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Kuala Lumpur City Info

 Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s federal capital with about 1.8 million inhabitants. It is also the largest city in the country with an area of 243.65 km² (94.07 sq. m) and an average elevation of 21.95 m (72 ft). From being a small tin mining outpost, Kuala Lumpur has grown into a bustling metropolis and a popular tourist destination. It boasts iconic attractions such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, the National Mosque (Masjid Negara), the National Monument in the Lake Garden, and a whole lot more.

Apart from its must-see attractions, the city also offers affordable 5-star hotels, a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, nightlife, including stunning nature wonders. Museums, theme parks, theatres and performance halls, as well as pampering and spas are also easy to find in the capital city.

Kuala Lumpur Red Light District

Kuala Lumpur has a number of red light districts visited by locals, expats, tourists, and anyone looking for fun adult entertainment. Visitors of the city can find low-end sex workers in the area as well high-end escort services. There are also massage parlors, clubs, and hotels doubling as brothels.

Here are the three main red light districts in the city. 

  • Jalan Bukit Bintang: This is a major road in the country’s capital, with a wide variety of shopping centers. The area comes alive at night with fancy clubs and ladies posing as massage workers while also offering adult and sex services. It boasts neon-lit nightclubs and is the place where businessmen can find prostitutes for adult entertainment. Brothels and massage parlors are also popular in the district. 
  • Lorong Haji Taib: This is where guesthouses and hotels double as brothels. Local prostitutes operate in the city, with a mix of foreign workers like Chinese and Indian. Small brothers, third class sex workers, and cheap adult entertainment are popular in the area. 
  • Chow Kit: This is a sub-central district in Kuala Lumpur. It boasts a large wet market, known as the Bazaar Baru Chow Kit. In the daytime, the area is an entirely different place. It transforms at night, with the gathering of transgenders or ladyboys. The area becomes busy after midnight, with many transgenders working on the street and lanes at the back of little guesthouses.  

Lower class brothels and sex workers in the city are usually located in Bukit Bintang area, including Jalan Hicks, Jalan Alor, and Jalan Bukit Bintang. Among the few infamous red light hotspots for prostitutes plying their trade also include Petaling Street, Jalan Sultan Ismail, and Jalan Imbi.

Some disco bars, pubs, and private houses are also used for commercial sex activities. There are also low-class sex shows that operate out of Bukit Bintang and Jalan Haji Taib areas. 

How to Reach the RLD 

There are two ways to get from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Chow Kit. Visitors can take the monorail and get off at the Chow Kit Station, which is 10 stops away. They can also grab a taxi, which uses a coupon system. Passengers need to pay a fixed fare at the counter before boarding the vehicle. The estimated fare for the taxi is relatively higher than the monorail and there is 50% surcharge at night.

Bukit Bintang is also to reach, which is just 60 minutes away from the main airport. This place is known as the Orchard Road of Malaysia, and the government has placed a great deal of attention on the transport network in the area. Tourists can easily get to the place by riding a bus, taxi, or MRT. 

The Streets in the RLD 

There is a variety of market and shopping stalls in the area that sell clothes, shoes, and even fresh vegetables. During the day, the Chow Kit is a lively place where tourist can immerse with the locals and do some shopping. The establishment is local, so visitors cannot expect a western style shopping center. The area, however, transforms at night, catering to visitors looking some nightlife and adult entertainment. 

A commercial area called Imbi is also a popular tourist spot near the Bukit Bintang. It is usually crowded during holidays and peak area. There is also the Berjaya Times shopping complex and a hotel located in Imbi. 

Safety Information

It is important for tourists not to walk alone, particularly at late nights. A late night stroll is best when the place is brightly lit and when many people are walking around the area. It is also a safe option to take the elevated pedestrian walkway when walking from one place to another, like from the business district to the shopping district. This is because the said walkway is brightly lit and is equipped with CCTVs.

