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Lisbon City Info

Lisbon, the westernmost European capital of Portugal is located at the mouth of the Tagus River. It has a total of 552,700 inhabitants with an area of 89.94 square kilometres.

Popularly known for its clear unique light, it’s dotingly called the “White City”. It is also recognised to be one of the longest founded cities in the world. This place exudes beauty like no other with its suitable weather perfect for strolls, long stretch of sandy beaches, cobbled stone infrastructures, and green mountains.

Lisbon Red Light District

From the former red light district Cais do Sodré, prostitution activities have moved to scattered places in the city. Most of the prostitutes are seen in Praca de Figuera and Martim Moniz. Though far from the happenings on a typical RLD, Lisbon’s adult entertainment still has a lot to offer that will indisputably tickle any man’s fancies.

History of the RLD 

It was during the 19th century when there was a continuous surge of prostitutes doing their business in the neighbourhoods of Cais do Sodré, Mouraria, Bairro Alto, and Alfama.

For a couple of years, the riverside Cais do Sodré was once the centre of adult entertainment where gambling and prostitution were widespread. What used to be an area filled with alcohol-slugging sailors spending their hard-earned wages on gambling and prostitutes now vastly changed as the area has been transformed into a nightlife district minus the adult entertainment aspect. From being bordered by brothels and clubs, entertainment venues like burlesque clubs and bars began to arise starting late 2011. 

How to find the RLD 

Monsanto covers 50 hectares, located on the west side of the city, north of Belem. Praca de Figuera is part of the Baixa Pombalina, located in the centre of Lisbon. If you wish to visit the former RLD, it is situated to the west of the city on the Avenida de Ceuta and Tejo Estuary banks.

Stay safe in the RLD 

Do’s and don’ts’ in Lisbon’s adult entertainment areas are mostly general safety precautions that include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Noting theft as the most prevalent crime in the city, one should be wary especially when commuting. Maintain a safe distance to other people. You might be approached by potential thieves by means of distraction like offering you goods to buy like hash and chocolates.

  • Bank transaction muggings are quite common, especially in the city centre. Apply essential safety precautions when doing ATM transactions, and it is best to do such during the daytime.

  • When getting around/ driving in the city, be cautious of drivers who are under the influence of alcohol as such incidences have gained in frequency over the past years in Lisbon.

Lisbon Adult Entertainment

The red light district in Lisbon no longer exists as one but is now a vibrant Bohemian nightlife spot. Nonetheless, this doesn’t hinder the adult entertainment scene from happening in Lisbon. Sex workers still roam on some streets, and strip clubs, swinger clubs, and adult cinemas still exist in specific areas of the city.

Adult Cinemas

  • Animatografo do Rossio - located in a quiet back street of Praca do Rossio. The only cinema known to have survived the longest in Portugal features adult movies since the year 1990.

Street Prostitution

The Tecnico area and Monsanto are the two main location where street workers frequent. Between these two spots, the Tecnico area is a better option since it is safer. Seeking for sexual services in Monsanto which happens to be in the middle of the woods is reported to pose some risk to the clients’ safety.

Lisbon Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs 

  • The Private Swing Club- the perfect spot to meet people with the same interests as you. With its cosy private rooms and lounge area, great ambiance, and good music, what more can you ask for?

  • Lybidus Club- specifically structured for guests to experience maximum privacy. Features include themed rooms, recreational swimming pools, terrace, and a bar of your favourite cocktails.

  • XClube- thought to be the biggest and the original swinger club in Portugal. Known for its themed playrooms, and well-celebrated events.

Lisbon Nightlife

Drawing a huge and diverse crowd with its African influences, nightlife venues in Lisbon provide great party ambiance with the best tunes from both international and local DJs. 

2 Main Nightlife Districts 

  • Bairro Alto- the district that is considered as the highlight of Lisbon’s nightlife. With over a hundred bars, there is no way you wouldn’t be able to choose a place that suits your style. 

  • Incognito- a split-level club with a touch of mystery as there is no establishment name on the front door. It takes a push on a doorbell to get you inside to enjoy the great music ranging from the 80s, alternative pop, and indie. Go upstairs and you’ll find a loft bar that offers a diverse selection of cocktails.

  • Clube da Esquina- considered as one of the most popular bars in the district, it caters to a diverse set of individuals. Best known for its delicious cocktails with morangoska as their signature concoction.

  • Portas Largas- Bairro Alto’s most distinguished bar that happens to be one great hangout place for the gays.

  • Cais do Sodré- also one of the many main nightlife hubs in the city that offers the best hangout places at night. 
  • Musicbox- a hotspot that features live bands, also hosts video projections that perfectly describes this place as a destination for culture lovers.

Lisbon LGBT

You can definitely find a visible LGBT scene especially at night in Lisbon. It is mostly concentrated in areas of the Principe Real and Bairro Alto. After all, these lively parts of the city are home of the best restaurants, as well as the gay-friendly bars. 

With its marvellous cityscape, rich culture, and thriving gay scene, LGBT members are surely in for a treat in this city. 

General Attitude Towards Gays 

With the advances Portugal has on its laws protecting the LGBT, there is no wonder why many gay tourists look forward to head on to this place. Its very own Lisbon city happens to be the forefront of gay life in all of Europe. 

Chances of homophobic disapproval from the general public are slim to none. Gay couples especially the locals are comfortable enough that most of them engage in public affection without the bad treatment most would probably get in a non-gay friendly city.

Gay Prostitution in Lisbon

Gay prostitution in Lisbon thrives in various settings, stretching from disco bars to beach resorts. But the two places that are quite notable for gay prostitution are the Eduardo VII Park and the Monsanto Park. 

Transsexual prostitutes

Transsexual prostitutes exist, predominantly Brazilian nationalities in certain areas of the city such as the Conde Redondo. Specific information on transsexual prostitutes can be found online.

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