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Warsaw City Info

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland, located in the central-eastern section of the country, specifically at the centre of the Masovian Plain. It covers an area of 516.9 square kilometers and home to an estimated population of 1.74 million people.

The city has a chaotic past and was in utter devastation at the end of World War II. The government initiated a massive rebuilding project and in spite of more than 40 years of communist rule, Warsaw now enjoys a phenomenal period of economic upheaval. It features diverse architecture, world-class museums, and the finest in Polish restaurant and entertainment scene.

Warsaw Red Light District

Although there is no red light district in the city, there is a small concentration of bordellos or brothels around Aleje Jerozolimskie, Ulica Wilcza, and Ulica Nowogrodzka. There was a time when Warsaw was said to have more than 1,500 brothels but today the number is significantly lower. Most of these establishments have five to six girls working shifts, and with rates ranging from 100-150 złoty per hour. The girls usually offer some sort of promotion such as free drinks, free service for the third hour, or half their standard rate during the happy hours on Mondays. The brothels are easy to find, simply look for flyers pinned to car windshields or clogging up the street gutters.

History of the RLD

People who visited Warsaw during the ‘90s and around the turn of the millennium may have memories of a grubby and messy city. With a profusion of brothels, it gained a reputation as a preferred destination for perverts. Then the late Lech Kaczynski was elected mayor and worked hard to restore the city’s lost innocence. Although he never fully succeeded in getting rid of the brothels and the notorious flyers, his efforts had a significant and lasting impact. One of the outcomes of his anti-sleaze crusade is that Warsaw now offers seemingly legitimate and fairly decent ‘Gentlemen’s Clubs'.

How to Find the RLD

Aleje Jerozolimskie runs through the heart of the city along the East-West axis, connecting Wola with the bridge over the Vistula River and Praga on the other side.

Ulica Wilcza is a street situated in the city center of the South. It runs from Alej Ujazdowskich to Ulica Koszykowej

Ulica Nowogrodzka runs from Brackiej Streat near Trzech Krzyży. A street parallel to Alei Jerozolimskich runs to the junction with Koszykową near Plac Zawiszy.

Stay Safe in the RLD

Warsaw is generally a very safe city thanks to a strong police presence. Sexy, foreign fun can be safe if you keep your wits about you. Prostitution is legal, but many girls are under the control of pimps who make them lure unsuspecting men into the so-called ‘honey trap’. The ploy usually involves a pair of beautiful ladies who will approach and flirt with you on the streets. The girls will then invite you to a bar where the flirting becomes more intense. Shortly after the drinks start to flow, you will be presented a bill amounting to hundreds of zloty. If you refuse to pay, the bouncers will join the fray and demand you to settle the bill. If you don’t have enough money, the group will be more than willing to accompany you to the nearest ATM machine!

Warsaw Adult Entertainment

Warsaw does not have an official red light district but it boasts of a dynamic adult entertainment industry. Strip clubs, erotic massage parlours and street prostitution are spread across the metropolis. There are also plenty of escorts and girls working in Go-Go clubs (lap dancing clubs).

Adult Cinemas

The only adult cinema house in Warsaw is Bizzariusz. It is located in Ulica Nowogrodzka near the Warszawa Central Station. The venue is popular among bisexuals, gays and the straight crowd. There are video booths and a sex shop. It is open from Monday to Friday (10 am-10 pm) and on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

Street Prostitution

Street prostitution was rampant about a decade ago. Today street prostitution is not as widespread because most of the girls prefer to work in brothels or private flats. However, you can still find streetwalkers around the train station and along Poznanka Street at night. The nearby parking area behind the Marriott Hotel on Jerozolimskie Avenue 65/79 is likewise frequented by working girls.

Warsaw Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

Swinger clubs are among the recent modern form of adult entertainment in Warsaw. A couple of notable ones include:

  • Usta Swingers Club - the hottest club for avid lovers of swinging life 
  • Lava Swingers Club - known for hosting sex parties for singles and couples alike

Warsaw Nightlife

Warsaw has set itself as one of the top nightlife destinations in Europe, thanks to its increasing selection of bars and clubs, each with its own unique style. For the best after-dark experience, alternate between famous hotspots and some of the city’s finest cultural sites, and you’ll have it all: class, excitement, and diversity. Here are some of the venues you ought to check out:

  • Opera Club Zaprasza located in the cellar of the National Opera
  • Szpilka, also known as High Heels, located at Three Crosses Square
  • TeaTr WieLKi - the only theater-museum in Poland
  • Platinum Club located at Aleksandra Fredry 6
  • Panorama Bar and Lounge - the highest hotel bar in Europe located on the 40th floor of the Warsaw Marriott
  • Nine Club located on Kredytowa 9
  • Opium Pleasure Lounge located at Wierzbowa 9/11

Warsaw LGBT

While significant improvements have been witnessed with regard to gay and lesbian rights, LGBT issues generally remain controversial and taboo, sometimes exploited by conservative politicians. Nonetheless, gays and lesbians won’t have a tough time fitting in, although trans visitors will certainly attract some attention.

General Attitude Towards Gays

On the whole, being gay in Warsaw is no easier than being gay in any devout Catholic city. But modern Warsaw is regarded as Poland’s most open city with regard to the acceptance of homosexuality, and most gay and lesbian Poles will tell you that Warsaw is the place with the most gay and gay-friendly venues.

Warsaw has witnessed the opening of a number of new gay bars and gay-popular cafés in recent years. The city now has one of the biggest gay bar scenes in Eastern Europe. The majority of the venues are situated in the city center, specifically in Śródmieście district.

Gay Prostitution in Warsaw 

Male sex workers in Warsaw are much more discreet and hidden compared to female sex workers. They usually advertise their services online.

Transsexual Prostitutes

You won’t find any transsexual brothels in Warsaw as the majority of transvestite escorts work on private flats and seek clients online. The hourly rate of a t-girl escort in the city costs around 200 złoty or 50 euros.

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