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Johannesburg City Info

Johannesburg, also recognised as Jo'burg is in Highveld, the eastern highland section of South Africa. It is the capital of the province of Gauteng, 1,645 square kilometres in land area with a population 4.4 million as of 2016.  

It is the centre of a large-scale gold trade, making it an Alpha in the ranking of global cities, making it the only mega city on the African continent. Apart from being globally known as the leader in gold production, there’s a lot to see in Johannesburg such as the biggest human-made forest with over 10 million trees.

Johannesburg Red Light District

The centre of adult entertainment in Johannesburg is the Hillbrow area, the unofficial RLD in the city. It is an inner residential neighbourhood, notorious for extreme levels of crime such as hijackings and murder. While many people deem this place as the crime capital, others see Hillbrow differently as they perceive it as a place where various ethnic communities meet and co-exist with each other.

History of the RLD 

The neighbourhood of Hillbrow used to be an all-white people zone until various ethnicities have dominated to reside in the area. The highly multicultural environment may have contributed to the growth of the first gay community in South Africa. It was this vibrant hub filled with bookshops and surrounding cafes. Unfortunately, due to the uncontrolled growing population, unemployment and poverty came into effect. 

Today, Hillbrow doesn’t have the kind of appeal that it had during the 1990s anymore. Instead, there’s a budding sex industry in the neighbourhood.

How to find the RLD

Hillbrow is a big residential neighbourhood overlooking the city centre. Landmarks that could help in locating the area are the Constitution Hill, Hillbrow Tower, and the most striking one, Ponte City.

Stay safe in the RLD 

The area has a bad reputation for being the centre of crime. If you plan to walk the streets of Hillbrow, you might want to empty your pockets and stay on the main roads in order to avoid being victims of theft and burglary. But the government has made efforts to solve the problem by putting police and emergency workers to deal with the danger and violence. The city is gradually stripping away the bad name associated with this once lovely residential place.

Johannesburg Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment services in Johannesburg are very affordable, if not the cheapest compared to other cities. Magoshas, or prostitutes are visible in nooks and crannies, especially in Hillbrow. Escorts can also be booked through a phone call or by communicating online. The sex trade usually operates in hotels, brothels, and on the streets. There are strips clubs, adult cinemas, and swinger clubs present in the area, practically the typical adult venues where the adult kind of fun takes place.

Adult Cinemas 

  • Adult World – this very maintained establishment is not just your ordinary adult cinema as it also features a video arcade and an adult shop. Adult World caters to everyone as they have both gay and straight movies.

Street Prostitution 

  • Along Nugget and President St.- rates of street workers in the area can be as low as R30. They usually take clients to tiny cubicles nearby where the rest of the paid sexual acts follow. 
  • Kempton Park- the trade comes alive around 7 in the evening till the break of day. Rates of Magoshas in Kempton Park usually start at R50. This spot is perfect for clients who are into short-time deals. 
  • Krugersdorp- business is open 24/7 along Luipaard St. as street prostitutes work nonstop awaiting clients. Rates start at R50. 
  • Springs- Magoshas can be spotted on the corner of 1st St, and 6th Ave, 2nd and all the way to the 12th St. 
  • Along Durban St. between Mooi St. and End St. – high-class prostitutes can be spotted around this vicinity. Quality of services comes with higher rates.

Johannesburg Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs 

  • Pharaohs Fantasy Club – a swinger club intended for liberated individuals located in Midrand, Johannesburg. 
  • Swingers Safari – another swinger club enticing open-minded adults who are into the not so typical sexual adventures.

Johannesburg Nightlife

The Johannesburg nightlife is a lively and vibrant one. The city has a lot to offer from pubs to lounges and clubs, catering to every demographic. 

  • Kippies – perfect for those Jazz music lovers located in the Market Theatre Complex in Bree St. The best days to go are from Thursday to Saturday. 
  • Katzy’s – this place’s ambiance will definitely remind you of a classic New York City jazz club. You have to visit the place if you are in for some mellow jazz music. 
  • Roxy’s Rhythm Bar – easily the favourite hangout place of the youth as it showcases 3 dance floors where they play different music genres. You can find this bar along 20 Main Road in Melville. 
  • Radium Beer Hall – one of the first bars to open in Johannesburg that appeals to the mass for its tasty food and cocktails. 
  • Bassline – if you want to listen to some tunes from a live band, this is the place to go to. Bassline is one respected live music venue that usually hosts jazz concerts in the city. 
  • Orbit – another spot famous for the jazz clubs where young talents meet and share their passion. 
  • Cantina Tequila – set on the corner of Jan Smuts & Wells St., this venue gives the ultimate night out party, people have been raving about. 

The classy picks are as follows: Rosebank, Orange Grove, Norwood, and Rivonia.  

Johannesburg LGBT

There aren’t that many venues in Johannesburg that cater to gay people. Among the few places that have gay-friendly establishments are Rosebank, Parkhurst, and Melville. The following are some of the entertainment hubs that have a gay and lesbian scene in Johannesburg. 

  • Ratz – a lively bar recognized for a being gay-friendly. Also famous for its great selection of food and 70s music. 
  • Beefcakes – located in Illovo, drop by this place if you feel like watching drag shows and camp cabarets. 
  • Liquid Blue Cocktail Bar – hang out with some gay friends in this impressive cocktail bar offering delicious dishes and drinks. 
  • Amuse Café – not officially a gay bar, this place is the perfect spot to hold private functions.

General Attitude Towards Gays 

The government of South Africa has shown an unparalleled obligation to uphold the rights of the LGBT community. Despite this, negative attitudes towards the gay and lesbian still exist. They still face hostility and harsh judgment from the public, which is very reflective of the government’s failure to effectively enforce the anti-discrimination law that aims to protect the welfare of the gay, lesbians, and transgender.

Gay Prostitution and Transsexual prostitutes in Johannesburg 

There is little info on gay prostitution in Johannesburg but you may try your luck by searching online as most services are now advertised on the web.

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