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Montreux City Info

Located on the shoreline of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps, Montreux is a municipality of the Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut district in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. As of December 2016, the municipality has a population of 26,629 inhabitants and has an area of 33.4 square kilometres.  Even before Montreux became a tourist destination, in the 19th century, writers, musicians, and artists visit the place because of its picturesque lakeside resort. Since then, locals and tourists spend most of their time just hanging around the place and enjoying the scenery. Some of the popular tourist destinations include Château de Chillon - a historic castle and Switzerland's most visited place, Marmots' Paradise, Casino Barrière de Montreux, and Queen Studio Experience.

Montreux Red Light District

There is no specific red light district in this city due to existing laws on prostitution. Although Montreux does not have a red light district, you can find adult clubs in Montreux some of which include Riviera Vape Club and a few massage parlours that offer extra sexual service. One notable strip club is: 

  • Cabaret Hungaria – located at Avenue Nestle 19 Montreux Switzerland, this strip club is open from 10 pm to 5 am from Mondays to Saturdays. This hostess club features dancers with mixed ethnicity.

Montreux Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment in Montreux is not that popular due to existing laws on pimping. Since pimping in the place is illegal, most of the prostitutes who work here operate in massage parlours, small studios, and through mobile phones. A few of the massage parlours that offer extra service include Girls Company Montreux, Massage Montreux, and Au Paradis.

In Montreux, brothels are called cathouses, establishments, or a disorderly house. However, due to legal or cultural reasons, some establishments are disguised as nightclubs, bars, massage parlours or strip clubs. Brothels offer a variety of services and some prostitutes may have a contract with the brothel and some might work independently, but in most cases, the prostitute will pay a fee for the use of brothel facilities and take care of all financial transactions between her and the clients.

Montreux Nightlife

Although there aren’t quite a lot of night-time activities in Montreux, there are a few festivals to join and places to seek for that epic night adventure. 

  • Montreux Jazz Festival – formerly called Festival de Jazz Montreux and Festival International de Jazz Montreux, is an annual Jazz festival held in the city. Today, the festival lasts for about two weeks and attracts an audience of more than 200,000 people.

  • Montreux Comedy Festival – founded in 1989 by Gregory Furrer and Alain Macaluso, this festival of humour takes place every year during early December.

  • Casino de Montreux – located at the center of the city, this place houses hundreds of slot machines and some roulette. And if you are not fond of gambling, you could seek refuge to the disco inside the building as it is open until the early morning hours.

  • Harry’s New York Bar – classifies itself from the rest of its sister companies through its sophistication and lavish décor. Managed by Le Montreux Palace, Harry’s appeals to visitors with excellent dining and an assortment of drink offerings, all in a fairly low-key ambiance.

  • Caesar’s – is a decent lakeside establishment for dance and music.

  • Pussycat Club – offers a weird combination of live DJ’s and sushi that promises to entertain all subspecies of a night owl.

Montreux LGBT

Members of the LGBT community in Switzerland are quite lucky as the rights of individuals here are given a high priority. Also, since privacy is considered a fundamental asset, relationships of the same sex are not much of an issue with the people here. However, city and countryside views vary especially of talks about LGBT rights. Generally, the public is tolerant of members of the LGBT community that’s why violence or discrimination towards them is close to non-existent.

Same-sex sexual acts of consenting adults have been legal since 1942. Same-sex marriage has not yet been deemed legal, however, there have been movements to legalise since the majority of the people are supportive of such movement.

There is a lively LGBT community with an extensive sort of gay and lesbian subculture in the chief cities of Bern, Zurich, and Geneva, as well as in the district centres of Lausanne, Basel, and Lucerne.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Switzerland, known for its standpoint in neutrality in its dealings with other nations, also has an affirmative attitude towards members of the LGBT community. In fact, in Switzerland, problems of discrimination and violence is close to non-existent as compared to other European nations.

Gay Prostitution in Montreux

There are listings existing online wherein the information of gay and transsexual prostitutes or shemales are posted.

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