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Rome City Info

Rome, a city known for history and architecture, is the capital of Italy. It is the largest city in the country with an estimated area of 1,200 sq. kilometres and a population of more than 2.6 million. Rome, which is also one of the oldest cities in Europe, is located in the southern part of the country, on the eastern banks of Tiber River.

It is easy to fall in love with Rome because of its stunning attractions. Ancient sights are abundant, with popular points of interest such as Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, and National Museum of Pasta.

Rome Red Light District

EUR is considered the city’s red light district with more than 20 streets. There are specific locations for young sex workers, male prostitutes, and transvestites. It is also possible to see streets with some Asian and eastern European girls. Selling of sexual services is a lot more common in EUR than other districts in the city. In fact, there are reports suggesting that street cleaners complained about sweeping hypodermic needles and sticky condoms in the area.

EUR is said to transform after dark, but tourists can still spot some prostitutes during the day. Authorities in Rome have plans to tolerate the selling of sexual services in the specific areas to strike a balance between prostitutes and residents. The city’s mayor wants to make prostitution illegal in parks and other family-themed locations. If this becomes successful in EUR, he will open other RLD zones in Rome.

History of the RLD 

Italy’s Benito Mussolini developed EUR’s neighbourhood in the 1930s. This is to recreate the city’s grandeur ahead of the World’s Fair in 1942, therefore the name

Espozione Universiale Roma. The aim of the World Fair was to highlight Mussolini’s two decades of fascism. This, however, never happened because of the 2nd World War. 

After this, the area became a popular place with wide avenues and high-class apartments. Then, it somehow became a well-known district for sex and adult entertainment. The place has now evolved, with locals and tourists looking carnal pleasures visiting the streets and establishments surrounding EUR. 

The streets in the area are now filled with sex workers of different race and sexual orientation. Many conduct their business on street corners, hoods of cars, and other establishments.

How to find the RLD 

The district is easy to reach by riding the Metro with different stops on Line B, with station Fermi as the one nearest to the museums. The area has plenty of unique landmarks such as the Square Colosseum, Palazzo Dello Sport, and the well-known Central Park Lake. 

Stay safe in the RLD 

Most parts of the district are safe and it is easy to find a quiet and nice place to stay in EUR.  Safety is also not a big concern in central neighbourhoods. Tourists, however, are advised to pay attention to crowded areas like public transports and be aware of the presence of scammers around the area.

Rome Adult Entertainment

While Rome is known for its historical attractions, there is a wide range of adult entertainment in the capital. Tourists looking for a genuine Italian welcome can find escorts in the centre of the city. Strip clubs are also abundant, with most of them featuring different performances to satisfy the crowd. Massage parlours also exist, ideal for those who want a soothing and sensual massage after a tiring day. 

Street prostitution is still rampant in the city, with workers offering their services in EUR streets at night and even in daylight. There are different groups of sex workers based on sexual orientation, race, and even levels of sexual pleasure. An ordination in the city was done aiming to tone down the overexposed prostitutes because of their extremely revealing outfits. Tourists can also find sex shops, offering a selection of adult products for both straight and gay clients.

Adult Cinemas

  • Cinema Ambasciatori – this has been an adult cinema for years. It has comfortable seating with huge screen size. The venue is also clean and well operated. It mostly caters to a male gay audience and shows straight adult films. Located in Via Montebello 107, Rome 00185. 
  • Blue Moon – this erotic theatre also offers shows from porno stars. These include lap dance, table dance, and other sensual performances. Located in Via dei Quattro Cartoni (CENTRUM Via Cavour).

Street Prostitution

Selling of sexual services mostly happens on the streets of EUR. There are designated places for young sex workers, Nigerian women, male prostitutes, and even transvestites. Some streets also have Asian prostitutes and girls from Eastern Europe. Many workers have campers in parked vehicles, while others provide services in hoods of cars.

