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Kyiv City Info

Kyiv, also known as Kiev, the largest and the capital city of Ukraine is bisected by the Dnieper River. Currently, it has a population of 2,847,200 inhabitants as of 2013 and a land area of 839 km2. With its current numbers, it is considered as the 7th most populous city in Europe. 

Apart from its population, this city is famous for its historical arts and architecture which include the 11th century mosaics and frescoes of the Cathedral of St. Sophia, the monasteries and cathedrals of Kiev- Pechersk Lavra, the Golden Gate of Kiev, the Ukrainian Baroque Church of St. Andrew, the 19th-century Cathedral of St. Vladimir, and many more.

Kyiv Red Light District

There is no specific red light district in Kyiv because depending on what type of entertainment you are in for, you can find girls in hotels, strip, and dance clubs, as well as in massage parlours scattered around the city. Sometimes, you can find these ladies in large roads and city streets in the centre, making this city one-huge RLD. 

Stay Safe in the RLD

Since there is no specific red light district in the city, it is important to tackle how to stay safe in the city, in general. 

Like most European cities, Kyiv is generally a friendly city and an open one, especially to tourists. The city is alive until around 11 pm. And if you are a female and are travelling alone, there are a couple of things you should remember: 

  • When travelling past 9 pm, it is safer to take the taxi since by this time the metro and “marshrutky” could be crowded with drunk men, especially on weekends. It would also be safer to ask a local, one who knows how to speak English to call a taxi cab for you and let him or her negotiate on the fare in advance as drivers take advantage of tourists. 
  • It is important to take extra precaution on suspicious-looking people and avoid eye contact as robberies and scams on tourists are quite common in this city. When this happens, you could tell the person that you are on your way to the embassy or the nearest police station to scare the person off.

  • Be careful with your baggage, it is better to leave your belongings with the guys in person rather than use a locker. Since highly organized pickpockets are famous in Kyiv, make sure your belongings most especially gadgets and wallets are placed as close to your skin as possible. 
  • There are thieves who take advantage of new tourists, they act like cops and deceive you and get your things without you noticing. Be vigilant at all times.

Kyiv Adult Entertainment

The city of Kyiv has a high demand for adult entertainment. Kyiv has a wide variety of sources of adult entertainment such as strip and dance clubs offering stripteases, erotic shows, pole dancing and private dancing, bars, massage parlours and more.

Street Prostitution

Wandering the city at night is not that lonely when you know exactly where to find the ladies that would satisfy your desires. Left Bank, Victory Square, Kreshatic area, and Mandarin Plaza are a few of the areas in the city where you can find street prostitutes. 

When you drive out of town, you are more likely to see sex workers after 10 pm. Also, if you want to find more street hookers, you can drive towards Zhytomir on E40, 5 km out of Kiev or to the village of “Ukrainka” just outside Kyiv.

Kyiv Nightlife

Apart from the adult entertainment that this city offers, they also have several sources of non-adult entertainment such as dance clubs, old pubs, restaurants, discos, and casinos. Nightlife in Kyiv is mostly concentrated in Khreschatyk and Independence Square. 

  • Arena – this entertainment center has a night club, restaurant, casino, sushi bar, game zone, sports bar and a brewery. If you are into dancing, this place could be just for you as they have a great dance floor and talented DJs.

  • Avalon – this famous nightclub has some good restaurants inside so you’ll never go hungry while clubbing.

  • Salminsky Night Club – situated in an accessible place, this new nightclub showcases electro and house music. Other nightclubs include Art Club "44", Kitsch club, Heaven, Bar Sky, Shooters Club, Maximum and PaTipa Club.

Another popular activity enjoyed by night goers is the high street bar crawl where you start off with one of the famous pubs drinking beer; then your guide will lead you to other pubs, night clubs, and cocktail bars.

Some of the famous disco clubs in Kyiv are:

  • Freedom disco – this ultra-modern discotheque is where you can find a strip club, several VIP rooms, and a casino.
  • Cabaret and Millennium clubs are the famous strip clubs in Kyiv.
  • River Palace is a place where you can find a restaurant, disco, and casino.
  • Baraban – if you are into live music and just waiting to chill the night away with good drinks and food.
  • Safe lounge bar- a place where you can entertain yourself with DJ music.


Transgenderism which is closely associated with homosexuality is prohibited in Kyiv. However, in 1996, the national government allowed (under medical approval) gender reassignment surgery and new personal identification for these people. 

The law of the city is only concerned with same-sex prostitution especially when it involves minors (those under the age of legal consent), non-voluntary behaviour, or public conduct that is in violation of public decency standards. 

On November 12, 2015, the Ukrainian parliament passed an anti-discrimination law which bans sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination at work. The law which was passed on November 21, 2015, was an EU requirement for Ukraine to be able to acquire the visa-free travel to the Schengen area. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

Being a gay in Kyiv is not really much of a problem as the public’s attitude towards the LGBT community is fine. In fact, gays who live in Kyiv are actually comfortable to be in the place especially that there are enough resources and that organizations and support groups are there to tackle issues and to raise awareness to the gay community. 

Most of the gay community can be found in Hydropark and Khreshchatyk. The area in Hydropark become extremely jam-packed during the summer. Most gays flock to these said cruising places after their work shifts. 

Gay Prostitution in Kyiv

There are listings available online on gay prostitutes as well as transsexual prostitutes.

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