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Lima City Info

Lima, the largest city of Peru is located in the central coastal region of the country, specifically in the valleys of the Chillón, Lurin and Rímac rivers. The capital city covers an area of 1,506 square miles. Lima is home to over ten million people.

The city was founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535. At that time, Lima was called Ciudad de Los Reyes or the ‘City of Kings’. Over time, it emerged as the capital of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. It ultimately became the capital of Peru after the Peruvian War of Independence.

Lima Red Light District

Lima has two main adult entertainment areas:

  • Miraflores - an exclusive residential and affluent shopping district located south of downtown Lima. A lot of sexual activity also takes place in Lima’s tourist mid-section, so it is also considered a red light zone. This is the area surrounding Pizza Alley Miraflores, which is usually packed with commoners, tourists, and locals. But what’s really unique about the area is the large number of prostitutes roaming around, especially after dusk.
  • La Victoria – a district that borders El Agustino on the northeast, downtown Lima on the northwest, San Borja on the south, San Isidro on the southwest, San Luis on the east, and Lince on the west. A popular hub for prostitutes is the Manco Capac Plaza which is situated opposite the municipal headquarters of La Victoria. At night, the prostitutes hang out in the dark corners while waiting for potential customers. 

History of the RLD 

Just like anywhere else in the world where authorities made a concerted effort to regulate prostitution since the mid-nineteenth century, Lima has also seen heated debates about the visibility and location of prostitution hot spots. Also of significant concern were matters pertaining to intervention from city and state officials. However, the regulation of prostitution in Lima during the early twentieth century must be understood as indicative of the city’s broader spatial politics which has been influenced by attempts of state officials to seize control of both 'the social' and 'the sexual'.

Moreover, the spatial reordering of Lima’s brothel prostitution correlated to a wider spatial remapping of the metropolis, which reflected the disciplinary campaign as well as government strategies based on knowledge of class, gender, race, and sexuality, along with morality and public health. It is important to note that this was not an elite-driven, simple top-down process. A number of players, including the city’s prostitutes themselves, meddled in the spatial reordering of the sex trade. The process ended in the creation of the red light district in La Victoria during the late 1920s.

How to find the RLD 

To get to Miraflores, take the IM-18 (Las Flores 18). This will take you south of downtown where Miraflores is located. You’ll know it when you have reached Parque Central de Miraflores. To get to the other adult entertainment area in La Victoria, find the area around Polvos Azules. 

Stay safe in the RLD

  • Miraflores - be cautious when women approach you and request if you can escort them home because they are afraid and don't feel safe. Most likely, they will lead you out of Miraflores and into an area where you’ll get robbed. In case you do get approached, tell the woman to ask a police officer for assistance. In the first place, you’re a tourist, so they have no business asking for help since you are not really familiar with the city. 
  • La Victoria – this district is a lot more dangerous. Tourists are generally advised to stay clear of this area unless accompanied by a local or touring busy places during the daytime. Particularly notorious and known as one of the most treacherous areas in Lima. Drugs, gangs, and prostitution are prevalent, especially at night.

Lima Adult Entertainment

There might be no official red light districts in Lima, but the city offers an abundance of adult entertainment activities in many areas. Street prostitution, presence of swinger clubs, adult cinemas, brothels, strip clubs are apparent in the city’s main adult entertainment districts of Miraflores and La Victoria.

Adult Cinemas 

  • Cine Tauro - opened in March 1960, this cinema has been internally and externally designed in a contemporary 1960s style. The auditorium provides seating for 720 on the orchestra and 560 in the mezzanine.

    Address: Jiron Washington 880, Lima 
  • Cine Central/Teatro Central - opened way back in May 1942 and operated by Amedeo and Juan Calvo. The auditorium provides seating for 420 in the central section of the orchestra, with an additional 582 seats on the sides. The balcony has 923 seats. Shortly after opening, Warner Bros. took over the venue as its showcase cinema in Lima. Today, Cine Central screens second-run and adult movies.

