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Mexico City City Info

Mexico City, or Cuidad de Mexico in Spanish, is a massive city boasting the fifth largest population in the world. High in the mountains, this Mexican capital city is located in the beautiful Valley of Mexico, with an altitude of around 7,400 feet (~2250 meters). This city spans an impressive area, covering around 571 square miles (1,485 km2) and supports a population of about 19,463,000 people. 

The land on which Mexico City now stands used to be a large lake called Lake Texcoco. Around 700 years ago the Aztec Indians settled on an island in the middle of the lake. They slowly changed the land and water around them and built a city called Tenochtitlán. After around 200 years of prosperity, the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the Aztec city. They conquered Tenochtitlán and built a new city on the island: Mexico City. Wanting more land and having trouble controlling flooding, the Spanish drained most of Lake Texcoco. Today, almost the entire lake basin is occupied by Mexico City.

Mexico City Red Light District

Zona Rosa, or “Pink Zone” in English, is the red light district in Mexico City. It comprises 24 of the 99 blocks of a neighborhood called Colonia Juárez. The borders of the area are formed by Chapultepec Avenue and Metro Insurgentes to the south, Paseo de la Reforma to the north, Avenida Insurgentes to the east, and Varsovia Street to the west.

Zona Rosa is easily one of the most touristy areas in the city, filled with restaurants, hotels, live bands, bars, and clubs. Although no longer as trendy compared to the Polanco and Condesa districts, it is still a tourist favorite and a good place for nightlife and entertainment; the area around Plaza Garibaldi is known for its street sex workers. Being a hotspot in the city, you can also expect to be accosted by the typical street vendors and beggars, and there are dozens of men promoting strip clubs and other adult entertainment establishments.

History of the RLD 

The Zona Rosa district has dramatically changed from its former elegant past. The district was once an exclusive residential area for Mexico City’s wealthy; a pleasant neighborhood with cafés and restaurants. It has now become an area of prostitution and cheap adult night-time entertainment. The area’s reputation started its decline in the 1980s when a number of luxury businesses closed down and businesses specializing in adult entertainment were opened in their place. Today, prostitution and all other similar activities such as lap dances and erotic massages have become prevalent.

How to Reach the RLD

  • By Metro
    If you want to go by metro to the RDL it's quite easy to remember. To go to the “Pink Zone” you need to get on the pink line (Line 1) and get off at Insurgentes Station. 
  • By Bus
    Take the MicroBus on Avenida Chapultepec and ask the driver to drop you off at Avenida Florencia. Keep in mind that you might need to know some Spanish, and the MicroBus is usually very crowded.
  • By Turibus
    The Turibus is a double-decker tourist bus that runs throughout many areas of the city, including Paseo de la Reforma. To go to the Zona Rosa, depart from the Angel de Independencia and get a connection to the south of the city called the pyramids. The bus is a hop-on-hop-off style, and you can check the schedule at the information booth next to the stop.
  • By Car
    If you are traveling by car, you can arrive at the Zona Rosa by Insurgentes Avenue, Niza Avenue, or Reforma Avenue. Several restaurants have valet parking that you can utilize. There are also a few parking lots available as well as parking meters.

Safety Information

Mexico City is much safer today than ten years ago. Taxi crime has been greatly reduced, and the city is considered safer than many U.S. cities. That being said, it is still a city of almost 20,000,000 so there is still a large amount of crime due to its sheer size. Be aware of your surroundings. As long as you don’t wander into dangerous neighborhoods at night, you shouldn’t run into any problems. 

Zona Rosa in particular, is a safe location to walk around during the day, but once night falls it is generally considered unsafe. If you plan on going out in this area at night keep your wits about you and try to go out in a bigger group.

Mexico City Adult Entertainment

In recent years, erotic massage parlors and strip clubs have become very popular. Prostitution is legal, but not very organized. Some of the stimulating entertainment you can expect in the Mexican capital are strip clubs, erotic massage parlors, swinger clubs, and adult cinemas.

Adult Cinemas

Cine Erotika is an adult cinema which has a great VIP area for swinging couples. It is located in the Historical Center, and if you are not familiar with the city, it might be best if you think twice before coming to this cinema. 

