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Rotterdam City Info

At about 30 kilometres east of Rhine’s estuary opening in the North Sea, on the banks of the Nieuwe Maas river lies the city of Rotterdam. It is part of the province of Zuid and tagged as the second-largest city in the Netherlands, covering a total land area of 206.44 square kilometres. 

There’s something for every person in this city in terms of touristic attractions. You can opt to sail through the port, go sight-seeing in the Diergaarde Blijdorp for exotic animals, or go to the top of the Euromast “Space Tower” to enjoy a majestic view of the city.

Rotterdam Red Light District

There were once red light districts recognised in Rotterdam, like ‘s Gravendijkwal, Schiedamse Dijk, and Katendrecht. They were unfortunately taken down. 

History of the RLD

The sailors’ sexual needs have left a mark on the city –  demand for prostitution subsequently had given rise to red light districts. The first prostitution areas in the city arose in the 19th century. From Schiedamse Dijk, it was moved to Katendrecht due to the tragic bombing in the year 1940. Adult bars filled the area as well as in de Kaap and in the Maritime Quarter. Street prostitution also became a hit especially in Keileweg and G.J. De Jonghweg. Although, apart from these offerings, cases of criminality plagued the place which eventually resulted to gradual desertion and to a final closing down in 2005.

 However, there are still a few establishments that have remained today including escort agencies, private houses, sex shops, and massage salons.

Stay safe in the RLD

Though the city has no current RLD, it is still possible to see some street workers especially in the area around the Central Station, and near the harbour. A common precaution given to tourists is that a large percentage of these girls are drug addicts as this country is known for its liberal drug policy. Although in general, these areas are considered safe.

Rotterdam Adult Entertainment

Comparing to Amsterdam’s ever abounding adult entertainment options, you may feel dismayed to find that there is no current red light district in Rotterdam. Although, the city offers a mix of adult frills including strip joints, sex clubs, and brothels where prostitutes from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Southern America work. One can also spot some brothel-like houses or what they call privehuizen. Word is that these establishments do not last long and do not provide much info on their websites, making it quite a challenge to locate the place. It may be necessary to ask from locals to fill in with the details that you can’t conveniently get online.

Adult Cinemas

  • The Moods Bar – features the best adult-themed movies on both floors of the establishment. Venue options of viewing are available: private cabins, cruising areas

Street Prostitution

The closing down of red light districts led to the gradual decrease of sex workers roaming around the city. But, there are still a few of them who continue to work around the Central Station and the harbour. A blowjob costs at an estimate of 25 to 30 Euros.

Window Prostitution

There is no window prostitution in Rotterdam. Instead, this Dutch city rivals Amsterdam in terms of sex service by the existing private houses or what the locals call as privehuizen.


Rotterdam Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • Fantasy Beach Swingers Club – this discotheque welcomes its patrons and guests until dawn and throws epic swinger parties. The wildest erotic experiences happen in this place.

  • Colorotica – venue for the couples and women only. Experienced swingers and beginners mingle and get to the action as anything goes. There is a dress code to be followed though, from kinky, burlesque to uniforms.

Rotterdam Nightlife

Rotterdam can offer diverse nightlife entertainment options much like what the city consists of – contrasting features. May it be cocktail bars, chill pubs, crowded nightclubs, and music concerts, there’s always something in store for everyone in this Dutch city. Here are a few of the noteworthy ones. 

  • Toffler – situated in an old pedestrian tunnel. This narrow club is a top choice for those who are into techno music. Weena Zuid 33.
  • Rotown – a popular rendezvous, this bar features local artists, as well as internationally acclaimed acts. Nieuwe Binnenweg 17-19
  • Blender – this is a street-level restaurant/ club in Rotterdam located in Schiedamse Vest 9 is patronised by people of all ages.
  • Maassilo – this is club hosts parties that can hold as much as 6,000. Check it out at Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2

Rotterdam LGBT

The main gay scene in Rotterdam is situated around the Churchillplein, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat and in the neighbourhood of the Westblaak otherwise called as the gay triangle of the city. These are the places to check out when searching for the best gay parties. Gay Palace was once known as the place to go to for the party animals but it has now been closed down. But interested parties shouldn’t fret just yet as there are still quite many bars and clubs offering the best entertainment open to the gay community. This includes Strano and De Unie at de Mauritsweg that are heavily patronised by the younger generation. There are also renowned gay parties in the city like WTF, House of Boys, and This-Us. Annual gay activities such as the King’s Parade and KeerWeer Parade are also held in the streets of Rotterdam. You can also check out more info from gayrotterdam.nl.

General Attitude Towards Gays

As substantiated with the countless venues and parties that welcome the LGBT, Rotterdam is known as a sort of safe haven for the gay community. Expect a warm welcome and hospitality from the city’s people as they generally do so to people of any sexual orientation. They are acknowledged to be friendly and sincere.

Gay Prostitution in Rotterdam

Word has it that gay modelling is so in and is getting featured in different media alongside with gay porn where you can check out the real live action. Gay prostitution transactions can be conveniently dealt with online as most advertise through the internet.

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