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Naples City Info

Naples, the city capital of the region of Campania is situated on the west coast of South Italy. It covers approximately 117 square kilometres and is the second most populated metropolis, after Milan. Some 975,260 people resided within the administrative limits, while around 4 million lived in the metropolitan area.

The recorded history of Naples started in the 7th century BC when it fell under Greek rule. Later, the city also became a Roman colony. No wonder Naples has become known as a magical place where culture and history are intertwined, and where tourists can enjoy a multi-faceted vacation in what has been dubbed as Italy's most unlikely masterpiece.

Naples Red Light District

Piazza Garibaldi is a rather tumultuous part of Naples, characterized by street market sellers and frequent traffic congestion. When night falls, the area transforms into some sort of a red-light district. However, prostitution in Piazza Garibaldi is nothing like the officially designated red-light districts in major European cities. The area is largely dominated by female and transsexual street prostitutes.

Prostitution has also spread to Corso Umberto, heading South via Gianturco, Piazzale Tecchio, and St. Paul Park via Nuova Agnano and Terracina. Female prostitutes are mostly found in Vasto and Poggioreale, while transgender prostitutes are concentrated in the areas of Agnano, Corso Lucci, and Fuorigrotta. The majority of the girls are immigrants who barely speak Italian. They normally work 12-hour shifts and most have pimps who closely monitor their every move.

History of the RLD

The invasion of Italy aggravated the problem of prostitution during the 1940s. Naples emerged as the primary staging ground for Italian offensives and the main rest and recreation center for Allied troops. Wine flew freely, girls were plentiful, and the GIs discovered the relief that Latin women could provide even with the most casual sexual encounters. An American official was quoted as saying that prostitution became the means through which women supported themselves and their families.

The severity of the sexual issues that faced the Allies in Italy was put in the limelight when US Army medical officers conceded defeat to the prostitutes in their battle against venereal diseases. The situation was so grim that the fatalities from sexual infection exceeded those from the battlefront. In response, ‘Casanova Camp’ treatment centres were established to keep the troops in and the prostitutes out.

Prostitution in Naples has stood the test of time, though it is now concentrated in certain areas of the city. The majority of the prostitutes work as streetwalkers who prowl the streets in mini-skirts and high heels to attract horny men on wheels.

How to Find the RLD

Piazza Garibaldi is the square located in front of the central station. It is accessible by lines 1 and 2 of the metro, as well as the Circumvesuviana train and the tram system. The area is just 5-10 minutes by taxi, with the nearest taxi stand located in Piazza Sonnino.

Stay Safe in the RLD

Naples in general and specifically the Central Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi is infamous for pickpockets, scammers, and luggage thieves. Be particularly careful when commuting using the Circumvesuviana train.

In most instances, taking simple precautions reduces the risks and will allow you to travel in safety. Here are some tips:

  • Don't have anything precious to steal and try to minimize the amount of cash/credit cards you carry.

  • Hide what you have by placing your money and other valuables in a money belt or interior pocket so they are hard to get.

  • Get on the first car of the train because pickpockets tend to avoid it since the driver/conductor is there.

  • Avoid any commotion because it is likely a distraction or diversion so you don't notice the pickpockets and other con artists.

  • As much as possible, travel in groups and always be on the lookout for anything that’s suspicious-looking.

  • Avoid alleyways and narrow streets in the Spanish Quarter, in the Centro Storico, and elsewhere where they are found across the city.

  • Avoid city parks after dusk, when they are mostly deserted and dimly illuminated.

Naples Adult Entertainment

In most cities, commercial sex takes place in designated red light areas and in upscale brothels. In Naples, the majority of prostitutes are streetwalkers who are mostly African migrants. There are also some Eastern European women, Roma Gypsy hookers, and high-end escorts who typically work in private apartments.

Sex trade happens in the seedy streets where women offer quickies for 20 to 30 euros. Naples also hosts a number of gentlemen’s clubs, strip clubs, swinger clubs, erotic massage parlours, and sex shops. If you’re after an adult-centric vacation, you can rest assured that Naples won’t disappoint.

Adult Cinemas 

Some adult shops in Naples feature sex cinemas. Here are two of the most prominent ones: 

  • Cinema Agora
    Location: via Guantai Nuovi 4-6, Naples
    Phone: +39 081 552 4893
    The cinema has two levels with a single screen. There are small rooms for private viewing. Some gay action on the back and male escorts are available.
  • Eden Theatre
    Location: via Cardinale Guglielmo Sanfelice 15, Naples
    The theatre shows mostly straight porn, but there are lots of gay and bi-curious men who frequent the venue.

Street Prostitution

Streetwalkers can be found in Naples, particularly at night in the area surrounding the La Costiera hotel on Via Domitiana, just south of Lago Patria. The girls are mostly black and normally hang out right across the street from the hotel. Most of them charge 50 euros for full service. African street hookers are very fluent in English and they usually roam the side streets of Piazza Garibaldi. Sometimes, in the centre of the square itself, you’ll find Romanians and other whores from Eastern Europe. They will take you to private rooms and will charge about 50 euros. However, they are also willing to be taken to a quiet corner or a dark alley for a quickie.

Naples Nightlife

Naples is a dynamic city with a matching cultural life. More than just tenors and mandolins, the city boasts one of the most manic nightlife scenes in Italy. A large student population means there are lots of bars where you can enjoy molten black coffee or simply strike up a conversation. There are several places on Via Paladino that fill up with Naples’ student population. The Amedeo, dei Martiri, and San Pasquale piazzas all have lots of cool places to choose from.

However, it isn’t just students who love the nightlife. All Neapolitans have a passion for the theatre which means the city hosts world-class opera, live musical events, theatre, and dance productions. During weekends, the piazzas are packed with people drinking beers, particularly in summer. Clubs normally open at 10:30 pm and fill up shortly after midnight. The popular ‘disco bars’ are a must see and your first stop should be at ‘centro storico’, which brims with fantastically seedy venues that are a part bar and part club.

Naples LGBT

It’s common to see men linking arms as they walk down the street together, young men with their arms draped around each other, even adolescent boys putter up to one another to hug and cheek-kiss their pals hello. The point is that such actions are tolerated and won’t raise any eyebrows. Just refrain from snogging and making out in public.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Neapolitans have increasingly accepted same-sex couples over the years, and homosexual sex acts are completely legal. Also, they are generally much more affectionate in public than Americans, Brits or Canadians. The main gay district is located near Plaze Bellini, a square dotted with sidewalk cafes. One of the most popular is Caffe Letterario Intra Moenia, a stomping ground for local artists, academics, and writers.

There are some gay cruise bars in Naples where you can get some gay action. 

  • Depot - a private club linked to Arcigay Napoli
    Via Della Veterinaria 72
    Open: Tue-Thu 10 pm-3 am, Fri-Sat 10pm-5am

  • The Basement – a private club associated with d’elit
    Via Atri 36B
    Open: Wed-Sun 10 pm onwards 
  • Ghetto Crime Bar - a friendly gay bar located in the Chiaia area. It offers a relaxed ambiance with great music and drinks.
    Via Giuseppe Ferrigni 21

Transsexual Prostitutes in Naples

Transsexual or shemale prostitutes can be found in the same areas where regular street whores hang out. They charge as low as 20 euros for a quickie in a car. Piazza Garibaldi gets a crowd of transsexual prostitutes every night. More tranny and ladyboy prostitutes can be found in Agnano, Corso Lucci, and Fuorigrotta. The rate in these prostitution areas ranges from 20 to 50 euros.

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