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Tallinn City Info

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia is positioned on the northern side of the country. It covers an area of 159.2 km2 and has a population of over 440,000. The metropolis is the cultural, educational, financial and political centre of the country of Estonia. 

It is referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe since it has the highest number of start-ups per person in the region. Tallinn also holds the merit of being ranked as one of the top ten digital cities in the world.

Tallinn Red Light District

Although the capital city of Estonia has no known red light district, adult entertainment venues do exist and are only shared to interested individuals through word of mouth. These establishments are thought to coexist with other businesses like storefronts and touristic attractions.

Tallinn Adult Entertainment

The sex scene in Tallinn is discrete and only a handful of escort agencies advertise their services in public. However, the city has its line of entertainment venues such as massage parlours and strip clubs. The customers of the sex business in Tallinn are mostly visitors from Sweden, Finland, and other European nations and also local Estonian and Russian men.

Street Prostitution

Try to take a leisurely hike from Viru Keskus to the center of Old town. You’ll likely see some streetwalkers. It is also worth checking out Söle Street, particularly during Friday and Saturday nights because you might likely spot prostitutes in the area.

Window Prostitution

  • Mister XXX is a strip club with gorgeous young models whose photos can be checked on the website. The hot-looking girls are often seen at the club’s windows, seductively posing and waving to tourists passing by the area.

    Address: Müürivahe 23a
    Telephone: (+372) 631 43 44
    Website: www.misterxxxclub.com
    Open: 7 pm to 4 am

Tallinn Nightlife

Tallinn nightlife is bursting with activities all year round, with lots of events scheduled every weekend. The city has dozens of dedicated nightclubs hosting some of the finest local and international DJs. There’s a different entertainment venue on every corner, with most bars and cafes staging regular gigs on weekends. No wonder Tallinn is considered the hen and stag party capital of Europe. Whether it’s funk, dance, electro or rock music, you’ll surely find a nice place to hang out, relax and have fun in the city of Tallinn. 

  • Hollywood - branded by many as a major factor to Tallinn’s “Bermuda Triangle.” A safe and secured entertainment venue that opens at 11 pm and closes at 5 in the morning. 
  • Studio - features two halls, one focusing on mainstream music and the other in alternative electro. Parties are always packed with locals as well as tourists. 
  • Clazz - a jazz-themed restaurant that transforms into a lounge at night. This is the venue for sophisticated fun and enjoyment as it features live performances and DJs. 
  • The Millimallikas - also known as Jellyfish, is a popular shot that locals prod non-Tallinners to drink. Most people have heard of it – the gutsy ones have tried it while the stupid ones most likely whooped it up more than once. The Millimallikas is made from sambuca, Tabasco, and tequila. The cocktail is available only at the Valli bar, a place so legendary that its interior has been acknowledged as a cultural treasure.

Tallinn LGBT

The gay scene in Tallinn is not large by any means, but it does not necessarily mean that those planning to play around with local queers will be left wanting. According to Helen Talalaev, a board member of Estonian Gay Youth and the director of the OMA LGBT information center, the attitude towards the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual community is increasingly becoming more caring and tolerant. However, it cannot be contradicted that there is still ignorance about homosexuality so there is still substantial discrimination. In this regard, Tallinn is a typical Eastern European city where homosexuals may still encounter prejudice and discrimination.

General Attitude Towards Gays

While gay tourists visiting Tallinn may feel a significant difference in Estonia in reference to the nation’s openness toward gays, travellers have little or nothing to fear with regard to gay-bashing. Nevertheless, prudence is a good defence and one still practiced by most of the gay-oriented nightclubs in the city.

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