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Nice City Info

Positioned on the French Riviera in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, south of France on the Mediterranean Sea is the French city, Nice. It is the fifth largest city in France and it is tagged as the unofficial capital of Côte d'Azur. The city extends to 71.92 km2

Nice is a bewitching coastline city that attracts sunseekers with its spectacular seaside location. The city has quite a gritty underside with a year-round sunshine. This city is all about its various markets, the old town vibe, exquisite architecture, and fine restaurants.

Nice Red Light District

There is no official red light district in Nice. Yet, there are areas that around the city where many sex workers wait on the side of the road waiting for potential clients. 

  • Promenade des Anglais and areas in close proximity to the airport.
  • Area nearby Avenue Jean Medecin and Bvd Victor Hugo

History of the RLD 

France has a long history of accommodating the act of prostitution. As early as 1770, a collection of guidelines with regards to this profession was published with the goal of taking control of it. Sex workers were mandated to register and work in publicly run and controlled brothels. These establishments were then called as Maisons de Tolerance

Most beginnings of cases of prostitution tend to have a connection to a war that transpired in specific places. In France, for instance, the sex industry continued to progress and the number of sex workers had soared high during the First World War, as prostitution had long started in the country. The end of the combat inevitably brought a decline in the said industry. However, the operation of brothels continued to the point that military had gained control over it. The relationship between the army and local pimps somehow played a role in the ongoing business. Up to this day, despite the law criminalising prostitution, prostitution continues to exist. 

Stay Safe in the RLD 

Walking along Promenade des Anglais can pose risks especially during nighttime. Be wary of troublemakers who might follow and harass you. Foreigners tend to be the primary victims of these culprits. If you happen to encounter such, enter the premises of the closest establishment and seek help. Make sure to be cautious at all times when going around the city.

Nice Adult Entertainment

On the side of adult entertainment, this city is known to have plenty of full-time male and female sex workers, 90% coming from other countries like Bulgaria, Romania, South America, and China. There is an abundance of strip clubs, erotic massage parlours where mostly Chinese and Thai girls work, swinger clubs, and adult shops in Nice.

Street Prostitution 

There still exists a good street prostitution scene in Nice. However, it has gone into a decline over the past years as more people now prefer to hire escorts, either those work independently or those affiliated with escort agencies. If you want to take the course of going for street workers instead, here are the possible areas on where to find them: 

  • Promenade des Anglais especially near the airport – Expect to see a bunch of ladies of Eastern European, African, and South American descent. The starting price is at 30€ for a blowjob and 50€ for coitus.

  • Around the Negresco

  • Avenue George Medicin near the Notre Dame – you can mostly find black women on this side of the city. Prices depend on your negotiation skills.

  • Rue de France – a lot of Easter European ladies are waiting by this area for some "l'amour" and "la pipe" that cost 50-70€ and 30-40€ respectively.

  • Near the Avenue Jean Medecin and Bvd Victor Hugo

Nice Clubs and Brothels

Swingers Clubs

  • Club 54 – Overlooking the old town, this club is located near the Promenade des Anglais. Opens every night from Sunday to Thursday from 10:30 pm. 54 Rue des Ponchettes.
    Phone number: +33-4-93-62-10-22

  • Leda Cote d'Azur – part of the legal Association of Swingers Couples. Hosts regular private parties of which the main characteristic among participants is genuine conviviality. 
    Phone number: +33-666235153
  • Club Papillon – situated in coast d’Azur. Opens from Monday to Sunday at 2:00 pm until 1: am the next morning. 0 Rue Jules Gilly.
    Phone number: +33-7-71-03-55-73
  • Butterfly Club – this kinky swingers club features a relaxation area, steam room, and a Jacuzzi.

Nice Nightlife

  • EL Maerkado – has comfy sofas, terrace, and benches and it serves burgers and cocktails. 12 Rue St François-de- Paule
  • La Havane – an establishment that is heavily influenced by Latin American and Cuba. 32 Rue de France.
  • Le Before – a café that has chic interiors that attract chic clientele. 18 Rue du Congrès
  • Au Fut Et A Mésure – a self-service beer bar concept that is totally a heaven to beer lovers. 2 Rue Jules Gilly
  • Gemini Reggae Bar – Ever crave for some Authentic Jamaican vibe? Then this bar is the place to be. 4 Ruelle de la Boucherie.


While larger cities have a more prominent LGBT community, Nice does not fail to offer a friendlier and welcoming impression to its gay visitors. Here are a few of the gay bar and lounges in the city. 

  • Red Kafé – a gay bar that opened in 2014 which is just a 2-minute walk from the beach.
  • Le Bar Bitch – a concept bar that offers a wide range of cocktails. Also hosts party themes.
  • Malabar Station – a famous gay spot for cruising and meeting other like-minded people.
  • Le Couloir – in close proximity to Promenade du Paillon that opens daily from 5 pm to 1 am.
  • La Cave Wilson – a gay cabaret bar that opens from 6 pm.
  • Le Glam – a popular bar that has become a new hangout place for the gay community. 

General Attitude Towards Gays

Nice has rapidly become the second most gay-friendly in France, behind Paris. As the French put it, “le pays des droits de l'homme”, or the country that invented human rights. However, it is also steeped in the tradition of meeting familiar expectations. Luckily, the French are also known for their expression “Laissez-faire" which is reflective of how they perceive the personal lives of other people. Although sharing the fact that you’re a homosexual will mostly be met with blank looks, such is not the case with foreigners. Throughout the years, the American culture has had a significant impact on this matter. The Gay Pride, for example, has been attracting a huge following.

It is safe to say that homosexual visitors are unlikely to face any indications of homophobia. You can fairly expect tolerance from the locals.

Gay and Transsexual Prostitution in Nice

For gay and transsexual escorts, you can find online sources that have contact information as well as profiles for you to browse and decide on who to hire

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