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Dublin City Info

Dublin is the capital, as well as the largest city in Ireland. It is found in the east coast province of Leinster, at the mouth of the Liffey River. It covers a land area of about 44 square miles and has a population of 565,000 as of the year, 2014. The city was once voted as the “Friendliest Metropolis in Europe” and once earned the distinction of being the most visited tourist attraction in the country.

Dublin traces its origin back over a thousand years, and for much of this period, it has been the cultural, educational and industrial center of Ireland. Just like any major city, its history is marked by peaks and valleys which all contributed to what this great city has become today.

Dublin’s premier tourist destination is the Guinness Storehouse which is situated at St. James’ Gate, just outside the city center. It is a world-class attraction about all there is to know about Guinness. A visit to the place wraps up with a pint of “The Black Stuff” in the Gravity Bar which provides a panoramic view of the entire city.

Dublin Red Light District

There used to be a red light district in Dublin which went by the name of Monto. The country’s former RLD used to be in the area bounded by Amiens Street, Gardiner Street, Seán McDermott Street (formerly Gloucester Street) and Talbot Street. Its name was said to have been derived from Montgomery Street (now Foley Street), which stretches side by side to the lower section of Talbot Street towards Connolly Station.

Monto was memorialized as the "Nighttown in the "Circe" chapter of Irish novelist and poet James Joyce's renowned masterpiece, Ulysses, where the main protagonists Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom visited a brothel together. Monto has ceased to be the red-light district of Dublin.

Nowadays, Benburb Street, Fitzwilliam Square, Wilton Terrace and Pepper Pot Church on Mount Street are well served by gorgeous ladies at night. These are all busy areas during the day, so it is only when darkness falls that they transform and kerb crawlers start to prowl.

History of Monto

During the prime time of Monto from the 1860s to the 1920s, the former RLD was arguably the biggest red-light district in Europe, with up to 1,600 prostitutes offering their services at any given time, and all types of clients were catered for. This was partly due to the fact that Monto was a port and a garrison town with lots of British army barracks.

Monto was also a center of IRA operation, especially during the War of Independence, with a number of safe houses reserved for the flying columns which included the public residence of Phil Shanahan. Popular legend has it that the Prince of Wales at that time, Prince Albert Edward (later King Edward VII), lost his virginity in Monto.

Between 1923 and 1925, the brothels in Monto were sought to be closed by religious missions led by Fr. R.S. Devane and Frank Duff of the Legion of Mary. They received the nod and assistance of Dublin Police Commissioner, Gen. William W.R.E. Murphy and the missions came to an end with the closure of the brothels and 120 arrests following a police raid on March 12, 1925. At that time, however, the financial viability of the brothels was already seriously compromised because of the withdrawal of troops from Dublin after the Anglo-Irish Treaty and the creation of the Irish Free State on December 6, 1922.

Safety Information

Dublin may have a reputation for being too liberal and filled with heavy drinking scenes, but it is actually one of the world’s safest cities. It has a very low crime rate, with only a few recorded instances of violent or aggressive criminal behavior. People just have to consider the fact that it is a popular tourist destination so the city attracts pickpockets, thieves and other petty criminals. Though the police are on standby around these areas, it is still advisable to keep a sharp mind and be street smart at all times. It is okay to walk around the city center, though it could be a bit infuriating after midnight when you come across areas with intoxicated people around, particularly at Temple Bar and Dame Street. But as a whole, you should be just fine and will surely enjoy your stay.

As for those seeking adult entertainment, it’s a bit of a different story. While Dublin is a very friendly and safe city, the areas frequented by prostitutes may not be quite as amicable. Most of the girls are poor or homeless and many are known to be drug addicts, so they may not hesitate in robbing you. Residential areas in the city have a visible police presence, but the other areas are not places you want to explore especially after dark. You are not likely to be offered sex on the streets as hand jobs and blow jobs are the usual offerings.

