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Bologna City Info

Bologna, a well-known learning and trade centre, is a medieval city in the northern part of Italy. It has a land area of 140.7 km² and a population of about 380,000 inhabitants. It is also the capital and the largest city in Emilia-Romagna.

The old university city has popular tourist attractions that include Piazza Maggiore, Towers of Bologna, and San Petronio Basilica. Many visitors find this place one of Italy’s most fascinating city that is also branded as the country’s gastronomic capital as its leading industries include that of producing pasta and sausages.

Bologna Red Light District

It is said that the red light district in the city is nothing like it was before. The area is now a well-known place to hang out and get some drinks. Notable places or streets in the old red light district include Via Fregatette and Via Delle Oche. Most of the brothels in Bologna were located in these streets up until these establishments were still legal.

It is also easy to find restaurants and other dining venues surrounding the area. Apart from the two streets mentioned, Via del Pratello is also a prominent place in Bologna’s old RLD. The streets around it and the main square are where partygoers and night owls frequently meet.

Some nightclubs exist in the area, but tourists can find sex workers and adult entertainment venues in other parts of the town.

History of the RLD

Brothels or whorehouses were legal in Bologna until 1958. The neighbourhood of Via Delle Oche and Via Fregatette were said to be the location of brothels and home of sensual Bolognese women and other sex workers. The Merlin Law (named after its creator Angela Merlin) proposed the abolishment of brothels.

How to find the RLD 

Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia Romagna is a public transport company in the city, carrying out local services in Bologna. But, the best way to go to Via delle Oche which is located in Bologna’s historic center is by foot, as it is known to be a walker’s paradise.

Stay safe in the RLD

Bologna and most of its streets are generally safe. Tourists, however, are advised to pay attention to their surroundings and make informed choices. It is not advisable to wander or walk alone at night, especially around the train station. 

Pickpocketing is the most prevalent crime in this medieval town. Vacationers should watch their belongings and keep their bags zipped, especially when exploring the town or riding the bus. It is important to note that areas around the train station and in certain parts of the university district (Piazza Verdi to Via San Vitale) sometimes become a location for fights and crimes associated with drugs and alcohol.

Bologna Adult Entertainment

While the trade of sexual services is bigger in EUR, Rome, Bologna also has its own share of venues that cater to adult entertainment. Though the operation of brothels has ceased since the newer legislation outlawed it, there is still prostitution, strip clubs, swinger clubs and adult cinemas in Bologna.

Adult Cinemas

  • All’Italico – is one adult theatre in Bologna, located in Vicolo Quartirolo, 7. 
  • Cinema Corallo – a theatre known for showing porn, located in Via Sardegna 15, Bologna. It is also a popular meeting place for both gay and heterosexual couples.

Street Prostitution

Many of the street workers in the city are from countries in Eastern Europe. There are several streets in the town where prostitutes attract clients. Tourists can see some girls in Via Morazzo, Via Stalingrado, and Via delle Serre. There are also some girls working in Via Marco Emilio Lepido and Via Ferrarese. 

Bologna Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • Bolero Palace – this venue offers a range of option such as music, art, relaxation, and exclusive parties. Cheerful visitors come to the place to socialise, make new friends, and fulfil their fantasies.

    Website http://www.boleropalace.com/
    Address: Via del Borgo, 8 Altedo, Bologna
    Telephone: +39 051 660 1540 
  • Spa Mythodea – located in the centre of the city with modern facilities. It offers a space where clients can pick the path that best suits their needs and discover new sensations.

    Address: Via di Porta di Castello, 2, 40121 Bologna
    Telephone: +39 051 656 9354
    Open: 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. (Monday to Friday) 
  • Certi Notte – it has a spa, club, and summer garden. It also offers transgressive entertainment with scheduled events and parties.

    Website: http://www.certenotti.eu/
    Address: Via Mino, 2, 40061 Cà de Fabbri, Minerbio Bologna
    Telephone: +39 051 033 2225

Bologna Nightlife

The student community in the city drives the vibrant nightlife scene in Bologna. There is a wide range of discos, clubs, and live music venues, perfect for those who love to drink, enjoy, and party. Most of the good nightlife venues are located in Via Zamboni (affordable pubs and restaurants) and Via del Pratello. 

  • Le Stanze – this bar features 17th-century frescoes and high ceilings. It offers an aperitivo buffet and excellent choices of drinks; located in Via Borgo San Pietro 1, Bologna, 40126. 
  • Kinki – this is a long-time favourite clubbing venue in the city. This has hosted many prominent music people over the years. The club features multi-media happenings and trendy visuals; located in Via Zamboni 1, Bologna, 40126. 
  • Link – this club hosts live bands and avant-garde art performances. It also delivers techno, ambient, and electronic tunes with special effects and light shows; located Via Fantoni 21, Bologna, 40127. 
  • Bar Wolf – this plays extensive live music, including experimental funk and folk rock. It offers affordable pasta plates, salads, burgers, and Italian beers on tap; located in Via Massarenti 118, Bologna, 40138. 
  • Matis – many students visit this club for hip-hop and techno tunes from local and international DJs. It follows the latest music trends and hosts large dinners with live performances; located in Via Rotta 10, Casteldebole, Bologna, 40132.

Bologna LGBT

Bologna has one of the most open-minded attitudes and atmospheres throughout the country. It has a gay and lesbian centre, called Cassero, which is also the headquarter of the organisation Arcigay.

Cassero centre has a unique atmosphere. It hosts several parties and other scheduled events. It is located in Via Don Giovanni Minzoni 18, Bologna. It is also possible to find other gay venues in the city such as gay clubs and saunas.

General Attitude Towards Gays 

Bologna has an accepting attitude towards homosexuality. The students in the university and young population in the town shows open-mindedness concerning gay people. While the local scene is not that big, the city has a gay and lesbian centre known as Casero in Via Don Giovanni Minzoni 18. This location is unrivalled in the whole country and hosts dance parties for the third sex. 

Tourists can also buy Gay News, the Bologna-based national Italian gay newspaper. Bars, clubs, and other gay venues are abundant in the city. Many of these host disco dances, parties, and themed-nights. It is also possible to see gay saunas in the city, with facilities like a dark room, steam saunas, Jacuzzi, and cabins. Igor Libreria is a gay shop and LGBT bookstore with English and Italian magazines and books.

Like most places in the country, Anddos card or Arcigay card is a requirement in cruise bars and gay saunas. In the city, Arcigay is required in Cassero. Tourists can acquire the card in an establishment that requires it. 

Gay Prostitution in Bologna

There is no specific information on where to find gay prostitutes in Bologna. It is said that most gay escorts advertise their services online. Sites like GayClubEscorts.com and RentMen.com offer listings of gay prostitutes in the city. 

Transsexual Prostitutes

In the centre of the city, an under-passage is located between Via Ugo Bassi and Via Marconi. Many men hang around the place, looking for a quick adult service. The walls of the under-passage are said to be filled with ads for transsexual and male prostitutes.

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