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Shanghai City Info

Shanghai is strategically positioned in the middle of China’s east coastline and the eastern tip of the river of Yangtze. Despite not being the capital of China, it boasts as the city with the largest population in the country. With over 24 million people living in an area of 6,340.5 square kilometers, it lands on the sixth spot as the largest city in the world. It is known as the center of China’s commercial and financial industry, not to mention a popular destination for travelers around the globe. 

With its favorable location, the city was forced to open to the foreign trade after the British victory over China in the First Opium War. Shanghai flourished as a center of trade between the West and East and was the financial hub of the Asia Pacific. In 1949, the Communist Party takeover limited trade to socialist countries, and the city’s commerce declined. The recent economic reforms in the 1990s aided the return of foreign investment and finance to the city, making Shanghai a giant major shipping and trading city today.

Shanghai Red Light District

Shanghai’s Fuzhou Road Red Light District was once Asia’s most infamous RLD. But, in 1949, the Chinese government made attempts on banning prostitution to shut down the trade going all around Shanghai. However, there are now an estimated 21 RLDs in the central districts of Shanghai alone. Establishments in these areas are disguised as hair and massage parlours but these businesses actually cater to clients who want to explore the wild side of the city. Narrowing down the staggering list of Red Light Districts to a list of ten, the RLDs in Shanghai include: 

  • Chaojiadu
  • Jingan District
  • Hanghua regional
  • Meilong
  • Fengzhuang Road
  • West Pearl "Rainbow Bridge”
  • Xianan Road
  • “New Railroad Station”
  • Beixinjing
  • East Baoxing Road

Chaojiadu is known to be a special RLD in Shanghai for it is the sole red light district granted to operate by the government. Most girls found in this district come from China.

: Chaojiadu, Changshou Road, Wuning Road South 

Jingan District
Jingan is where the upmarket entertainment businesses and the cheapest establishments meet. It is just up to clients to decide which brothel to go to amidst the chain of brothels found in this district.

Address: Jingan district (静安区)
Price of Services: 200-1000 rmb 

Hanghua Regional
This Red light district has seen rapid expansion in the recent years and has been continually on the rise as an entertainment district. With brothels popping on every corner and an increase in working girls at night, this RLD is becoming increasingly popular.

Address: Hanghua village (航华新村) area
Price of Services: 120-400 rmb 

The coverage of this RDL is so massive that it almost entirely covers the south-western side of Shanghai. Xinzhuang and Minhang have been recently integrated into this RDL, making it colossal.

Address: Most of the Meilong(梅陇) area. along with Xinzhuang (莘庄), and Minhang (闵行)
Price of Services: 100-700 rmb 

Fengzhuang Road
Prostitution in this RDL has only been recently developed. The major reason for such development has something to do with its strategic location. This district is becoming a hip location as well.

Address: Fengzhuang Road (丰庄路) in the west of Shanghai
Price of Services: 150-400 rmb 

West Pearl "Rainbow Bridge”
This district is a bit special due to its long history in Shanghai, but with more attractive RLDs appearing, it is having a hard time competing. Nevertheless, it is still a unique and special area that is worth a visit.

Address: Hongqiao area (虹桥地区), and Shuicheng Road (水城路)
Price of Services: 150-1500 rmb 

Xianan Road
Xianan Road became the most famous red light district of Pudong due to its service’ low cost.

Address: Xianan Road (下南路) in Pudong district
Price of Services: 50-100 rmb 

New Railroad Station
As one of the older standing RLDs in Shanghai, it has proven to be a place worth going to with its consistent track record. There is even a stretch of street where almost every store offers sexual services.

Address: Around the new railroad station, such as Zhongxing Road (中兴路), Zhonghua new Road (中华新路), Datong Road (大统路), Hutai Road (沪太路) and Hengfeng Road (恒丰北路).
Price of Services: 150-300 rmb 

With large-scale urban infrastructure destruction dampening the industry for the past year, this red light district has started to rebuild new shops, most of which have recently reopened. This area is slowly on its way to a comeback.

Address: Beixinjing (北新泾) area
Price of Services: 50-300 rmb

East Baoxing Road
Since 2006, this RDL has been on a steady decline. Many shops have closed and people fear that this RDL will cease to exist years from now.

