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Hamburg City Info

Popularly known as “the gateway to the world,” this German city is considered as the second largest city in Germany. Bordering Schleswig-Holstein in the north and Lower-Saxony in the south, the city’s port is the biggest in the country. And as early as the Middle Ages when this city joined the Hanseatic League, this city has been in business with the rest of the world. Thus, making the city a centre of international trade in the late 19th and 20th centuries and also earning its UNESCO World Heritage recognition by the year 2015. Today, Hamburg is one of Germany’s wealthiest cities.


Hamburg Red Light District

Apart from Hamburg’s famous harbour, Reeperbahn is also a must-visit as it is considered as the second most popular tourist attraction in Hamburg, next to the harbour, that is. This adult entertainment district is very popular even to foreigners because of the abundance of world-class clubs and bars.

The city of Hamburg also has an area that forbids the entrance of women as they have their own red light district where prostitutes and escorts abound. 

History of the RLD 

Reeperbahn has been known as Hamburg’s number one entertainment district. This 930-meter strip is Hamburg’s counterpart to Amsterdam when it comes to adult entertainment as it has clubs and bars offering German commercial sex. What sets these clubs apart from clubs of other big cities is that they are almost always available. Conveniently, they have nearby grocery stores that open until 11 pm.       

During the 1960s and 1970s, Reeperbahn started as a stepping stone for pop culture and the famous Beatles. Then, wealthy Germans and uptight German middle class live out their secret yet obvious sexual desires, the place then became a trendy neigborhood in the 1990s. Today, bars and clubs are situated next to cabarets, art galleries, theatres, musicals and high-class restaurants. 

Later on, as the population grew, the area of St. Pauli became the city’s red light district with theaters, ballrooms, bars, vaudeville shows, as well as brothels at the end of the 17th century. Since it’s very close to Hamburg harbour, this place brought in cultures from nearby countries such as Spain, Portugal, and even China. 

How to find the RLD 

Reeperbahn is in St. Pauli district, in the city’s centre for nightlife. A famous landmark is the Davidwache.

Stay safe in the RLD 

Germans do not call Reeperbahn as the most sinful mile for nothing. During the 1960s and 1970s, the street was already tarnished for its high crime rate. Because of this, the Senate of Hamburg voted for a law prohibiting the possession of weapons in the Reeperbahn area. Presently, its crime rate took a setback. 

When entering a dance bar at the Reeperbahn area, be very careful as these clubs are known to be ripping off their guests especially the tourists with bills. The most common situation would be that a girl would ask if she could order something to drink. If the answer is positive (even without explicitly saying yes), she would order a bottle of champagne that would cost you up to 500 Euros or more. If you are unwilling or incapable of paying it, she would then escort you to the nearest ATM machine for you to withdraw cash. 

Like all other big cities, you need to keep a lookout for pickpockets especially in Mönckebergstrasse, Central Station, in the Reeperbahn, in buses and trains, as well as in crowded escalators, and any other crowded places. Also, if you’re not used to being confronted by prostitutes, be careful when walking along Reeperbahn after dark as these prostitutes walk in groups and might try to take away your personal belongings and gadgets.

Hamburg Adult Entertainment

Considered as the “Venice of the North,” Hamburg’s many waterways and canals are almost at par to that of Venice. But that’s not all because they have a lot of places to offer locals and tourists like the Merchants District with its red-brick architecture, fine dining experience along the river, as well as the trip to Reeperbahn, its famous red light district. 

The famous red light district of Hamburg called Reeperbahn is actually a street in the city district of St. Pauli. Here, you can find restaurants, bars, theatres, and clubs, as well as sex shops, sex museums, erotic theatres, and strip clubs. The German phrase “die sündigste Meile” which is translated as the “the most sinful mile” is indeed true.

Adult Cinemas

  • Radiant Kino - the leading cinema in Herzen St. Pauli since 1954 and was equipped with CinemaScope and a 4-channel stereophonic sound and air conditioning. It has 580 seats all on a single floor. By 1963, it was operating as an adult cinema. In 1983, it was divided into five screens all showing adult films. It later closed and became an arcade. By 2008, it was already an erotic boutique.

Street Prostitution

Street hookers are very common in Reeperbahn during the night. A lot of these ladies wait along sidewalks and stand in line charging an average of 50 Euros which include a nice blowjob and some quality sex.   

Street prostitution is also legal during certain times of the day on Davidstraße (David Street).

Window Prostitution

  • Herbertstraße – a short side street of the Davidstraße where you can find prostitutes behind windows.

Hamburg Nightlife

Also famous to Hamburg is their Fischmarkt where 70,000 local and foreign visitors visit this area. Running since 1703, Marktschreier (market criers) hawk their wares at full volume. There are also live bands who sing versions of ancient German pop songs in the adjoining Fischauktionshalle (Fish Auction Hall). 

Vendors also sell bananas, cherries, kumquats and whatever else they’ve picked up that week (some come directly from farms but a lot comes from wholesalers). Others pile up eels, shellfish, cacti, and all manner of goods.

Hamburg LGBT

St. Georg is referred to as the “gay zone” in Hamburg. And although you need not stay in this place to feel accepted since Hamburg is already an open city, there are but a few areas wherein people still discriminate members of the third sex. 

The gay and lesbian scene in Hamburg today is quite far from what it was years ago. Although members of the LGBT community were already tolerated during the 1920s, same-sex sexual activity was prohibited by the German Empire from 1871 up to the World War II which led to the persecution and death of thousands of homosexuals. During 1950, it was repealed and same-sex sexual activity between men was decriminalized in East and West Germany in 1968 and 1969, respectively. 

Although same-sex marriage is not allowed in the country, there are registered partnerships for same-sex couples which have been made legal since 2001 and this provide the same rights as opposite-sex married couples. 

General Attitude Towards Gays 

Germany has been referred to as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. Recent polls are proof that majority of Germans support same-sex marriage. Also, another poll in 2013 indicated that 87% of Germans viewed that homosexuality should be accepted by society. Today, Germany is the first country in Europe to enact a law that allows Germans to choose to neither be identified as male or female on their birth certificate. 

Even if Hamburg is an open city, discrimination on sexual orientation is still prevalent in schools and the workplace. This is the reason why discrimination in employment is banned nationwide. 

Gay and Transsexual Prostitutes in Hamburg

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