Kuala Lumpur Adult Entertainment

There are plenty of adult locations in the city offering a variety of services at different prices. Cheap sex workers are available in the city, as well as middle options such as line escort services and erotic massage parlors. Clients who are willing to spend more usually go for luxury and expensive escort services, delivered to their hotel room. 

Local prostitutes once dominated the sex industry in the city, but this has changed over the past few years. The women offering services in the red light district are usually of different nationalities. Indonesians once dominated the scene, but there are also sex workers from countries such as Thailand, China, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Due to the ethnic mix in the city, English is widely understood in the area. The red light district is a great place to meet independent and well-educated women who work in the area legitimately. There are also Filipina, African, and Indian women who work in pubs, bars, parlors, and other adult entertainment venues.

Street Prostitution

Streetwalker prostitutes are found in Jalan Bukit Bintang, offering sex sessions for about $7 to $25. Most will offer customers to have fast sex in short time hotels and accommodations nearby. Street hookers and ladyboys also work in the said area. Customers can take the hooker to a motel or rent a room for an hour or two. 

People looking for higher-prostitutes and escort services usually trade in nightspots or in hotels that double as massage parlors or masseuse, or health centers in Kuala Lumpur. Escorts services are widely available in the Klang Valley, and a mix of Chinese, Thais, Indians, and Indonesians work in this area. Many of those who offer escort services also advertise on the Internet and local newspapers.  Sex workers usually get customers by leaving their contact numbers online, along with the type of services offered, body measurements, and price. 

High-class sex workers usually demand more money and earn extra through tip. Street workers in Chow Kit and Lorong Haji usually offer cheap services. Some also earn additional income through tips in karaoke lounges called papaya farms. Most of the prostitutes offer services not just in nightspots and hotels, but also in other establishments such as spas, massage parlors, and health centers in the capital city.

Other Information  Pick-up Areas

Kuala Lumpur has a wide ‘pick-ups’, which can be made in different bars around the area or even in the business district. The places are not just the areas for sex workers to solicit, but many working professionals also visit the establishments, seeking affairs or casual relationships. The ‘pick-up’ scene caters for those who look for short-term affairs or even long-term relationships.

Massage Parlors

  • The Deluxe Health Spa: There are a number of full-service massage parlors in the city and The Deluxe Health Spa is a good example. It is located inside the Federal Kuala Lumpur Hotel on Jalan Bukit Bintang. The spa has smoky yet clean rooms with reclining lounge chairs and television. The place offers a regular massage for a low rate and another list of services at higher rates. 
  • Green Elephant Health Spa: There is also the Green Elephant Health Spa, located on Sung Wai Wang Plaza in Jalan Sultan Ismail. 
  • The Beach Club: The Beach Club is also a popular venue in Kuala Lumpur. This club is not similar to businesses or other establishments that offer sexual services directly. The place is a commercialized theme bar and looks more like Hard Rock Café. The bar, however, offers more than just live music and beer. Customers can easily get the real picture of the place once they enter the bar. Many of the women working in the Beach Club are Vietnamese, with some Chinese and Filipina women.

Kuala Lumpur Clubs and Brothels

The Brothels in the city are very much different from those in Europe. In fact, small hotels, guesthouses, and erotic massage parlors are also considered brothels. Cheap and affordable brothels are found in the Jalan Alor, Jalan Hicks, Jalan Bukit (Bukit Bintang area), and in Jalan Thambipillay (Brickfields area).

Strip Clubs 

Girls known as Guest Relations Officers (GRO) usually work in karaoke and Japanese bars in the Klang Valley. The girls here, however, are choosy and want customers to spend some time and money in the bar before they agree to go somewhere else for a negotiated price. Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, and Cambodians mainly dominate these venues. Indonesians, on the other hand, work in Dangdut Pubs, with raunchy dancing around the Klang Valley, as well. 

A nightclub that features strippers with adult entertainment is popular among Singaporean visitors. It is believed that Thai and Filipino women in their 20s perform energetic song and dance acts in front of the crowd. These involve stripping clothes until they are topless with women striking suggestive poses.

