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Glasgow City Info

Near the River Clyde at the west end of Scotland’s central belt is where the city of Glasgow can be found. Stretching to about 177 square kilometres, it has an approximate number of 600,000 inhabitants.

It started as an industrial powerhouse which focused its early trade on brewing, fishing, and agricultural products. It also became a leader in the international tobacco trade. Despite being hit severely during the Great Depression, it slowly regained its position starting in the 80’s. It is now a world-acclaimed tourist destination.

Glasgow Red Light District

The area around Blythswood Square – the now defunct red light district in Glasgow. What used to be an area where there is a concentration of prostitution has since been torn down and now used as a lunch area by nearby employees, although there are those who say that a few street prostitutes still continue doing their business around the area at night.

Calton – universally known as The Calton by Glaswegians situated just to the east of the city centre known as the main venue for prostitution.

History of the RLD

Blythswood Square – It was first intended as a square of luxurious houses which later turned into offices and clubs during the 1920s. Its surrounding areas also fast became the focal point of prostitution. It has now been renovated and modernised to a refined eco-friendly hotel. Its redevelopment caused the sex workers to move to a “controlled area” a few blocks away, though there are still a few who have remained nearby the Blythswood Square.

Calton – became notorious for drugs specifically heroin sometime between the 80s and 90s. The area also quickly became a central area for street prostitution.

How to find the RLD

Blythswood Square is located in the Blythswood Hill, extending from the western part of Buchanan Street to River Kelvin while Calton can be accessed just to the east of the city centre particularly near the “Barras”.

Stay safe in the RLD

It is common knowledge that most major cities have their own share of bad areas that people should be cautious about and Glasgow is no exception to this. Thus, it is advisable to be vigilant when going around the city particularly at night. Basic safety measures are very important. There are selected areas in the northern and eastern suburbs that pose danger due to drug-related gangs. But this shouldn’t be of so much concern for they are quite from a distance to the centre. Secure belongings in order not to be victimised by muggers and pickpockets.

Glasgow Adult Entertainment

There are ample of erotic entertainment choices in Glasgow. There’s more to the line of strip clubs as there are venues for street prostitution, swinger clubs, fetish clubs, as well as adult cinemas that exist in the city. Those who are eyeing to grab some erotic merchandise can venture into the Glasgow sex shops where one purchase lingerie, sex toys, and fetish items. Whether it’s a relaxed foot fetish session or dark and extreme experience of both sexual pleasure and pain, one can find these various adult entertainment options in Glasgow. 

Adult Cinemas 

During the 70s and 80s, adult cinemas sprung in every corner of Glasgow. 

The most popular one was the Classic Grand down in Jamaica Street. It started showing adult films in the 50s but closed its operations in the 60s before being resurrected in 1973. It was the go-to movie house for those who want to watch erotica until 1992. 

Another movie auditorium that had its share of numerous restorations was the Tatler Cinema Club which showed pornographic films until 1973 after which it mellowed down into soft porn before it finally closed in the early 80s.

Street Prostitution 

Street prostitution is prevalent in a number of locations in Glasgow. Prostitutes can be found in the following: 

  • Calton “Barras” Area
  • Western portion of Argyle Street
  • Blythswood Street
  • Broomielaw
  • Wellington Lane
  • West Campbell Street

Glasgow Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs 

The Shoebox – privately located on an apartment in the western side of Glasgow where intimate swinger events take place. This swingers’ playroom openly welcomes couples, females, trans, and single males. Events are strictly controlled to 20 participants. There are no private areas within the flat. Clean towels, condoms, drinks and shower rooms are offered to guests in The Shoebox. 

CJ’s at the Townhouse – the perfect venue for the like-minded adults situated on the northern side of Glasgow. This swingers club gives its clients the chance to enjoy the swinging scene with its fully equipped playrooms that include private rooms and love swings. 

Hedonism – this one holds their swinger parties all over Scotland, primarily in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Single and couple Member can find the specific address and details of the event through their programme via site login.

Glasgow Nightlife

The city’s nightlife is thought to be one of the friendliest and vibrant scenes in Scotland. There are several nightspots in Glasgow but most are clustered in the city centre, as well as on the Ashton Lane, and West End. 

  • Nice N’ Sleazy – popular among the youth is this indie club which opens until 3 in the morning every day. Whether it is hard-core metal rock, punk, techno, or some light-hearted jazz, and mellow tunes, Nice N’ Sleazy’s basement gives off a double dose of the ultimate music treat seven days a week. 
  • The Sanctuary – located in the West End, this haven is where some of the international DJs play their tunes to give the best nightclubbing experience. It also has an added outdoor terrace where customers can relax while drinking cocktails. 
  • Sub club – found in 22 Jamaica Street that is known for its reputation as a clubbing venue offering one legendary nightlife. This club is not for the faint-hearted as hundreds of people crowd the low-ceiling area dancing and to the tunes of the finest DJs. 
  • Brel – a bar in Glasgow that caters every noon to midnight offering a wide variety of beers and some tasty treats. Brel is located at 39 Ashton Lane. 
  • Classic Grand – what used to be the place for a cinematic experience is now a venue where rock, electronic, and techno music are played by artists on its stage. Drinks are sold at an affordable price here at the Classic Grand.

Glasgow LGBT

Apparently, Glasgow is deemed as the gayest city in all of Europe. It has a vibrant gay scene especially around the Merchant area where there is a high concentration of gay bars and clubs. From venues that are of higher octane or those with a more relaxing vibe, there’s always something for everyone in this city.

General Attitude Towards Gays

People with different backgrounds, and interests, including the gay, bi, and trans are very well accepted in Glasgow. People are so accepting that Glasgow has a Christian LGBT church, the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church in Glasgow) which began in the year 1968 where people experience a non-judgmental faith community. It’s isn’t just a mere gay-friendly city for it’s the best city there is for the LGBT.

There are loads of venues to which the gay community come and get together. With all the gay bars, clubs, and gay saunas available, this city is truly a haven for the gay. From queer indie presentations to a prohibition-themed gay bar, there’s a lot to choose in Glasgow.

The Waterloo is the city’s longest established gay pub located along Argyle Street while there’s the Underground for some karaoke which is also a gay bar. Gay saunas are also available such as the Pipeworks that features a 35-man spa, a steam room filled with 20 men, Jacuzzi, and a TV lounge.

They also hold an annual Glasgow Pride, which is one of the biggest pride events in the country.

Gay and Transsexual Prostitution in Glasgow

There’s plenty of gay and trans escort services found online. Listings are available on different sites as most of these kinds of services are now advertised on the web. 

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