Address: East Baoxing Road (东宝兴路) area
Price of Services: 50-350 rmb 

History of the RLD

Long ago in Shanghai, chains of brothels were just as legal and pervasive as the shrines in the city. Neighborhoods back then were a mixture of business establishments which also cater to paid entertainment, prostitution. Fuzhou Road, the original location of Shanghai’s Red Light District, was lined with brothels, with over 20,000 Girls wearing seductive outfits who would lure men inside for a few hours of hedonistic pleasure. 

In 1949, there was a report that stated there were more than 20,000 prostitutes working in more than 400 brothels, but today these brothels are long gone. Shanghai’s former Red Light District is now considered the city's cultural center. 

Safety Information

Shanghai is surprisingly safe for such a massive city, but there are still some things that one needs to be careful of that are worth mentioning. There’s a good reason why KTV bars that are deserted must be avoided. Another thing to avoid is following someone that says they have pretty girls for you at a certain location. You might get way overcharged for anything they offer, and then muscled into paying. Lastly, as all big cities, be aware of the surroundings and keep a low profile.

Shanghai Adult Entertainment

Due to prostitution and strip clubs being illegal, Shanghai doesn’t have the conventional form of Adult entertainment. You must go to places disguised at karaoke bars to find what you desire. Still, the city offers a variety of vibrant and vivacious places to party and relax. Some of the stimulating entertainment you can expect in Shanghai are hidden strip clubs, street prostitutes, escort services and agencies, and discrete brothels and sex clubs.

Escort Services and Agencies

The list of escort services in Shanghai is practically endless. There is an impressive amount of agencies to choose from, which cater to every taste, every desire, and every fantasy down to the smallest detail. A simple web search will provide you with the contact information for all the agencies.

Street Prostitution

The market for prostitution is Shanghai is enormous, and there is plenty of supply to fill the demand. To find girls on the street who will exchange a little love for some money, go to Nanjing and Fuzhou Roads and walk around. You’ll find many ladies that will offer you “massages” with obvious sexual intentions. Additionally, you can walk around any of the listed Red Light Districts to find many girls walking on the streets.

Shanghai Clubs and Brothels

Even though prostitution, and therefore brothels, are illegal, they are still very prevalent. You can easily locate brothels by the very conspicuous massive window, lit with a neon pink light with a scantily dressed woman sitting inside. Many KTVs, as mentioned above, function as brothels as well.

Strip Clubs

While strip clubs are not popular in Shanghai, karaoke bars like the ubiquitous KTVs, fill the void. There are two types of KTVs; the first type is strictly a karaoke bar, while the second is a karaoke bar that operates in similar ways to a strip club. It extremely easy to determine which one you’re in based on whether or not there are scantily dressed young and attractive girls. The latter type of KTV allows you to hire girls to dance with you and many have extra options that can be made between the girls and customers.

Shanghai Nightlife

As the world’s fastest-growing city, Shanghai has a world renown nightlife scene. There are so many options in China’s largest city, that it is difficult to know where to begin. From clubbing on The Bund, to sipping on a cocktail in the quieter French Concession, Shanghai has something for everyone. Here are a few of the most popular areas and activities to enjoy in Shanghai: 

  • The Bund
    This is always the first response when you ask anyone where to go clubbing in Shanghai. Right on the water, The Bund has an exceptional and picturesque view of Shanghai’s skyline. Beautifully lit up at night, The Bund is a must for anyone wanting to experience Shanghai’s nightlife. 
  • Dance Clubs
    Shanghai boasts some of the most elaborate and energetic dance clubs in China. Relying heavily on DJ’s, the clubs often import world renown artists to perform on the weekends. 
  • Mao Ming Road
    Another great nightlife area is Mao Ming Road. This street is loaded with bars and is very popular with foreign tourists. 
  • Xin Tian Di
    If shopping is what interests you, Xin Tian Di is the place to go. Here you can find international galleries, themed restaurants, fashion shops, cafes, and bars.

Shanghai LGBT

Although people in the LGBT individuals face some legal challenges with marriage and adoption, there is no shortage of entertainment for the gay community. From dance clubs to saunas for gays, there’s plenty to do in the vibrant city of Shanghai.

