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Beirut City Info

Sitting on a peninsula stretching to the west into the Mediterranean Sea, is Lebanon’s capital and largest city, Beirut. It covers an area of 10,452 km², inhabiting approximately 1 500 000 people, half of the total population of the country.

The city that survived many wars is now called the “Paris of the Middle East”. It is where the ancient and sophisticated cultural facades meet the modern architectural structures, a must-see on every Middle-East tour.

Beirut Red Light District

Connecting Beirut Central and Ras Beiurt is Hamra Street or technically called Rue 31, which serves as a commercial district, surrounded by respected universities and various business chains such as restaurants and bars. Although not considered as an official red light district, the Hamra Street is where the adult entertainment industry in Beirut largely lies. Prostitutes and hostesses are known to work inside nightclubs and bars in Hamra as they wait for possible clients.

History of the RLD

This street was previously known as the “Champs Elysées” before the Lebanese civil war, as it was patronized by a lot of tourists. The government later mandated the removal of the establishments in the area after the war. As it continues to struggle to bring back its past glory, it still remained its prosperous business centre with the presence of banks, shopping stores, restaurants, pubs, and bars, and a few super nightclubs lining the street. This popular street has remained profitable especially with the existence of a few of these super nightclubs where prostitutes anticipate clients who are interested in their sexual services.

How to find the RLD

A few minute walk away from the prestigious American University of Beirut, Hamra Street begins and ends at the Rue de Rome and Rue Sadat intersections. It connects the city’s central district with the Ras Beirut area.

Stay safe in the RLD

Frequented by tourists, it has become an area targeted by pickpocketing schemes so people are advised to be responsible for their valuables when visiting Hamra Street. Be vigilant when coming across beggars, as they tend to follow and insist on tourists to give them something. This has caused a bit of annoyance to people who go and sit down in cafes and other establishments, as these beggars would persistently go to try to ask for money.

Beirut Adult Entertainment

Those who travel to Beirut looking for some adult entertainment, usually go north of the city to Jounieh, where the primary red light district of Lebanon, Maameltein is located. It is where the majority of the super nightclubs, well-regulated adult business scheme conveyed as a better one compared to the traditional ways of prostitution can be found. This adult venue is a unique feature in Lebanon. Unlike the typical nightclubs that may not offer sexual services, this place unwaveringly displays nudity and sexual acts, catering usually to the well-off clientele.

For those who want to settle in the capital, they can still find street prostitution, adult cinemas, as well as a few super nightclubs in the world of sex tourism in Beirut.

Beirut Clubs and Brothels

Street workers can be seen in Hamra Street, where the main adult entertainment scene of Beirut takes place, but most sex workers in this city are known to work inside the super nightclubs.

Adult Cinemas 

  • Cinema al Khayyam– famous for showing old porn movies. Located in Jeanne d’Arc str. Hamra Street 
  • Cinema Morocco– caters to moviegoers who are interested in watching old porn movies as well as mainstream films. The location also serves as a cruising area for men. Located in Mar Doumit str. Sin el Fil 
  • Cinema Royallocated– shows old foreign porn films. Located in Cornish el Nahr 
  • Cinema Plaza– situated in Mar Doumit str. Sin el Fil

Beirut Nightlife

A typical nightlife in Beirut means an “all night out partying, no one is getting home until the sun rises up” kind of nightlife. Here are a few of the well-celebrated nightlife venues in this Lebanese city. 

  • C- Lounge – an open-air bar where one can enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset on the Mediterranean. Usually fully booked as this has become a hotspot for people who want to go out drinking cocktails while listening to some house tunes 
  • White – known as the classiest club in the city, it offers a full VIP bottle service to its upscale clientele. It can also hold to as much as 1,200 people. There’s no wonder why world-renowned DJs frequently visit this place. 
  • B 018 – Heavily packed every weekend, this has become a to go to place for clubbers who enjoy techno and mainstream music.
  • SkyBar – Home to biggest names in the international music scene, there is no doubt people are advised to book in advance to get inside this must-see nightlife venue. 
  • Cassino – one of the upscale clubs that Beirut locals can boast about for its expensive interiors and top-level service. Also patronised by a handful of celebrities. 
  • Hemingway’s Bar and Cigar Lounge – features 3 areas, namely the cigar lounge, the cocktail bar, and the terrace. People will definitely take delight as they gaze upon the wonderful sea view as they sip from their cocktail glass at Hemingway’s.

Beirut LGBT

It may come to as a surprise to almost everyone, but Lebanon has an out-in-the-open gay community in its capital, the city of Beirut. It has an emerging reputation as the gay capital of the Arab nations with its gay-friendly nightlife scene.

A lot of gay-friendly entertainment venues are scattered across the city. The one in Mexico Street, Clemenceau, called Bardo is becoming a new court for the young gays. Other places where the gays frequent are Acid in Sin el Fil, and Milk in Saifi. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

Beirut is known to be the most tolerant to the gay community of all Arab-speaking cities. The city belongs to the sole country in the Middle East to have formed an organisation, Helem, which protects the welfare of the LGBT. It seeks to have Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code permanently be ineffective.

Despite efforts of the activists, there have been increasing reports of police harassment of gay men in the city that includes invasive body searches to brutal raids in gay bars. The LGBT still face these kinds of harassment, not just by the general public, but also by the authorities who are supposedly protectors of the citizens. This just proves that real tolerance for the LGBT culture has still yet to happen in this city. Oddly, Beirut has been deemed as the safest place for the homosexuals in the Middle East

Gay Prostitution in Beirut

Reports say that Gay prostitution in Beirut is on the rise. It is present in various locations such as:

  • La Corniche – a discreet bar that caters to the fancies of gay men.
  • Paradise Beach – known to be a place where gay people gather and do meetups.

Transsexual prostitutes

  • Dark Box – a club in the city patronized by transsexuals as well as escorts. Located on Monot Street, Ashrafie Beirut.
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