Dublin Adult Entertainment

When it comes to adult entertainment, Dublin has got you covered. Looking for a night of fun and excitement? Do you want to go out with a drop dead gorgeous lady? Enjoy your night in the city with an Irish escort! You may be tired and has no time for pleasure. No worries. Get rejuvenated by treating yourself to an erotic massage! How about stepping into your sensual playfulness and getting a little kinky? Try to check out some of the sought after strip clubs where you’ll find pretty faces and sexy ladies with, of course, an excellent service!

Street Prostitution

The so-called ‘safe prostitution zones’ and ‘prostitute tolerance zones’ are said to be not existing in the streets of Dublin. Street prostitution was declared illegal in Ireland way back in the year 1993. Although there is no official red-light district, there are plenty of street prostitutes in certain areas like Arbour Hill who services such as blowjobs. Others are scattered across the city. Visitors must bear in mind that the streets of Dublin are known to be not a safe area to end up in during nightfall.

Dublin Clubs and Brothels

Strip Clubs

  • Angels - a long established cabaret and lap-dancing strip club

    Website: www.angelsdublin.com
    Address: 38-39 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2
    Telephone: +353 87 254 2555
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10pm-3:30am 
  • Garden of Eden – a nice and cozy bar that offers lap dances in its VIP area

    Address: 3 Eden Quay, Dublin 2
    Telephone: +353 1 874 6934
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8pm-2:30am 
  • Lapello – features a gorgeous bunch of ladies consisting of both Irish and international models. Hang out in sheer luxury and enjoy the bar’s extensive array of beers and spirits imported from around the world

    Website: lapello.com
    Address: 55 Dame Street, Dublin 2
    Email: info@lapello.com
    Telephone: +353 1 6790514
    Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 9pm-3am; Fri-Sat 8pm-3am
  • Lapetite - a gentleman’s club located in the basement of Barry’s Hotel

    Address: 1-2 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1
    Telephone: +353 1 874 0145
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8pm-3am 
  • Le Paradis Club - a gentleman’s club offering first-rate entertainment in a relaxed ambiance. Their dancers are well trained in the art of pole dancing, sensual striptease, and exotic dances

    Address: 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2
    Website: www.leparadisclub.com
    Telephone: +353 1 679 7767
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8pm-2am 
  • Playmates - a gentlemen’s club where the models dance topless in a G-string. The club opened in 2002 and has a capacity of 200.

    Address: Parnell Street, Dublin 2
    Telephone: +353 86 325 8325
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10pm-3am.
    Dancers per night: 10 
  • Temple Bar Emporium – the latest and most luxurious gentlemen’s club in Dublin. The venue consists of six floors with full bar/restaurant, live DJ, champagne/cigar lounge, karaoke suite and of course lap dancing ladies.

    Address: 20 Crane Lane, Dublin 2
    Website: www.templebaremporium.com
    Telephone: +353 1 633 7857
  • The Barclay Club – the only five-star gentleman’s club in Dublin. Guests get to enjoy an exclusive and sophisticated experience in a chic and comfortable environment. The fabulous lap dancers are guaranteed to put on a show that you’ll remember forever.

    Address: County Highway 2, Dublin 2
    Website: barclayclub.ie
    Email: info@barclayclub.ie
    Telephone: +353 1 670 6500
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 7pm-4am 
  • The Sapphire Club – allows clients to view online profiles of strip dancers and chat with them before visiting the venue.

    Address: 77 Fitzwilliam Lane (Off Bagot Street), Dublin 2
    Telephone: +353 87 2542555 

Swinger Clubs

Dublin is a swinging, dynamic and fun-loving city. There are several bars and clubs where the swingers meet.

  • The Irish Swingers Club – the place to go when you want to hook up with people who are down for anything. The majority of the patrons come from Ireland itself and the club meets are held in different venues throughout Dublin, even in areas located outside the city.

