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Innsbruck City Info

Located in the broad valley, Innsbruck is the capital city of the state of Tyrol. Considered as the fifth largest city in Austria, this city houses 120,000 residents. 

Apart from being an internationally renowned winter sports center, it also houses the largest ski resort in the area where various winter sports events are held. In fact, the city hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics; as well as the 1984 and 1988 Winter Paralympics. And during warmer months, hiking and mountaineering are what draw tourists to visit the city.

Innsbruck Red Light District

There is no known red light district in Innsbruck like most Austrian cities. Depending on the type of adult entertainment you are in for, you can find girls in hotels, sex shops, strip and dance clubs scattered around the city.

Innsbruck also has a nightlife mile called "Bogenmeile" which is situated along the Ing.-Etzel-Strasse located east of downtown where one can find some adult entertainment shops.

Stay Safe in the RLD 

Unlike other European cities, Innsbruck is a very safe city in general. Violent crimes are seldom seen in this city. There is just a bit of a problem with theft on seasons where tourists abound as pickpockets execute their ploy in busy areas such as train stations and other tourist destinations. Standard precautions should be followed regarding one’s personal belongings.

At night, any visitor would feel very safe as authorities perform an excellent job in patrolling the streets and keeping them well-lit and safe to the public. Usually, there are foot police hanging around restaurants and bars to assist whenever trouble comes.

Innsbruck Adult Entertainment

Although there is no known red light district in the whole of Austria, there are quite a number of foreign sex workers who are registered prostitutes in the state of Tyrol. 

Free Body Culture is popular in this city which embraces the joy of nature and nudity. There are sex shops, swinger clubs, peep shows, and Kontaktbars (a place where prostitutes often hang out hoping to pick up customers) found in the city. Innsbruck may not be the best town for pay for sex but there are a few good choices.

Street Prostitution 

Wandering the city streets at night would not cause you to worry as the city of Innsbruck is generally safe. There are street prostitutes who wait at the Bachlechner road-Mitterweg intersection for customers.

Innsbruck Nightlife

  • Cafe Bar Moustache – located at Herzog-Otto-Straße 8 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, this café is one of the most popular bars in the Old Town Square, and a place to enjoy homemade falafel, muffins, soups, and cakes along with a variety of beers and cocktails.

  • Treibhaus – located at Angerzellgasse 8, Treibhaus is a perfect place to enjoy dining and dancing but don't forget to taste the great snacks served at the performing arts centre.

  • Café Club Filou – located at Stiftgasse 12, this renowned late night dance club is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife of Innsbruck. There is a large dance floor and a jumping spot surrounded by balconies.

  • Kavanagh's Irish Pub – located at Kaiserjägerstraße 4, Kavanagh's Irish Pub has got a cool and lively atmosphere. The pub hosts a Pub Quiz every Tuesday, Student's night every Wednesday and live music nights on Thursdays.

  • Limerick Bill's Irish Pub – located at Maria-Theresien-Straße 9, Limerick Bill's Irish Pub is a wonderful place to have fun and relax. For live concerts, there is a small cellar inside. The place is fully-furnished with heavy use of dark wood. The pub has got a huge selection of beers.

  • Prometheus Keller - is the oldest dance club in Innsbruck, located next to Innsbruck's most popular sight "Goldenes Dachl". It is divided into a café, where you can eat (toasts) and drink cold and warm drinks, the other part is the Prometheus - Keller [cellar], the town's oldest dance - floor & bar.

Innsbruck LGBT

The gay and lesbian scene in Innsbruck is not that vast. However, the LGBT community agree that the bars and dance clubs that cater to them are bigger, more fun and a lot more spontaneous in Vienna and Germany. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

With the Alps view, the LGBT members who are into nature will definitely love Innsbruck.  No wonder LGBT visitors from around the world who visit the city would find a way of coming back as not only do they feel welcomed in the city, they also enjoy the laidback day life and the fun night life of the city. 

Gay Prostitution in Innsbruck

Finding gay prostitutes in the city can be a bit difficult. For better search results, it is advisable to find and transact online.

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