I am your dream that you are searching for...i just want to have the best night with you and also to show you how much i love . To make sex and everything that is compolsory in a relation! I am a nice woman that has a lot of fantasy and i know how much do you want...X X X. To share all of them with you. If you are looking for something new, for a good behavior and a woman that can make the diffrece in bed. I do a lot of thinghs, I can make you crazy with my tits and i can stay in doggy how much do you want! Be my guest tonight! I am looking for people that want the best in bad and people that are curious how much i can handle it. I am sure that you can understand the things that i said before and i am sure that you are enough curious to come in my bed tonight. I will wait to be your doll that you love to play with it.
Phone 0737839917
Last updated 07-01-2015
Member since 05-04-2015
Country of origin Sweden
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Not specified
Hair Black
Eye color Not specified
Height 5'2'' (158 - 160cm)
Weight 101 lbs (46 kg)
Build Not specified
Cup size Medium (B)
Implants Not specified
Shaved Not specified
Tattoos Not specified
Piercings Not specified
Smoke Not specified
  •   Singles
No basic services available
  •   English
  •   Spanish
Duration Price
1 hour kr 1,700.00
2 hours kr 1,700.00
How you can pay Cash
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