    Address: Jiron Ica 469, Lima

Street Prostitution

Sex work on the streets typically takes place in Miraflores along Pizza Alley, and in La Victoria at the area surrounding Polvos Azules and Santa Catalina close to the Cruz del Sur bus station. These sites are always teeming with street hookers, most of whom hang out in small groups.

Lima Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

Just like other major cities in Peru, swinger clubs are available in Lima. Although swinging is not commonly practiced in the city, a lot of this takes place through discreet arrangements between partners who share the same interests.

  • Duoss Club – a cozy venue with plenty of amenities including a bar, cafeteria, double rooms, dark rooms, glory holes, massage room, sauna, Spanish shower, and changing rooms. Only couples are admitted, but there are instances when men are allowed to go alone. Single women are always welcome.

    Address: AV Tomas Valle 2264, Lima
  • G Club and Lodge - a two-story building with four elegant and sensually decorated rooms. The venue is located in a residential area so there are no signs or posters. Open from Thursday to Friday from 9 pm and allow up to 20 pairs per night.

    Address: Surco, Lima 
  • Sociedad VIP - a social club for open-minded people and those willing to experiment in pure hedonism.

    Address: Lima 
  • The SW Club - this venue is ideal for those who like meeting and mingling with couples for an intimate time together.

    Address: Lima 
    Phone: 09232347986

Lima Nightlife

The bars and clubs in downtown Lima provide the perfect place for those who are looking for a night of dancing, great music and a wide selection of drinks.

  • Ayahuasca - trendy restobar in Barranco with killer cocktails and a milieu set across three-stories of a nineteenth-century mansion. 
  • La Noche - one of the city’s beloved drinking holes. It features two bars and a stage for live music, with Monday nights reserved for jazz.

  • Juanito de Barranco – the iconic hub where Barranco’s artists, writers, and musicians once congregated. It has a bottle-crammed bar serving cheap beer, creamy huancaína potatoes, and marinated pigs’ trotters. 
  • El Dragon – a popular haunt in Barranco where the crowd revels in a mix of international and homegrown beats. Thursdays are reserved for local bands while weekends are DJ nights when parties crank up to full swing.

  • La Candelaria - locals pack this peña in Barranco. Parties start at 10:30 pm and last until 3:00 am. Be sure to sample some pungent pisco sours and other gastronomic delights. 
  • Gótica – an exclusive club located in the basement of the Larcomar, a multilevel shopping center in Miraflores. Here you’ll find the most enchanting limeños packing the dance floor as DJs play the latest international and local dance hits.


If you’re gay and you plan to visit Lima, don’t expect to experience gay paradise. Peru is a deeply Catholic nation with some negative perceptions of homosexuality. However, it is not exactly in Eastern Europe where gays are verbally and physically abused.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Over the past decade, the attitude towards gays and lesbian in Lima has changed for the better. Part of the reason behind this social upheaval is the global emergence and activity of international pro-gay and lesbian advocates led by prominent personalities. 

Major sports figures have also come out, along with gay and lesbian federal judges, high-ranking clergy, country ambassadors, and openly gay elected members of congress and parliament. Lima’s bars and nightclubs are quite gay-friendly. There are also many bed and breakfast venues that cater to the LGBT community.

Gay Prostitution in Lima

Gay prostitution appears to be present in Lima. In fact, in November last year, police raided what was described by the local press as a “clandestine gay brothel” operating in the city. Media agencies alleged that Club Casanova was disguised as a strip club but was really operating more like a bordello. It was revealed that admission to the club costs ‘2 soles’ or about US$4. Guests were reportedly given two condoms and a plastic bag for their personal belongings. Some patrons were detained for having sex inside the club.

Transsexual Prostitutes

A lot of trannies work in salons or resort to prostitution since they don’t have access to other decent employment opportunities. You may be surprised to find lots of good-looking trans people in Lima. However, be extra careful when dealing with transsexual prostitutes because it has been shown that they are the most affected by HIV, with a projected prevalence rate of 32 to 45 percent. Always remember to use a condom when engaging in sexual activity with a transvestite.

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