This cinema is reserved for couples and is located in the upper theater of a cinema on República de Cuba Street. Tickets will cost about 60 pesos per couple. As with other porn cinemas, movies are played without a schedule so people can come and go during the film. The seats are comfortable and cushioned. 

Getting to this place is a mystery. This cinema doesn’t allow single men to enter, which can be comforting for many women and couples. It’s important to note that this cinema has a very decadent spirit, which can be appealing or disgusting depending on your interests. But if the theater is empty, the experience can be very sexy.

Erotic Massage Parlors

A number of massage parlors in Mexico City offer erotic or sensual massages. Some may offer bareback blowjob (BBBJ), but it’s not always guaranteed. It helps a lot if you can speak Spanish and are nice to the girl. Here are some recommended massage parlors:                                                                                

  • Clinica Savalle (highly recommended) 
  • Masaryk 
  • Club Venezia 
  • Spa Paris 1900 
  • Adiction Spa 
  • Spa Paradisus 
  • Oxygen Boulevard Spa 
  • Spa Aqua Extremadura 
  • Bombones del Contry

Street Prostitution

Although street prostitution is illegal, it is still common along the streets of Mexico City. Some locations include the following:                 

  • Reforma District - located around Paseo de la Reforma Avenue
  • Plaza Garibaldi - a well-known area where one can come across a number of sex workers
  • Calle Sullivan - the streets are lined with working girls in this area. You can also find girls on the cross streets on Saturday nights
  • Merced Street - located about one block west of the Metro station and market 
  • Pino Suarez Metro Stop - this stop is off the blue line. You will exit at the market and across the street you can find girls looking to exchange love for some cash 
  • Calle San Antonio Abad - near the metro station with the same name 
  • Calle Tlalpan and the intersection of Avenida Rio Churubusco - these streets have many girls along a stretch of a few miles

  • Av. San Pedro - off the Metro Pink Line     

Mexico City Clubs and Brothels

Strip Clubs

Mexico City has a variety of well-maintained gentlemen’s clubs with beautiful Latina girls mostly from Mexico. Some of these clubs are only topless, while the others are fully nude. Here is a list of some of the most notable strip clubs in Mexico City: 

  • The Men’s Club
    Address: 54 Varsobia St., Mexico City
    Type: Topless Dancers 
  • Solid Gold
    Address: Londres 156, Mexico City
    Type: Topless Dancers 
  • Madonna’s
    Address: Colonia Roma, Mexico City
    Type: Nude Dancers 
  • Closet
    Address: Col. Condesa, Mexico City
    Type: Nude Dancers 
  • Fantasy World
    Address: 5000 Jeferson NE, Mexico City
    Type: Nude Dancers 
  • Playmates
    Address: 800 E Broadway, Mexico City
    Type: Nude Dancers 
  • La Tarantula
    Address: Col. Condesa, Mexico City
    Type: Nude Dancers

Swinger Clubs

There is one swinger club in Mexico City that is worth mentioning: Club Desden Swinger. Swinger couples are required to pay 150-peso cover charge or entrance fee. From Tuesdays through Thursdays, you can only enter as triples or solo.

  • Days Open: Tuesday-Saturday
  • Membership Required: No
  • Party Admission Cost: $100-300 per
  • Members Typical Sexual Preference: Straight males and bi-females
  • Languages Spoken by Staff: Spanish

Mexico City Nightlife

The nightlife in Mexico’s capital is all about staying out until the early morning. A typical night in Mexico City begins around 10 p.m. and usually goes until after the sun comes up. Since Mexico City is so large and populated, you can be sure that there is a vast amount of places to choose from when going out at night, but the areas with the best nightlife are indisputably the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods. These neighborhoods offer both great late-night dining as well as lively clubs and bars. For something a little different, there are several tour companies that offer nightlife tours. These tours take you around the Federal District, where the food and drinks are very affordable.

Mexico City LGBT

In general, being gay in Mexico City is considered more taboo than in most other cosmopolitan cities. That being said, a number of LGBT groups, which have been aided by the United States gay liberation movement, have formed since the early 1970s. You can still find a flourishing gay community with great clubs and bathhouses specifically for gays in Mexico’s capital city. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

Machismo is very prevalent in Latin culture, and Mexico City is no exception. The presence of machismo, or the strong sense of masculine pride, results in it being hard for gay men to openly express themselves. It’s politically correct to favor gay rights and accept gay people, but the actions of doing so isn’t as common. However, with globalization and influence of foreign cultures, these attitudes are changing. 