    Email: info@irishswingersclub.com
    Number: 0858084186 
  • Harmony Parties – a club for swingers and daring singles and/or couples

    Email: info@harmonyparties.com
    Number: 0874672115 


It was rumored that a certain Prince of Wales was an occasional client of high end brothels lining on the Montgomery Street. This was when Dublin’s official red light district was still existing.

Dublin Nightlife

Dublin is a highly sought after tourist destination with visitors coming from across the globe. Tourists come to the city for several reasons though the proliferation of pubs and the vibrant nightlife gave it a reputation as a fantastic place to come for a good time. In fact, Dublin’s pub-to-person ratio is its pride and the envy of other major cities. 

The legal drinking age is 18 and only a handful of places ask for ID. Those under 18 are only permitted on the premises before 8 pm and they should be accompanied by an adult. Some bars and clubs are picky when it comes to attire and doormen seem to be particularly annoyed by guests who are too casually dressed such as those wearing beat-up sneakers or runners. 

Bars normally operate till 11 pm from Monday to Wednesday and until midnight from Thursday to Saturday. Late bars and clubs serve until 2:30 am, but hotel guests can drink in the residential bar as late as they want. As for clubs, Dublin offers a wide variety regardless of your nightlife habits, sexual preference, and musical taste. The downside is that most have a cover charge on weekends, sometimes between €15-20. Most of the clubs close at about 2:30 am, although some stay open a little later.

Dublin also has a good number of Indie music venues, some of which are live music scenes associated with traditional bars. On Wexford Street and neighboring Camden Street, there is a superb collection of bars for alternative music fans.

Dublin LGBT

Ireland has had its share of troubles when it comes to the gay and lesbian communities, and homosexuality has only been legalized in the country for a couple of decades. However, modern Ireland is now entirely different, the locals are now widely accepting members of the third sex and there are a lot of things to see and do in the city.

There are a couple of popular gay hangouts in the city of Dublin. One of which is The George, a contemporary nightclub that features TV personalities. Another is the Pantibar, an establishment that hosts drag performances as well as karaoke nights.

General Attitude towards Gays

For the most part, the gay and lesbian scene is already spilling over to straight venues and vice versa. The overall attitude of people in Dublin towards the LGBT is relaxed and welcoming. Because of the mix and mingle style of the city, the gay and lesbian scene has not turned into extremes, for instance, venues that are exclusively fetish. The scene is mixed and both gays and lesbians socialize in the same clubs and pubs with little or no segregation at all. There is no specific gay community in Dublin, but there are quite a number of LGBT-friendly venues on Parliament Street, Capel Street, and South Great George’s Street.

Sex Clubs for Gays

  • The George – consists of two floors and a nightclub. It is one of Ireland’s oldest gay bars and clubs. It is considered as one of the best gay bars in Dublin.

    Address: 89 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 
    Website: www.thegeorge.ie
    Telephone: 01 478 2983
    Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-2:30am; Sat 12:30pm-2:30am; Sun 12:30pm-1:30am 
  • Front Lounge – a contemporary bar that caters to both gay and straight men. Ladies usually hang out at the back door, which is called by the locals as the back entrance.

    Address: 33 Parliament St, D2
    Website: http://www.thefrontlounge.ie
    Telephone: (+353)(0)1 670 4112
    Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 12:00-11:30pm, Fri-Sat 3pm-2am; Sun 3pm-11pm 
  • PantiBar – owned by the city’s superhero drag queen, Panti Bliss. It is a fun bar that hosts special nights including karaoke, movie and drag performances.

    Address: 7 1, 8 Capel St, Dublin 1, Ireland
    Website: www.pantibar.com
    Telephone: 353 1 989 7777 

  • The Sauna- appeals to a range of people who are looking for a great place to just hangout and chill. 

Gay Prostitutes

There are a couple of websites that advertise escorts intended for gay men. An interesting point worth mentioning is that almost all of the advertised men are not natives of Ireland but of other countries.

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