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Tel Aviv - Yaf City Info

Sited on the Israeli Mediterranean coast is the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel’s former government centre during the proclamation of the Israeli Independence in 1948. It has a city area of 52 square kilometres and a metropolitan area of approximately 1,500 square kilometres with 430,000 inhabitants. 

Its history dates back to the year 1909 when Jewish immigrants founded Tel Aviv on the outskirts of Jaffa. They were merged into 1 municipality, thus the name Tel Aviv Yafo. The once negatively depicted as a city that lacked personality is now known as the country’s economic and multi-cultural hub.

Tel Aviv - Yaf Red Light District

  • Neve Sha’anan - specifically the old central bus station is Tel Aviv-Yafo’s red light district. The now-rundown neighbourhood has been made primarily as a home to foreign workers, with its major population coming from the Soviet and Southeast Asian countries. There are hardly any locals in the area.

Aside from being a destination for authentic international cuisine particularly due to the influx of immigrants, this is where most acts of prostitution in the city transpires. Dominated by Russian female sex workers, the Neve Sha’anan area is for those with daring spirits seeking for sexual pleasure. 

History of the RLD 

For 8 years from the year 1975, prostitution became highly visible in Tel Aviv-Yafo. It was between 1983 and 1989 when sex workers were forced to take their business to Tel Baruch. Years later, apartment buildings became the prime location of prostitution, made by the clearing efforts of the government. It was during this period when the old central bus station in Neve Sha’anan became the centre of prostitution. 

The area’s population growth is predominantly caused by the illegal entry of foreign workers. This occurrence steered to the growing business of sex clubs, brothels, massage parlours in Neve Sha’anan. Evidently, a major percentage of sex works in Tel Aviv- Yafo is composed of illegal immigrants. 

Apart from being high crime rate zone, there have been a couple of suicide bombings that took place in this area during the Israeli—Palestinian conflict, thus explaining why the area has been tagged as an unsafe place to go to. 

How to find the RLD

The Neve Sha’anan neighbourhood is located in the eastern portion of Florentin. The RLD is specifically in the now-abandoned old central bus district of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Finding this place is easy since it is connected to the major transportation hub, the new central bus station.

Stay safe in the RLD

People are generally asked to take safety precautions when exploring this side of Tel Aviv-Yafo since this particular district has been deemed dangerous. It has a high crime rate, as it is a target of violence and chaos as its history would reveal. Most would not wander around this part of the city but the place is quite perfect for the adventure seekers out there who are in search for some adult entertainment.

Tel Aviv - Yaf Adult Entertainment

With a much-admired nightlife for its vibrant spirit and utmost intensity, Tel Aviv-Yafo is just the right place for some adult kind of fun. There’s quite a load of adult entertainment options in this city. From paid services on outside locations, strip clubs, brothels, swinger clubs, massage parlours, to adult cinemas, Tel Aviv-Yafo has got interested clients covered.  

Adult Cinemas

  • Hamerkaz Cinema- located at 4 Neve Sha’anan Street at the corner of Hashomron Street. This now-defunct cinema previously showed the latest Holywood films then started to screen pornographic materials in the 1970’s. Sadly, the building was badly damaged due to a suicide bomb incident.
  • Back Room- set on Dizengoff Street, this pornographic cinema can be accessed through an establishment called Sexy Shop. Other amenities include video cabins and a darkroom.

Street Prostitution

Cases of street prostitution are quite extensive in Tel Aviv-Yafo predominantly in the RLD, Neve Sha’anan. It is critical to note that most sex workers in this district are homeless who rely heavily on addictive drugs. Seeking sexual pleasure in this area is to be done with extreme caution.

Tel Aviv - Yaf Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

  • Swinger Club Swingtown 
  • First Zionist Swingers Club

Tel Aviv - Yaf Nightlife

Tel Aviv-Yafo lives up to that is a bustling city that offers one amazing nightlife entertainment. Dine in a fancy restaurant while you sip on a crafted drink as you watch the sun set. Nightlife entertainment scenes are scattered throughout the city, but the main points are the Florentine quarter, Shenkin Street all the way up to the port. The following are the few of the best bars and clubs in the city. 

  • Lala Land- a bar that offers a majestic view of the Mediterranean coastline, giving off that soothing vibe. They serve a great selection of cocktails and plays chill music hits. 
  • Mike’s Place- What sets this business apart from the others is its individuality, being a cross between a beach lounge and a sports saloon.
  • Bugsy- one of the city’s popular cocktail bars with chic interiors, creating a relaxing atmosphere. This one’s definitely a must-see.
  • Radio EPGB- the perfect underground spot in Tel Aviv-Yafo is fast becoming a popular club that plays electro house music.

  • The Breakfast Club- a club set on a basement venue that plays a different genre of tunes ranging from trance, jazz to funky music.

Tel Aviv - Yaf LGBT

There are quite a couple of places in Tel Aviv-Yafo that qualify as gay zones. Two of which are the Dizengoff along Shenkin Street and the Rothshild Boulevard Specific gay favourite spots in the city include Brown Hotel Bar, Lima Lima, Kuli Alma, Shpagat, Evita, Apolo Club, Ha’oman, and a so-called gay park, the Haatzmaut.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Gay couples are pretty well-received in this part of Israel, a far cry from other cities of the country like Jerusalem, with the exception of neighbouring coastline towns of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Walking hand-in-hand and kissing in public are common acts to see among gay couples in this small city, making it a real gay-friendly place.

Gay Prostitution in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Although not a huge city, Tel Aviv-Yafo has become a new homosexual mecca of the Mediterranean coast. There’s no wonder a number of gay prostitutes have flocked in the place. There are websites that advertise gay prostitutes in Tel Aviv- Yafo. Same goes for transsexual prostitutes.

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