options to try.

  • Bagii Osho – there is always something for everyone in this discotheque as different genres are being played, from funk to soul, and classics to pop. The party scene in Osho has drawn quite an attention from various places that is has become the site for the international music venue in Hannover. 
  • Palo Palo – be its music or food, Palo has always been associated with quality standards, making it at the top of the list when it comes to the night entertainment scene. Attention-grabbing concepts await customers as party nights are well-crafted especially every Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 
  • Zaza – highlights of this club include its resident DJs whose music ingenuity is what attracts not just the Hanoverians. Zaza also makes the finest food, and cocktails, all of which combined together make epic unforgettable parties. 
  • Café Glocksee – located in Goetheplatz, when you are in the mood for some grunge and techno music, this is the place to go. A live-music party hall, and a club combined, Café Glocksee is the perfect night getaway. 
  • Martinos – take the tram 3,7, or 9 to reach Sedanstrasse/ Listermeile to Martinos, a café, and bar where you can dine and chill.

Hannover LGBT

Hannover is both diverse and subdued. Being a broad-based city, there are well-celebrated gay and lesbian venues around that range from warm and cosy cafes, gay bistros, to the lively discos and party spots.

  • Café Konrad – there are events specifically caters to the LGBT community, located in Bonehauerstraße 34 
  • Martinos Gay Café – a favourite intimate gay lounge situated in the Oststadt centre. It opens late even on weeknights
  • The Schwule Sau – a space that is more than just a nightclub for the LGBT, hosts special events every month 
  • Bar Romantis – bar and lounge area located near the central rail station that serves as a meeting venue for the LGBT

General Attitude Towards Gays

The city has pride itself that creates a diverse environment and that promotes the openness and acceptance among different lifestyles. The city has set its goal in going against the exclusion of homosexual activities and recognizing their lifestyle.

Gay Prostitution in Hannover

There are online gay listings that may be of help when looking for gay prostitutes as it may be a bit of a challenge looking elsewhere in Hannover.

Transsexual prostitutes

Looking for some transsexual dating can be difficult but interested individuals may try finding a transsexual prostitute in the red light district. The average cost of sexual service ranges from 30 – 50 Euros. For a more convenient option, it is best to log in to a dating site that specifically caters to this type. Make use of the website features like the live chat.

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