Having deep-rooted ties with Catholicism also meant that the people tend to have a conservative take on homosexuality, but in the recent years, Mexico City has been more accepting of same-sex relationships. Gays and lesbians are welcome, and the city has promoted itself as a destination for gay tourists. 

Gay and Lesbian Scene in Mexico City

The most common meeting point of the gay community is in the Zona Rosa, which boasts a healthy gay population. Here you can find dance clubs for gays as well as gay prostitutes. Since it is still somewhat taboo to be gay in Mexico City, the gay scene is a little more discrete than in other major cities. The Historic Center also is a good place to find clubs that cater to the gay scene.

Dance Clubs for Gays

Dance clubs are by far the most popular and lively aspect of the city’s gay scene.  With a plethora of different clubs, all offering something special and different, you can be sure to find one that resonates with your interests. Here is a list of some of the popular nightclubs within the gay community

  • El Viena
    This is the ideal bar for those who want a calm and relaxing evening. It opens and closes early, so it is for those who want a fun evening rather than a long night. They have a large selection of beer as well as tequila. The bar comes equipped with a neon-lit dance floor and a classic disco ball.

    Price: Mid-range
    Address: República de Cuba 2, Centro, Mexico City, Mexico
    Opening hours: 11 am – 11 pm
    Phone number: +52 5512 0929 
  • Marrakech Salon
    If you’re looking for a budget-friendly venue, Marrakech Salon is the place to go. There is no entrance fee, and the drinks are served by shirtless men. This bar is extremely popular amongst the gay community, and it is an excellent bar for those who love to dance. There is a mix of pop tunes and classic Cumbia music. 

    Price: Budget
    Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 1:30 pm – 2:45 am
    Address: Republica de Cuba 18, Centro Histórico, Mexico City, Mexico 
  • La Purísima
    On the other side of the street from Marrakech Salon is La Purísima. It is very similar to Marrakech Salon, but it is larger and is in disco form. The highlight of La Purísima is the muscular strippers and extravagant decor. This club has large rooms with mirrors, chandeliers, and sculpture of pornographic angels. The music played at this popular gay bar ranges from pop to rap.

    Price: Mid-range
    Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday, 7 pm – 3:30 am
    Address: Calle República de Cuba 17, Historic Centre, Mexico City, Mexico 
  • Lollipop
    Lollipop is a two-story club with a different form of entertainment on each floor. The first floor called “El Burdelito” has karaoke, while the second floor has a DJ blasting electronic dance music. After midnight, drag queens and strippers perform under the strobing light of the club. Be sure to arrive early, as this club fills up quickly.

    Price: Mid-range
    Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 9:30 pm – 3:30 am
    Address: Calle Amberes 14 Zona Rosa, col. Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico
    Phone number: +52 55 5207 5591 
  • Híbrido
    Híbrido is located on the third floor above an antique store in La Plaza del Angel. This club is particularly popular with young people and students. There are multiple bars and lounge areas spread across two floors, with the latest techno-pop blasting throughout. There’s also a balcony on the third floor, which can give you some fresh air. Híbrido is famous for its “Elektrosundays” where electronic dance music is blasted until the early morning. This club is great for those that love super clubs and electronic music.

    Price: Mid-range
    Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10 pm – 3 am
    Address: Londres 161, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, Insurgentes, D.F., Mexico
    Phone number: +52 1 55 3885 5767 

Bathhouses and Sex Clubs for Gays

Aside from dance clubs, bathhouses and sex clubs are also available for the gay community in Mexico City. Some of the notable places are listed below: 

  • Sodome
    Address: Polanco - Gral. Mariano Escobedo 716, Mexico DF, Mexico City 
  • TepozSpa
    Address: Out of town - Carretera a San Andres de la Cal #69, Tepoztlan, MOR 
  • Club San Francisco
    Address: Colonia Cuauhtémoc - Rio Tiber 36, Mexico City 
  • La Toalla VIP Spa & Gym
    Address: Col. Roma - Álvaro Obregón 259, Mexico City
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