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Bucharest City Info

Bucharest is the capital and biggest city of Romania, as well as its cultural, financial, and industrial center. It is located in the southeast section of the country on the banks of the Dâmbovița River and covers an area of 228 square kilometers. According to the 2014 census, 1.921 million people reside within the city limits. 

It is believed that the Geto-Dacians established the earliest settlements in 70 BC. The now bustling metropolis is renowned for its tree-lined boulevards and majestic Belle Époque buildings. It’s where unbridled capitalism meets the still-unreconstructed communism; where the somnolent EU forces meet the ardor of the Balkans.

Bucharest Red Light District

  • Matasari – the unofficially recognized RLD in the city of Bucharest. It is popular among bar-goers and clubbers. It is also an excellent place to meet some of the gorgeous escorts in the metropolis. This is precisely the reason why Bucharest has emerged as one of the most preferred stag night destinations in Europe. It is a most welcoming spot for lads on a stag night searching for girls in all kinds of clothes-off scenarios. At some point, you’ll find naked women dancing on your lap or offering erotic massages.

  • Old Town – Another pay-for-play area, where a number of sex workers and massage parlours operate. It is also regarded as a safer place to visit than Matasari.

Stay Safe in the RLD

You can walk around safely because the area is always crowded and bustling with activity but refrain from talking to strangers, particularly to Roma-Gypsies. Be extra cautious if you will take a prostitute to your hotel. There have been reports of theft and drugging. Hide all your valuables before the girl arrives so she won’t be tempted to steal and take a souvenir when she leaves! If you really want to have some sexual action during your stay, it’s safer to engage the services of one of the more popular escort agencies like those that advertise online or in the local expat magazines and tourist guides.

It’s safe to take a bus but place your valuables in internal pockets just to be sure. The ideal way to go about it is to hire a cab using a mobile app or ask someone from the hotel to call one for you. A rule of thumb is to choose older taxi drivers because they are more cautious and will only try to get a little less in case they scam you. This is in stark contrast to the younger drivers who will charge you three to five times as much as the trip should cost. They may claim that the meter is not working and may resort to intimidation tactics to make you pay. Bear in mind that the driver is working for a company and the rate must be posted in the car or written on the driver's ID card issued by the employer.

Bucharest Adult Entertainment

Bucharest is teeming with brothels, erotic bars, night clubs, and strip joints. As such, there are visitors whose first thought when they deplane is to look for the nearest brothel. Even though some of these gentlemen don’t come to the city specifically to pay for sex, they frequently get to a point in the evening, typically after a few drinks, when their thoughts turn to adult entertainment.

With more adult shops, erotic massage parlours and whore houses per square inch than most other places on the planet, you can be forgiven for thinking that Bucharest is the sex capital of Europe. You can also be forgiven for believing that prostitution is legal, but in spite of any and all appearances, you are assured that it certainly isn’t.

Street Prostitution

Most of the street prostitutes hang out in the city center, along Magheru Boulevard. You have the best chance of finding street hookers near Hotel Lido and in the area located between George Enescu Street and Rosetti Street.

Other places frequented by streetwalkers are the following:

  • Mendeleev Street
  • Piata Unirii
  • Tache Lonescu
  • Piata Romana
  • Piatra Utri
  • and the area around the Intercontinental Hotel
  • Calea Victorieil
  • in the small alleys linking main street Victorei.

Bucharest Clubs and Brothels

  • Attraction Club – holds parties every Friday and Saturday. For a couple, the price is 200 RON, for a single woman the price is 100 RON, and for a single man the prince is 300 RON. Each room has towels and condoms and the ambiance is filled with sexual tension. 
  • Swing Club – a private club with rooms for couples as well as dark rooms where anything can happen in utmost anonymity. There is also a massage room where guests can indulge every Saturday night.

Bucharest Nightlife

Bucharest boasts a unique and awesome nightlife. This is yet another reason why people flock in huge numbers to this city. At night it morphs into what has been dubbed as the “Vegas of South Eastern Europe.” The city is a combination of larger-than-life bars, pubs, and nightclubs. In general, tourists visit the bars first before moving to a nightclub. Most venues don’t have a cover charge and the drinks are much cheaper compared to clubs in other major European cities.

The city center is really cozy and all the entertainment venues are in close proximity to each other. Also, the clubs contain people of different ages and from various nationalities. This means the nightlife is mixed, which is something that you don’t see often. There are also lots of food places where people love to dine after some heavy drinking. Eating after drinking is actually part of going out. Check it out for yourself and you'll surely have the best nightlife experience of your life!

Bucharest LGBT

Bucharest is home to the premier gay community in Romania and the city is a lot more tolerant towards LGBT couples compared to other places in the country. Nonetheless, it’s definitely not easy to be gay, but the public is slowly trying to accept the concept of homosexuality. Now, you can find gay clubs in Bucharest, the first one being Club Soul. Other gay venues followed including Angels Club and Purple Club.

General Attitude Towards Gays

You have to remember that a big chunk of the population are members of the Orthodox Church and the religious teachings remain strong in the lives of many individuals. In addition, being gay was considered a crime during the Communist Era and the public still have a shallow understanding of the matter. Romanians are still maintaining the belief that homosexuality is a crime so gays are not very well received in society. Being gay is not something to be proud of in public, and in spite of the fact that being a homosexual ceased from being an issue for quite some time, gays still need to be aware of their surroundings when showing affection, particularly if they aren’t staying in the central part of the city. There are no hostile reactions and the worst thing that can happen is to be ridiculed or be frowned upon.

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