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Marseille City Info

This port city located in the southern portion of France is the second largest city in the country, after Paris, that is. With a land area of 241 km2, this city has a recorded population of 852,516 (according to the 2012 census). 

Set in Marseille is the Vieux-Port (translated as Old Port in English) that is being used today as a marina, a local ferry terminal, and a local fish market host. Just recently, the old port has been revamped and made into a large public square.

Marseille Red Light District

Adult entertainment in this city transpires in La Canebiere. Its name is taken from the Latin word, Cannabis referring to the hemp fields. Marseille during those times was one of the world’s largest trader of hemp baskets and ropes during the Middle Ages until the 1930s. The red light district is a kilometre-long and stretches from the Old Port of Marseille up to the Réformés quarter. Although not quite big, but all the bars and clubs that you would want to visit are all found here. 

History of the RLD 

Prostitution in France had a history similar to other European countries. It underwent periods of tolerance and repression but the period wherein maisons or brothels were tolerated significantly left a mark in its history. During those times, prostitutes weren’t considered powerless or unimportant. In fact, they had a role to play in the society. Stories even suggest that prostitutes help other women in avenging men. The importance of these women doesn’t end there because, in the great Cathedral of Chartres, they have a window supported by prostitutes in the same way as the other windows were endowed by other trade guilds. 

Marseille is known for being a center of prostitution in France. Through the years, its sex industry is growing what with traffickers from Eastern Europe all taking along women from Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Russia and other countries. Encounters in the so-called “American Bars” suggest that the careers of these women start out in bars wherein they welcome clients and guests and invite them for a drink. Then, they get a certain percentage for every glass or bottle that the client drinks. Most of these areas are dimly lit and the atmosphere facilitates erotic behaviour. From there, some women change bars or they enter into the sex industry of prostitution. 

How to find the RLD 

Also called as the Champs-Élysées of Marseille, this red light district is found in the old section of Marseille, France, running from the Old Port of Marseille to the Réformés quarter. 

Stay safe in the RLD

Compared to other western and more advanced European cities, Marseilles is generally safe and peaceful. However, there are a few reminders when going around the city’s red light districts at night. Although petty crimes such as muggings and pickpocketing have decreased over the years, still, it is still advised not to bring along your valuables when roaming around the city especially at night. Also, most of the northern neighboring cities are risky and tourists are advised to stay away from these areas except L'Estaque and Château-Gombert. 

Also, when driving a car, make sure that your doors and windows are locked as there have been incidences of motorcyclists opening the doors of cars and snatching bags and valuables from car seats.

Marseille Adult Entertainment

As soon as the sun sets, the adult entertainment in the city takes center stage. Live music from dance clubs fill the air, visitors from afar and locals occupy bars, and sexy girls strut their way up the stage and into the tables (and even rooms) of guests. Some of the best areas for adult entertainment are in the Vieux Port specifically Place Thiars and Cours Honoré-d’Estienne-d’Orves, as well as Cours Julien, a square lined with cafés and bars west of the port. To find some of the best places in Marseille at night, you can also check out www.marseillebynight.com, an online guide to Marseille’s adult entertainment scene.

Adult Cinemas 

  • Cinema De LEtoile – located at 19 Boulevard Dugommier 13001 Marseille, this cinema is open Sunday to Thursday at 9 am to 12 mn; and until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Prices: € 7.95 per person € 5.50 after 21hours.

Street Prostitution 

It takes only a day to walk around the harbour, church and shopping area of Marseille. And at night, most of the city’s back streets are lined with prostitutes, men dealing drugs, and other criminals waiting for a chance to rob you.

Marseille Clubs and Brothels

Swinger Clubs

The following are the famous swinger clubs in the city: 

  • Le Cupidon
    ZA Saint Louis RN100 84250 Le Thor
    Phone: 04 90 33 74 03
  • Le Cyrano
    14 rue Nationale 83190 Ollioules
    Phone: 04 94 63 77 83 
  • Le2mil3
    548 chemin de la Source 83400 Hyeres
    Phone: 04 94 35 38 08
  • La Dolce Vita
    33 Rue de la Bourgade 83490 Le Muy
    Phone: 04 94 45 03 31
  • L’envoutée
    13 Rue des Passadouires 13330 Pelissane
    Phone: 04 90 55 00 36
  • La Fontaine de Jouvence
    76 Rue Charles Serre 13300 Salon de Provence
    Phone: 04 90 56 13 49
  • Le Jardin d’Eden
    29 Rue du Vallon de Montebello 13006 Marseille
    Phone: 04 941 53 18 94
  • Le Millesime
    9 rue Fort du Sanctuaire 13006 Marseille
    Phone: 04 91 37 69 69
  • Le Moulin aux Anges
    7 rue Benjamin Raspail 13410 Lambesc
    Phone: 04 42 92 83 72
  • L’Ortaline
    740 Avenue du 8 Mai 83130 La Garde
    Phone: 04 94 14 98 18
  • Le Sunlight
    20 Avenue René Cassin 84170 Monteux
    Phone: 06 18 35 29 40
  • Le Vahiné
    35 rue Elimir Bourges 13004 Marseille
    Phone: 04 91 34 76 56

Marseille Nightlife

Whether you are a teenager wanting to chill from all the stresses of schoolwork, a young adult wanting to hang out in night clubs and bars, or an older adult wanting to drink in pubs or spend the night in theaters, Marseille’s nightlife has got you covered. 

Also, if you just want to breathe in saltwater air or dine inside cafes and restaurants, then you could go to Vieux Port where you can see the best view of the harbour.

Marseille LGBT

The LGBT rights in France is seen as liberal and is considered one of the most advanced in Europe and throughout the world. Although there came a time in history wherein same sex activity is a capital crime and resulted in the death penalty, these prohibitions have long been abolished through constant revisions of the law. In the year 2013, France became the 13th country to allow same-sex marriage. Transsexuals are permitted to change their legal gender and so France became the first country to declassify transsexualism as a form of mental illness. This just proves that France is one of the most gay-friendly countries. 

In Marseille, there’s really not a single area where gays are concentrated because gays are spread throughout the whole city. Plus the lack of a particular gayborhood only means that it is unlikely to see a display of same-sex affection here. However, you will be able to find a diverse array of gay and gay-friendly venues. 

Gay Prostitution in Marseille 

Most gay prostitutes in Marseille are known to advertise their sex services on the web.

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