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Cologne City Info

Cologne is Germany’s oldest and fourth largest city. It has a land area of 405.2 km² and a population of more than one million people. It is located in central western Germany at the Rhine River in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Romans founded Cologne in 38 BC, which then grew to become a cultural and a historical centre in the country, as well as a commercial port in Europe. 

It is considered the most popular tourist attraction in the country. Well-known tourist spots include the Cologne Cathedral, Museum Ludwig, Old Town, and St. Gereon’s Church.

Cologne Red Light District

There were two old red light districts in Cologne, Im Stavenhof, and Kleine Brinkgasse. After being in business for 150 years, the districts were ordered to close. A dormitory for prostitutes was built with an aim to provide a safer work environment after the mandate for closure.

  • Pascha – this is the first high-storey brothel in Europe. Here, prostitutes rent a single-room apartment. Most sit in the hallway, while others leave the room open, as they wait for their clients. Interested clients can roam around floors and rooms to find a girl of their choice and negotiate a price. Men who are willing to get a Pascha logo tattoo on their arm can get a free entry for life.

    About 800 men visit Pascha every day. It has 126 rooms with a beauty salon, restaurants, bistros, and even a tanning studio. There are about 150 women working in the brothel and are supported by other 90 staff members. Pascha is open 24 hours a day, located in Hornstraße 2, 50823.
  • Das Bordell (Eros Centre Cologne) – this brothel started its operation in 1997. This is considered the downmarket version of the other brothel. Unlike Pascha, this has no entrance fee and clients can roam around and chat with girls. This is located in Hornstraße 87.

History of the RLD

The authorities in Cologne cleaned up its former red light districts to give the girls a working environment away from the residential districts. They built Dirnenwohnheime, a dormitory for sex workers. It was called Eros Centre at that time it was built, and later changed its name to Pascha in 1995. This remains to be the largest brothel across the continent as of today.

How to find the RLD

Pascha and Das Bordell are close to each other. They are accessible from Museum Ludwig via Innere Kanalstraße. Two closest hotels are NH Köln-Mediapark (18-minute walk via Hornstraße) and Hotel Coellner Hof (21-minute walk via Innere Kanalstraße).

Stay safe in the RLD

Cologne is generally safe but common crimes like pickpocketing occur in business district centres. It may have a small problem for petty crimes, but most visitors are reported to still feel safe within the city. Tourists are advised to take standard safety precautions and not to show actions that can get them into trouble. It is also best to follow the rules of the brothels when getting into one.

Cologne Adult Entertainment

Prostitution is legal in Germany and Cologne offers a range of adult entertainment venues for both local and tourists. Strip clubs, erotic clubs, massage parlours, and brothels freely operate in the city. It also houses Pascha (located in Hornstrasse 2), the largest bordello in Europe, with 12 storeys. This brothel also has areas reserved for transsexual prostitutes.

Street prostitution is tolerated in special areas, and sex workers who provide this offer services in their own caravans. Meanwhile, others rent hotel rooms or use the clients’ vehicle. Cologne is well-known for Eros centres (Pascha and Das Bordell), established venues where sex workers can rent a single-room apartment for a day as they wait for their clients.

Street Prostitution

Geestemünder Straße is a special area known for street prostitution in Cologne. Women here have access to clean needles, showers, cafeteria, and even counselling. Pimps are not tolerated in the area and the parking spaces around the street have alarm buttons.

In most inner parts of the city, street prostitution is prohibited. The district ordinance, however, seems to be weak as reports suggest that there are women working around Eigelstein. Most of the streetwalkers are from Bulgaria and work in Eigelstein 42 to 52.

Window Prostitution

The window prostitution in the city is nothing like those seen in Amsterdam. In Cologne, prostitutes rent a room in Eros centres to solicit customers. Women do this from behind a window or from an open door. As prostitutes pay for the room rental, they set the prices on their own. The common range is 30 to 50 euros. Brothel owners do not gain profit from what the sex workers earn.

Cologne Clubs and Brothels

Brothels may be a more popular option for those wanting to have sex, but there are those who prefer swinging or swinger clubs. It is said that most swingers find other swingers through internet advertisement. There is, however, one listed venue ideal for meeting people who share the same sexual desires.

  • Partyclub Swingertreff 18 – caters to both couples and singles. It features a bar where clients can meet others and enjoy a few drinks. The club also hosts sex parties. More information is posted on their website http://www.swingertreff-18.de/.

Cologne Nightlife

Nightclubs, brew houses, and sophisticated bars are around the city, so there is no shortage of where to drink or party. Here are some of the best nightlife venues in Cologne:

  • Underground – features a pub and two concert halls. It plays pop, punk, reggae, and retro rock, with a diverse line-up of performers; located in Vogelsanger Strasse 200, Cologne, 50825.
  • Diamonds – hosts themed nights and plays both nostalgic and modern tunes. It has a dance floor, complimented by a huge glitterball; located in Hohenzollernring 90, Cologne, 50672.
  • Wartesaal am Dom– hosts soul, techno, and house nights every Friday. It has an impressive façade by night and a lively party atmosphere; located in Johannisstrasse 11, Cologne, 50668.
  • Luxor – a favourite live music venue in the city. It features a range of music with a great atmosphere and moderate prices; located in Luxemburger Strasse 40, Cologne, 50674.
  • Cubana Bar – offers an excellent cocktail menu, as well as aged Cuban rums. It is a well-known meeting place for people heading out for the night; located in Barbarossaplatz 5, Cologne, 50674.

Cologne LGBT

Cologne is the gay and lesbian party capital of Germany. LGBT visitors are sure to find lots of gay bars, clubs, and cafes in the city. It is famous for its annual Cologne Gay Pride, which is one of the biggest events in Europe. Many of the popular gay bars are located near each other in Schaafenstrasse. Some gay saunas are also in this area.

Most of the gay venues in the city are found in two areas, Old Town (close to Heumarkt Station) and The Bermuda Triangle (close to Rudolfplatz Station). There are plenty of popular and long-running gay venues in these areas such as EXILE, ExCorner, COX Cologne, and a whole lot more.

Tourists can also enjoy a small gay scene in the northern part of the central city around Eberplatz. Many lesbians, along with their multisexual friends, hang around in Mathiasstraße’s Blue Lounge, featuring parties in a relaxing atmosphere.

General Attitude Towards Gays

Cologne is the LGBT capital of the country. Reports suggest that one in 10 inhabitants of the city is attracted to a person of the same gender. The abundance of gay and lesbian bars, clubs, restaurants, and other venues show how the city gives importance to the LGBT members. In fact, Cologne has recently opened a shelter for homosexual and transgender migrants.

The city has also one of the biggest gay communities in Germany and tourists can book a hotel near the Rhine River or Rudolfplatz for walking-distance gay bars, clubs, and other venues. Cologne cathedral (commonly known as Dom) is one of the best places to experience gay and lesbian hotspots. Its rear side is where tourists can find the stairs down to Rheingarten and see the Memorial for Gay and Lesbian Victims of Nazism.

Gay Prostitution in Cologne

Reports suggest that the majority of male sex workers in the city serve men (more than women). Pascha brothel has a dedicated floor for transgender and male prostitutes. Some of those who offer this type of service also advertise online.

Transsexual Prostitutes

Pascha, the continent’s biggest brothel, is the most popular place to find transsexual prostitutes. Those who want to avail services need to pay an entrance fee of five euros. The seventh floor is said to be reserved for transsexual sex workers.  

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