Rome Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • FLIRT Swingers Club – this organizes erotic events and parties in Rome. This is a couples-only club located in 01015 Trevignano Romano Metropolitan City of Rome. 
  • Bad Romance Club Prive – this swinger club welcomes couples, singles, lovers, and those who want to spend the night without masks; located in Via Beniamino Franklin, 3A Testaccio Central. 
  • Bacchianalia Club – this is a private club with rooms and facilities; located in Via Jacopo decks 69, Rome. 
  • Calidarium Roma – features events such as BDSM, Foot Fetish, Glory Hole, and much more; located in Via Ombrone 1, Rome. 
  • Olimpo Club – an erotic nightclub featuring events and themed nights; located in Via Aurelia Km. 33,300 Ladispoli, Rome.

Rome Nightlife

The city has its own unique nightlife and party scene. Cafes and wine bars located around Via della Pace and Piazza Navona are ideal for those who want a chic place to hang out after dinner. Most of the nightclubs in Rome are in Ostiense and Testaccio districts. Tourists can also find fashionable dining venues in Pigneto district. It is easy to reach the area by riding a tram in the east of Termini station. 

Some of the most notable nightlife venues include: 

  • La Cabala – an exclusive nightclub in the city with three level spaces. It attracts a stylish crowd, usually aged 25 to 30. Located in Via dei Soldati, 25, 00186 Rome. 
  • Shari Vari Playhouse –has three levels of rooms offering different dance genre. Reservation is recommended. Located in Via di Torre Argentina, 78, 00186 Rome. 
  • Akab – one of the most popular nightlife venues in Testaccio. It offers quality live entertainment and has a dance floor that plays reggae, disco, acid jazz, and more. Located in Via di Monte Testaccio, 69, 00153 Rome. 
  • Vinile – this club in Ostiense neighbourhood features live music with both local and international performers. It offers good music, quality food, and an excellent selection of beverages. Located in Via Giuseppe Libetta, 19, 00154 Rome. 
  • Freni e Frizioni – this place gets busy from 7 pm onwards. It attracts a mixed crowd including locals, tourists, American college students, and chic bohemians. Located in Via del Politeama, 4/6, 00153 Rome.


San Giovanni in Laterano is sometimes referred to as the Gay Street of Rome. The street can be full of people, particularly in warm summer nights because of some events like music performances and parties. Popular gay bars are also located in San Giovanni, such as Coming Out and My Bar. Some venues are also within walking distance of Termini Station. 

Gay saunas and cruise bars also exist in the city. Most establishments require a membership proof called Anddos card, which is also necessary for some gay parties. Those who don’t have a card can get it at a venue that requires the card. This is valid for one year. Gay and lesbian tourism are now available through dedicated Italian tour operator Quiiky.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Homosexuality (over 16 years old) is legal in Italy, but the country in general has a conservative attitude toward this, keeping in line with Vatican City. Just this year, however, Rome’s Mayor Ignazio Marino supported the establishment of a civil union register, also allowing the registration of marriages held in other countries. 

The Italian parliament has recently approved a law recognizing same-sex civil unions. Proponents of the said union, however, note that the law is inadequate in granting full equality for couples of the same gender. It does not recognize same-sex marriage and stepchild adoption. 

Circolo Mario Mieli di Cultura Omosessuale is a gay political and cultural organisation in Rome. Apart from managing the Gay Pride, it also organises social functions, debates, and other cultural events. Coordinamento Lesbiche Italiano, on the other hand, is the national organisation for lesbians. This organises events like literary evenings and conferences. 

There is no dedicated gay community or neighbourhood in the city. Small gay venues and establishments are scattered throughout Rome. The city has a low-key yet thriving gay scene, with most venues located in San Giovanni in Laterano (near the Colosseum). Popular gay bars include My Bar, Coming Out, Garbo Bar, and Beuge. 

Gay Prostitution in Rome

Most of the gay escorts in the city advertise their services online. GayEscortClub.com/escorts-rome has a listing of gay prostitutes in the capital. 

Transsexual prostitutes

TS Escorts is said to offer shemale and transsexual escorts in the city. The site provides photos, allowing interested clients to pick one that suits their taste.

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