General Attitude towards Gays

Most gays in cosmopolitan cities like Shanghai live anonymous lives and blend into society. Gays tend to not broadcast their sexuality and because of this, there is a little prejudice against them in the workplace, as they are for the most part invisible. Even if an employer or colleague learned about the sexual orientation of their coworker, their attitude would most likely be one of indifference. There is no gay bashing and gays tend to live normal lives without experience much prejudice.

Location of Shanghai’s Gay Scene

The city’s gay scene is mostly concentrated in the charming French Concession. Located west of the historic Old City and south of the Jingan neighborhood, the French Concession has three popular nightspots for those in the gay scene: Eddy’s, Shanghai Studio, and Transit Lounge. These three locations make up the so-called “Gay Triangle”.

Saunas and Massages for Gays 

If you’re looking for a great place to sweat, Shanghai has you covered. With a vast amount of saunas and massage parlors for gay, you’re sure to have a fun and relaxing time with like-minded men. We narrowed to list down to a handful of the best saunas and spas in the city: 

  • Ding Lin Men’s Club
    The largest gay sauna in Shanghai is Ding Lin Men’s Club. The club is a private members club, so you’ll need to fill out a membership form in order to enter. The club offers private relaxation cabins for an additional fee and attracts both local and tourists of all ages.

    Features: Dry sauna, steam room, lockers, TV lounge area, gym, private cabins
    Address: 50 Huiwen Road, Zhabei District 会文路50号, Shanghai 
  • Studio 2006
    This sauna has a bar/cafe that serves drinks and tends to attract Asians who prefer other Asians. Both locals and tourists can be found relaxing and mingling in this premier gay sauna.

    Features: Bar, cafe, steam room, sauna, relaxing cabins, dark room, gym
    Address: 2006 Huaihai Middle Road, Changning District        
  • Niel Massage
    This exclusively male massage parlor offers professional massage services by health-certified masseurs and 24-hour out-call services is available.

    Address: 891 Fahuazhen Road (near Yan'An West Road), Changning District
    Features: Massage        
  • Huli Men’s Club
    The atmosphere of this club is very nice, clean and comfortable and massage therapists offer body to body massages as well as body scrubs.

    Features: Steam room, massage, dark room
    Address: 415 Baotong Road, Shanghai 
  • Hero Man Spa
    The spa’s handsome staff offer a range of professional services such as health-focused massages, aromatherapy, oil massages, body-to-body and other spa treatments. 24-hour out-call is available.

    Features: VIP rooms, showers, spa facilities with water beds and wood jacuzzis
    Address: 11 Meiling Branch Road, Putuo 

Dance Clubs for Gays

Due to the laid-back mentality of the Chinese toward the gay community, it’s not surprising that the gay club scene is so vibrant in Shanghai. As one of China’s leading cities for LGBT nightlife, Shanghai provides a plethora of internationally ranked clubs the cater to the gay community. Here is a short list of some of the best Shanghai has to offer: 

  • iCON
    iCON club boasts itself as the largest gay dance venue in Asia, with their Angel parties being the most popular gay dance party in Shanghai. With international guest DJ’s, state-of-the-art light and sound system, and muscular dancers, this club will never disappoint.

    Address: Shanghai Stadium - access by Gate 7 on Lingling Road (near Xietu Road), Xuhui District 上海市 徐汇区 八万人体育场 零陵路7号门进, 近斜土路, Shanghai 
  • Lucca
    This get-together hotspot on the weeknights turns into a popular dance club on the weekends. Lucca provides live DJ’s and regular themed events to keep guests dancing all night.

    Address: 390 Panyu Road (near Fahuazhen Road), Changning District 中国上海市长宁区番禺路390号, Shanghai
  • Lai Lai Dancehall
    One of Shanghai’s gems, this dance hall has a much sweeter and more tender vibe. Many locals come here to dance to Chinese pop songs from an earlier time, played by a live band.

    Address: 235 Anguo Lu Hongkou 
  • D2
    One of the hotspots for the gay scene is a club called D2. This trendy gay disco brings in top international DJs to host all-night revelry and circuit-style parties.

    Address: 505 Zhong Shan Road
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