Swinger Clubs

Swinging clubs in Kuala Lumpur are discreet, and only allow membership and invitation. Those who are looking casual adult affairs usually go online to talk about their preferences and arrange meetings. Many of the swinging meetings are usually held privately in Klang Valley. 

Swingers are usually young professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners looking for sexual excitement with other partners. Some also want to have a different kind of sexual experience with their own partners. Swinging relationships can also go beyond physical, with some couples going out or taking vacations together.

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant area, boasting a number of bars, pubs, and clubs on the streets, including rooftop establishments located in luxury hotels. There is no shortage of exciting places to go at night in the city and visitors like local youth, expats, and international tourists can party around these venues in the city. 

At 10 p.m., the nightlife scene in the city completely transforms. There are clubs that offer lively yet friendly atmosphere, with an extensive list of alcoholic beverages. DJs also play and spin lively tunes, with guests partying until the wee hours of the morning.

Kuala Lumpur LGBT

There is a fairly active gay scene in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, a growing number of bars, restaurants, and other mainstream venues cater for the ‘pink segment.’ These are somewhat discreet bars and clubs host entertainment services that attract the gay crowd. Chow Kit also serves as a gathering place for transwomen, offering a more affordable service than the T-Girls in Bukit Bintang. 

The lesbian scene, on the other hand, is discreet but is available for those who are willing to find for it. Websites like fridae.com and utopia-asia.com offer information about gay and lesbian events and activities across Asia.  

General Attitude Towards Gays

Malaysia is a Muslim country and the tolerance for homosexuality is different from its neighboring nations. Gays and lesbian travelers need to avoid behaviors and acts that attract unwanted attention. Many Malaysians are conservative about public displays of affection and overtly gay and lesbian couples may attract unwanted attention. The risk of vocal or aggressive homophobia is very little, though.

The gay life in the city is still underground due colonial and Islamic laws. Those who operate gay businesses double as aerobisaunas, yogatorium, spaversities, massageaurants, and others. The Internet is also a medium for those looking for gay and lesbian nightclubs, especially discreet and closeted establishments.

Sex and Dance Clubs for Gays

  • BlueBoy Discotheque: This is one of the city’s longest-running gay dance clubs, which is popular on Friday and Saturday nights, and on weekend for Cabaret shows. 
  • Charleston Pub: There are also friendly neighborhood pubs that welcome lesbians and gays like the Charleston Pub. 
  • Frangipani: Many smart cafes in Bintang Walk in the stretch of Jalan Bukit Bintang usually attract gay clients in the weekend. Frangipani features gay night every Friday, with a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Many tourists agree that it is one of the best places to meet and engage with the local community. 
  • Nouvo Bar: This bar hosts LGBT night every last Sunday of the month. It offers a cozy environment where customers can relax to the music or meet and mingle with the locals. 
  • Zouk Club: This is a favorite venue for many savvy gay patrons of the city. It has its roots in Singapore and features different rooms to facilitate a wide variety of music venues. These include retro for Wednesday; hip-hop, ghetto, and rhythm and blues for Thursdays; Brit-pop nights for Fridays; and foreign and local DJs for Saturdays.

Saunas for Gays 

  • Mandi Manda: Gay saunas are also available, with Mandi Manda as a common example. The area offers facilities for pampering the senses, while also letting visitors enjoy the experience of bathing with others. Mandi Manda has an enticing and adventurous atmosphere where clients will have the company of those who have the same preferences in life as they do.

Transsexual Prostitutes 

Transsexual escort services offered by ladyboys are advertised on the Internet. The Chow Kit area also offers the same kind of services, but the safe option is to use the in-call TS escort services. Women looking for sexual services, on the other hand, can go to local bars or find men in the city areas offering the services for some extra cash. The Taman Tasik Park in Titiwangsa and the Central markets offer sexual services for women. 

Transsexual live shows in Kuala Lumpur are available to those with an Internet connection. Tourists who do not want to hire transsexual street workers in Jalan Bukit Bintang usually find ladyboy escort services online.

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